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Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
House Science Committee Pushes Human Space Flight – NASA Watch

Time for U.S. To Collaborate with China in Space – Space News

SWF Collaborates with UNIDIR on 2014 Space Security Conference – SWF

In its Aerospace Day proclamation, Colorado legislators demand accelerated space program – Space Politics

The NASA Budget: What Next – Planetary Society

US more dependent on Russia in space, than Russia on US – NASA – Space Daily

Bolden uses Soyuz launch to press for commercial crew funding – Space Politics

Blast from the past: “comm space,” again – Doctor Linda

Newly Declassified Intelligence Satellite Imagery is Hard to Access – Secrecy News

A Report from the First Hearing on the 2015 NASA Budget – Planetary Society

SpaceX Says Requirements, Not Markup, Make Government Missions More Costly – Space News

Reaction to Space and Planetary Science in FY 2015 Budget – NASA Watch

Private Space Taxis Are a ‘Critical Need’ for US, NASA Chief Says –

Bolden and House committee clash over NASA priorities – Space Politics

Bolden, Lawmakers Point Fingers about State of U.S. Human Spaceflight – Space News

Reconsidering Chinese Views on Military Space Strategy – All Things Nuclear

Jeff Foust, After a year, NASA’s asteroid mission still seeks definition, The Space Review

NASA and the Stimulation of Non-Space Applications from Space-related Technology – Roger Launius’s Blog

Can Tee Vee Pundits Understand Space Policy? – NASA Watch

Congressional skepticism of NASA’s asteroid plans remains – Space Politics

Human Space Exploration: The Way Forward – Space News

Waiting for Trouble – Space News

Russian Lawmakers Approve Satellite Navigation Hub in Nicaragua – Space Daily

US, UK parts in North Korea rocket – Space News

For North Korea, new space agency name and logo are anything but ‘nothing’ – CollectSpace

House Passes Weather Forecasting Improvement Act -Space Policy Online

Fears of loss of access to the ISS fade despite ongoing crisis – Space Politics

GAO: EELV Program To Cost $70 Billion Through 2030 – Space Policy Online

NASA Suspends Contact with Russia over Ukraine Crisis – Space News

NASA Restricts Contacts with Russia Except for ISS – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

FAA, Commercial Spaceflight Industry far apart on Timing of Safety Rules – Space News

MDA Suspends Ground Work in Ukraine Satellite Program – Space News

NASA Bans Contact With Russia – Except for ISS (Update) – NASA Watch

Health risks of Mars mission would exceed NASA limits – Mars Daily

NASA suspends Russia ties, except on space station – Space Travel

Ukraine crisis brings MDA project to a halt – Space Mart

NASA Suspends Most Cooperation With Russia; Space Station Excepted –

NASA Suspends Contact with Russia, Except for Where it Can’t – Space News

White House, NASA Seek to Clarify U.S.-Russian Space Cooperation Status – Space Policy Online

Using ethic frameworks for decisions about health standards on long duration spaceflights – Space Travel

Five Kinds of Things the UCS Satellite Database Can Tell You – All Things Nuclear

Russian Space Official Says NASA Statement To Suspend Contracts Was ‘Too Harsh’ – Red Orbit

NASA suspends non-ISS cooperation with Russia – Space Politics

U.S. Lawmakers Press Defense Officials on Use of Russian-made Rocket Engine – Space News

NASA’s Strategic Plan Isn’t Strategic – or a Plan – NASA Watch

With Much More than ISS at Stake, Europe Stays Course on Russian Space Partnerships – Space News

Bankrupt LightSquared Resumes Payments to Inmarsat – Space News

How Does NASA’s Ban on Russian Contact Affect Curiosity? – Planetary Society

Sorting out NASA’s ban on non-ISS activities with Russia – Space Politics

White House, NASA Seek to Clarify U.S.-Russian Space Cooperation Status – Space Policy Online

Russia regrets NASA halting cooperation, warns of impact on ISS – Space Daily

NASA to hurt itself by cutting ties with Russia – Space Travel

Ukrainian situation won’t change Russian-Kazakh Baiterek project – Space Daily

A selection of space policy/politics related links – Space-for-all

ISRO examining business model for industries in satellite, rocket production – Space Daily

China eyes ‘global monitoring network’ of surveillance satellites – Space Mart

NASA Policy to Suspend Contact with Russia ‘Unprecedented,’ But Maybe Symbolic, Expert Says –

Peter Garretson, What’s in a code? Putting space development first, The Space Review

Jeff Foust, Symbolism and substance in US-Russian space relations, The Space Review

The Crimean Crisis and Canadian Aerospace Activities – Commercial Space Blog

U.K. Proposal To End Satellite Insurance Tax is Right Thing To Do – Space News

U.S. Should Take a Cold, Hard Look at Space Code of Conduct – Space News

Aviation Law
A Framework for Aviation Cybersecurity – AIAA

FAA Approves Nighttime UAS Flights for North Dakota Police – AIAA

Representatives Schiff and Jones Introduce Bill to Increase Transparency in U.S. Drone Program – Just Security

Frederik Rosén, Extremely Stealthy and Incredibly Close: Drones, Control and Legal Responsibility, Journal of Conflict & Security Law (Vol. 19, no. 1, Spring 2014)

Following Pressure from Thune, EU Delays Illegitimate Tax on International Flights – USSCCST

EU Parliament reaches compromise over aviation ETS – Flight Laws

Judge rejects US law firm’s petitions concerning flight MH 370 – Flight Laws

Aviation criminal law: LH passenger takes stewardess as hostage – Flight Laws

FAA Proposes $51,651 Civil Penalty Against All American Aviation Services – ANN

A Search-and-Rescue Group Is Fighting the FAA for the Right to Use Drones – Motherboard

Geospatial Law
Google Takes Wi-Fi Snooping Scandal to the Supreme Court – Threat Level

Using Google Earth to prove a case of illegal waste dumping – Google Earth Blog

ICYMI Five Spatial Law and Policy Links From Around the World – Spatial Law and Policy


Euroconsult Releases Study On EO Data Distribution Trends – Space Daily

About Google Earth Imagery – Google Earth Blog

Alleged Silk Road Founder’s Lawyer Moves to Dismiss Charges Against His Client – Threat Level

Barrett Brown Signs Plea Deal in Case Involving Stratfor Hack – Threat Level

Yahoo! Scores Significant Win in Email-to-SMS Lawsuit – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Court Rules That Kids Can Be Bound By Facebook’s Member Agreement – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Industrial Policy for Big Data – TAP

International Proscriptions on Mass Surveillance (or What’s Missing in the Greenwald vs. Wittes Debate) – Just Security

An End to Dragnet Surveillance? – Just Security

International Law on Mass Foreign Surveillance: A Response to Ben Wittes and Ashley Deeks – Just Security

DOJ Pushes to Expand Hacking Abilities Against Cyber-Criminals – Just Security

The Extraterritorial Right to Privacy: An Opportunity to Impact the Debate – Lawfare

Is there a “cyber war” between Ukraine and Russia? – Arms Control Law

Thune, Rubio Demand Answers from Administration on Internet Transition – Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation

IANA Transition Testimony and Related Material – NTIA

Marco Roscini, Cyber Operations as Nuclear Counterproliferation Measures, Journal of Conflict & Security Law (Vol. 19, no. 1, Spring 2014)

State and Local Government Cybersecurity – White House Blog

Searchable Database of NSA Documents – Just Security

Wi-Fi Bulks Up – CommLaw Blog

What the Open Internet Is Not: Apolitical – Motherboard


Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
Up in arms: Poland accelerates missile defense plan amid Ukraine crisis – RT

Britain Looks To End Tax on Satellite and Launch Insurance – Space News

Astrosociological Insights: Volume 3, Issue 1 (March 2014)

NASA suspends cooperation with Russia for non-ISS issues because of Crimean crisis – Flight Laws

NASA Cuts Russian Ties Over Crimea in Favor of Resuming U.S. Human Spaceflight – IEEE

In Missing Airliner’s Wake, China Aims for 50 More Spy Satellites – Motherboard

NASA Can’t Ethically Send Astronauts on One-Way Missions to Deep Space – Motherboard

If NASA Has a Plan to Get Its Astronauts Home without Russia, It’s Not Saying – Motherboard

How Russia could strangle the U.S. space program – Salon

Aviation Law
GSA Should Clarify Its Reporting Exemption and Collect Additional Data on Executives’ Use of Aircraft for Nonmission Purposes. GAO-14-151

FAA Pursues Rulemaking On Third Class Medical Issue – ANN

Flight MH 370: US law firm plans lawsuit against Boeing and Malaysian Airlines – Flight Laws

Parliament Approves Emissions Deal Exempting Long-haul Flights – Aviation Law Prof Blog


Geospatial Law
How Your Location Data Is Being Used to Predict the Events You Will Want to Attend – MIT Technology Review

Google “Street View” case may be headed for SCOTUS Review – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Updated Location Privacy Protection Act Introduced – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Comment Submitted to USTR – Information Society Project

Bitcoins run hot and cold – Babbage

Wi-Fi Deployment to Accelerate after FCC Allocates 100 MHz of Unlicensed Spectrum – Broadband Law Deployment Advisor

Brazil’s “Internet Bill of Rights” Regains Momentum in Congress – CDT

UN Human Rights Body Urges the US to Respect Privacy Rights of People Worldwide – CDT

White House Still Silent on Warrantless Email Snooping – CDT

CDT Files Comments in White House “Big Data” Review – CDT

Don’t Let Domestic Politics Derail the NTIA Transition – CDT

CDT Submits Comments to the UN on the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age – CDT

Industrial Policy for Big Data – Concurring Opinions

Schneier on the NSA, Google, Facebook Connection But What About Phones? – Concurring Opinions

Facebook Privacy Dinosaur – Concurring Opinions

ZunZuneo: A Tale of Failed Transparency and Gross Surveillance – Cyborgology

Court Orders Government Not to Destroy Evidence in EFF Cases Against the NSA – EFF

An NSA “Reform Bill” of the Intelligence Community, Written by the Intelligence Community, and for the Intelligence Community – EFF

EFF Files Supreme Court Brief Defending Internet Streaming Service – EFF

Philippines: Inching Toward Censorship – EFF


Secure protocols for accountable warrant execution – Freedom to Tinker

Historic E.U. Net Neutrality Win Shows Maturing Digital Rights Advocacy – Freedom to Tinker


Cookies that give you away: The surveillance implications of web tracking – Freedom to Tinker

Attorney General Harris Unveils Cybersecurity Guide for California Businesses – InfoLawGroup

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #12: An Interview with Jim Lewis – Lawfare

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast Episode #13: An Interview with Michael Allen – Lawfare

Mining Big Data for Public Opinion on NSA – Lawfare

Congress Considers the IANA Transfer to ICANN – Lawfare

Schneier on the NSA, Google, Facebook Connection But What About Phones? – Madisonian

James Clapper Finally Admitted the NSA Used PRISM to Spy on US Citizens – Motherboard

The EU Voted to Save Net Neutrality – Motherboard

The secret is out: U.S. built “Cuban Twitter” to stir up political unrest – Salon

Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
Virgin Galactic Nearing Approval for SpaceShipTwo Launch License – Space News

Fossils, Seeds, and Space Rocks: Improving the Management of and Access to the Nation’s Scientific Collections – OSTP

SPACE ACQUISITIONS: Acquisition Management Continues to Improve but Challenges Persist for Current and Future Programs. GAO-14-382T.

Disaggregation: Satellite Navigation More Resilient Than You Think – All Things Nuclear

New Quarterly Update to the UCS Satellite Database – All Things Nuclear

Russia Threatens to Invoke Force Majeure in New START, and Alter its Position on Iran – Arms Control Law

The Navy’s Plan to Beam Down Energy From Orbiting Solar Panels – Danger Room

Ukrainian crisis: US Government to examine building RD-180 rocket engines in USA rather than in Russia – Hyperbola

Pentagon tries to unhook itself from embarrassing Chinese satellite capacity lease – Hyperbola

Glaring Inconsistencies in U.S. Space Collaboration Policies – NASA Watch

NASA’s Confusing Stance on SOFIA (Update: DLR is Angry) – NASA Watch

No One At NASA Knows Who Enforces NASA Travel Regulations – NASA Watch

Formulating Space Policy While Looking Through A Straw – SpaceRef

Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Space Policy Experts – NASA Watch

Is There a Military Human Spaceflight Mission on the Horizon? – Roger Launius’s Blog

New Analysis By Brian Weeden on China’s Anti-Satellite Testing in Space (updated) – Secure World Foundation

Nelson argues for commercial crew, Brooks and Shelby seek more money for SLS – Space Politics

NASA: funding of some extended planetary missions depends on additional funding – Space Politics

Nelson plays down risks to US-Russia space relations – Space Politics

News from Satellite 2014 | Major Fleet Operators Continue To Bend Rules, Orbital-slot Boss Says – Space News

Report Rekindles Suspicions About Chinese Rocket Launch – Space News

Hagel Says Ukraine Situation Will Lead to Review of Use of Russian Rocket Engines – Space Policy Online

NASA Asserts Its New Strategic Plan Provides “Clear, Unified, and Long-Term Direction” – Space Policy Online

Michael Listner, Regulatory effects of the International Code of Conduct on commercial space, The Space Review

Ajey Lele, India’s 2014–15 space budget: an assessment, The Space Review

Brian Weeden, Through a glass, darkly: Chinese, American, and Russian anti-satellite testing in space, The Space Review

Aviation Law
E.U. Reverses Plan For Carbon Tax On U.S. Airlines – ANN

Bahamas Ditches Private Pilot’s Bill Of Rights – ANN

Malaysia Airlines Must Compensate Families Regardless of Whether Flight 370 was Diverted by Crew or Hijacked – Aviation Law Monitor

Air Canada Latest Airline to Suspend Venezuelan Flights – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Will European Parliament Block ETS Change? – Aviation Law Prof Blog

FAA Authority Over Unmanned Aircraft Called Into Question – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Automation and The Asiana Crash – Slack & Davis

Friendlier skies – Babbage

FAA Appeals Drone Decision – Concurring Opinions

Turning Off Transponders — Aviation Security and MH370 – Lawfare

After Recent Ruling, America’s Commercial Drone Pilots Come Out of the Shadows – Threat Level

Air & Space Law (Vol. 39, no. 2, 2014):

Sofia Michaelides-Mateou & Chrystel Erotokritou, Flying into the Future with UAVs: The Jetstream 31 Flight
Ruwantissa Abeyratne, The Aviation System Block Upgrades: Legal and Regulatory Issues
Manu Mohan, Ray of Hope for Airline Alliances: Consideration of Out of Market Efficiencies by the European Commission
Geoffrey Deasy, EU Competition Law Developments in the Aviation Sector from 4 July to 31 December 2013

Geospatial Law
FAN.6 (First Amendment News) — Cellphone Privacy & the First Amendment – Concurring Opinions

How Your Tweets Reveal Your Home Location – MIT Technology Review

The Role of “Oversight” In Today’s World – Spatial Law & Policy

Wednesday’s Book Review: “Apollo’s Eye: A Cartographic Genealogy of the Earth in the Western Imagination” – Roger Launius’ Blog

Tennessee moves to roll back laws limiting public broadband services – The Daily Dot

Who rules the internet? – Babbage

Nearly 1,000 Entities File “Expressions of Interest” in FCC’s Rural Broadband Experiment Proceeding – Broadband Law Deployment Advisor

Four Key Reforms for NSA Surveillance – CDT

Two Ways the Surveillance Transparency Rules for Companies Are Not Transparent – CDT

Goodbye NTIA, hello…? – CDT

NSA Bulk Collection: More Than Just Phone Records – CDT

Crash Course: The Potential Problem of “Name Collision” and What ICANN is Doing About It – CommLawBlog

FCC Seeking Proposals for Rural Broadband Experiments – CommLawBlog

Promoting Internet Growth and Innovation Through Multistakeholder Internet Governance – NTIA

More Big (Data) Ideas – OSTP

The Open Data/Environmental Justice Connection – Commons Lab

Digital Futures, Why Bother? – Concurring Opnions

Why Is Turkey Blocking Twitter? – EFF

The Tepid NSA-American Bar Association “Dialogue” Around Spying on Lawyers – EFF

Tech Companies and NSA Surveillance: Questions, Contradictions, and Economic Consequences – EFF


Net neutrality: Industry MEPs want stricter rules against blocking rival services – EU Parliament News

Algorithms can be more accountable than people – Freedom to Tinker




DOJ Consent Decree Provides Guidance on Web Accessibility Compliance Under ADA – InformationLawGroup

Wrangling Over Spy Agency Program Went Down to the Wire – The Complex

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #10: An Interview with Mark Weatherford – Lawfare

Did the CIA Violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by Accessing Intelligence Committee Computers? – Lawfare

Who Controls the Internet Address Book? ICANN, NTIA and IANA – Lawfare

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #11: An Interview with Dan Novack – Lawfare

Legal Limits on the Transfer of Control to ICANN – Lawfare

Snowden Disclosures and Norms of Cyber-Attacks – Lawfare

A Net Neutrality Riddle – MIT Technology Review

The Year of Encryption – MIT Technology Review

California Bill Would Create Cyber Security Commission – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Coase, Net Neutrality and Netflix – TAP

Why Turkey Banned Twitter – FP Passport

Marco Roscini, Cyber Operations and the Use of Force in International Law (Oxford University Press 2014)

U.S. Military Given Secret “Execute Order” on Cyber Operations – Secrecy News

Keir Giles & Dr. Andrew Monaghan, Legality in Cyberspace: An Adversary View (SSI 2014)

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Federal Broadband Deployment Programs and Small Business. GAO-14-203.

Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
Senate appropriators to hear from SpaceX and ULA on military space launch issues – Space Politics

Wallops Employees Seek to Decertify Union – NASA Watch

Despite IAU disapproval, the space company Uwingu has announced another private commercial naming project for the craters of Mars – Behind the Black

NASA IG finds no evidence of intentional export control violations at Ames – Space Politics

NASA IG Finds no Evidence of Intentional Export Control Violations at Ames – Space News

NASA FY 2015 Budget To Be Released – NASA Watch

Inspector General Blasts NRO Secrecy Practices – Secrecy News

Taiwan Engineers Around Export Restrictions and Winds Up with a Better Satellite – IEEE Spectrum

Air & Space Power Journal (v. 28/2)

Knight Introduces California Aerospace Innovation Hub Act – Parabolic Arc

FAA review of SpaceX launch site delayed again – The Monitor

Air Force General Reveals New Space Surveillance Program –

In the time machine: the Paine Commission – Doctor Linda

Technology that Undercuts Missile Defense Should Face Tighter Export Controls, Report Says – Missile Threat

Space Debris, Satellites, and a Reality Check – All Things Nuclear

Russia’s Ukrainian Invasion – And the ISS – NASA Watch

What Happens If Russia Refuses to Fly U.S. Astronauts? – Popular Mechanics

President Requests $17.5 Billion for NASA, $2 Billion for NOAA Satellites for FY2015 – Space Policy Online

NASA Budget Would Begin Work on New Science Missions, Ground SOFIA – Space News

President Requests $17.5 Billion FY2015 Base Budget for NASA Plus $886 Million in OGS Initiative – Space Policy Online

NATIONAL DEFENSE: The Air Force’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Competitive Procurement. GAO-14-377R

NASA FY 2015 budget supports asteroids, Europa, and commercial crew, but sacrifices SOFIA – Space Politics

EVOLVED EXPENDABLE LAUNCH VEHICLE: Introducing Competition into National Security Space Launch Acquisitions. GAO-14-259T

Does a New Cold War Mean a New Space Race? – Motherboard

Where Is NASA in the U.S./Russia Spat? – NASA Watch

Crimea Situation Not Affecting U.S.-Russian Space Relationship So Far – Space Policy Online

Mixed reactions to NASA budget proposal – Space Politics

Historical Analogies and the Commercial Development of Space – Roger Launius’s Blog

Aviation Law
Bill To Protect Private Airport Owners Passes Wisconsin Legislature – ANN

DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION: DOD Can Better Ensure That Federal Agencies Fully Reimburse for Using Military Aircraft. GAO-14-189

AVIATION WORKFORCE: Current and Future Availability of Airline Pilots. GAO-14-232

UAVs in the US: My Perspective – Spatial Law and Policy

Commercial Drones Are Completely Legal, a Federal Judge Ruled – Motherboard

Drones: 1, FAA: 0 – Forbes

Geospatial Law
Privacy Concerns Arise with Mobile Tracking in Stores – CDT

California court rules it is okay for drivers to check mobile maps – IT World

A Driver Beat California’s Phone Ban Because the Law Didn’t Predict Smartphones – Motherboard

Florida Cops’ Secret Weapon: Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking – Threat Level

Satellite Video Maps Let Anyone Spy Like the CIA – Motherboard

Security Experts Call on Tech Companies to Defend Against Surveillance – EFF

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Leveraging Best Practices and Reform Initiatives Can Help Defense Manage Major Investments. GAO-14-400T

Lawmakers Call for New Cyber Security Laws – DoD Buzz

INTERNET PHARMACIES: Most Rogue Sites Operate from Abroad, and Many Sell Counterfeit Drugs. GAO-14-386T

In Its “Innocence of Muslims” Ruling, the Ninth Circuit is Guilty of Judicial Activism–Garcia v. Google – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

US Court Fumbles First Amendment, Orders Global Takedown of ‘Innocence of Muslims’ – CDT

China’s New Internet Security Initiative – Concurring Opinion

Export regulations on communication and educational technologies loosen for some sanctioned countries and not others—what gives? – EFF

China Establishes Presidential Commission to Shore Up Its Cyberdefenses – IEEE Spectrum

The Russian-Ukrainian Cyber Conflict – Lawfare


Obama Nominates Former SOPA Lobbyist to Help Lead TPP Negotiations – EFF

First IP Transition Experiment Proposal Out for Comment – CommLawBlog

Robotics and the New Cyberlaw – Concurring Opinions

The Ukraine-Russia Cyberwar Has Already Begun – Motherboard

Bitcoin’s Child Porn Problem – Motherboard

Mexican Protest Site Censored by GoDaddy — with the U.S. Embassy’s Help – EFF

Talk on Why State Legislatures Shouldn’t Regulate Internet Privacy – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Information Warfare – Strategic Studies Institute

DPRK military could turn to cyber-warfare for lower costs – North Korea Tech

Does Sec. 706 Authority Ride Solely on the FCC Continuing to Find Indequate Broadband Competition? – TeleFrieden

Snowden Testimony Before the European Parliament – Lawfare

Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
What a Bummer for Muslim Astronauts: A New Fatwa Bans Travel to Mars – FP Passport

Briefs: NM spaceport legislation update, Lick letter – Space Politics

A Closer Look at Blue Origin’s Expanded Testing in West Texas – Parabolic Arc

Colo. Measure Would Give Tax Breaks to Space Companies – Space News

Space: The Ultimate High Ground – Space News

SWF Releases Updated International Code of Conduct for Space Activities Fact Sheet – SWF

Aviation Law
US drones violate Pakistan sovereignty – Space War

Journalism use of drones may get prohibited as well as commercial – Space War

Killer robot drones are like drugs: regulate, but resist the urge to ban them – Space War

Hearing set on proposed Conn. drone law – Washington Times

FAA risks losing drone war – Politico

Drone Law Varies State to State: Why? – Directions Magazine

Geospatial Law
German firm says Google infringed on its patent when it made Google Earth – Google Earth Blog

Press Briefing on Release of DoD Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy – US DoD

New Advisory Posted on NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.0 and Growing Federal Concern Over Data Security and Cyber Crime – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Is the End of Net Neutrality Near? – IEEE Spectrum

South Korea Wants To Counter The North’s Nukes With Cyberweapons - Motherboard

FCC Requests Ideas for New Net Neutrality Effort – CommLawBlog

Snowden and The Politics of Internet Governance – CDT

‘It’s Hard To Put The Genie Back In The Bottle’: Bitcoin’s Top Cop Opens Up – Motherboard

Lawfare Podcast Episode #63: “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity: The Cybersecurity Framework and Beyond” – Lawfare

Netflix reaches deal with Comcast – Salon

Netflix “Most Favored Nation,” Paid Peering Agreement With Comcast: The Good, Bad and Ugly – TeleFrieden

Privacy Workshop to Explore “Big Data” Opportunities, Challenges – OSTP

Internet Freedom in Turkey – International Law Prof Blog


Netflix-Comcast Deal Puts Spotlight on Interconnection – CDT

Scholars Discuss Bitcoin’s Anonymity, Regulatory Challenges, and What Makes It Transformative – TAP

Payment Card Breaches: Time to Spread the Risk with Mandatory Cyber Insurance – Information Law Group

What is the Domestic Legal Basis for Planned Cyberattacks in Syria? – Lawfare

Silicon Valley May Help Smuggle Data-Filled Balloons Into North Korea – Motherboard

Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
Professor: Boost space industry: Front & Center – Orlando Sentinel

U.S. Air Force Boosts Space Cybersecurity Efforts after ‘Big’ Threat in 2013 – Space News

Russia’s Baikonur Space Center Head Quits – RIA Novosti

Out for Comment: Globalstar Proposal to Expand ATC Operation – CommLawBlog

Lunar ownership laws: a future necessity? – Moon Daily

Aviation Law
TSA to Expand Precheck Program – Ask the Pilot

Geospatial Law
Military Targeting Based on Cellphone Location – Just Security

9 of the most epic GPS failures – Salon

Update: National License Plate Recognition Database: What It Is and Why It’s a Bad Idea – EFF

A Tinder security flaw exposed users’ locations for at least a month – Daily Dot

New Massachusetts Decision Requires Warrant For Cell Tracking – EFF

Bitcoin Lacks the Properties of a Real Currency – MIT Technology Review

American Sues Ethiopian Government for Spyware Infection – EFF

“E agora José?” The current status of Marco Civil da Internet – Freedom to Tinker

Forget China: Iran’s Hackers Are America’s Newest Cyber Threat – Foreign Policy

EFF Submits Letter Opposing Oakland’s Domain Awareness Center – EFF

Cybersecurity Effort Moves Forward – NIST Issues Final Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Framework – InformationLawGroup

Information Security Strategy: A Lesson from the Target Breach – InformationLawGroup

Guest Post: Why Does Microsoft Want a Global Convention on Government Access to Data? – Just Security

FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Open Internet Strategy Post Verizon v. FCC – TeleFrieden

Tools and Goals for Net Neutrality – Public Knowledge

Update: Changes to Export Control Arrangement Intended to Apply to Surveillance Technology, not Exploits, but Confusion and Ambiguity Remain – Just Security


Thune Statement on Chairman Wheeler’s Announcement – USSCCST

Rockefeller Statement on FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Open Internet Announcement – USSCCST

FCC Announces Next Steps on Net Neutrality – CDT

FCC Chairman Proposes Yet Another Net Neutrality Rulemaking – TechFreedom

Peering into the Soft Underbelly of Net Neutrality – EFF

Venezuela’s Internet Crackdown Escalates into Regional Blackout – EFF

9 Problems of Government Hacking: Why IT-Systems Deserve Constitutional Protection – Freedom to Tinker

Army Issues Guidance on Cyberspace Operations – Secrecy News

Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
Hard cheese – Babbage

Italian Space Agency Chief Offers To Resign amid Corruption Probe – Space News

Feds: Security at heart of policy on space – Herald News

EU may set up body in European Space Agency – Nature

MilstaMagazine (February 2014)

Enrico Saggese tendered his resignation – ASI

Head of Italian Space Agency offers resignation in order to defend himself over probe allegations – Hyberbola

Delight Over ISS Extension, Debate Over Regulations Highlight 2014 FAA Commercial Space Conference – Space Policy Online

Spaceport tax debate reaches climax in New Mexico this week – Space Politics

Canada releases space policy framework, but some want more details (and money) – Space Politics

Déjà vu: Congress wants to do NASA reauthorization, commercial launch update this year – Space Politics

Industry, FAA at odds over extension of “learning period” for commercial spaceflight safety regulations – Space Politics

Government Space Spending Down in 2013, Report Finds – Space News

No Environmental Hurdles for Blue Origin To Test in Texas – Space News

China Situational Awareness is a Key Part of Space Situational Awareness – Space News

FAA Takes Early Steps To Accommodate Commercial Spacecraft in U.S. Airspace – Space News

Canadian Policy Outlines Broad National Goals for Space Program – Space News

U.S. Satellite Export Regs Remain a Frustration for European Industry – Space News

Thornburgh Report Notes “Tension” Between International Cooperation and Security at NASA – Space Policy Online

U.S., France Herald Space Cooperation – Space Policy Online

Canada Releases New Space Policy Framework – Space Policy Online

Virginia Aerospace Days Leads to Two Senate Joint Resolutions and Budget Support – Spaceports

Thune Statement on NIST Cybersecurity Framework – SCCST

Rockefeller Praises NIST Cybersecurity Framework – SCCST

Aviation Law
Runaway Drones Map Land, Film ‘Wolf,’ Knock Down People, as FAA Gives Chase – Bloomberg Politics

Court rejects passenger’s “principal and permanent residence” argument in subject matter jurisdiction dispute – NV Flyer

“Million Mile Flyer” unable to go the distance in challenge to frequent flyer program changes – NV Flyer

Another Key Ruling in the No-Fly List Case – Lawfare

FBI Checks Wrong Box, Places Student on No-Fly List – Threat Level

How Obama Officials Cried ‘Terrorism’ to Cover Up a Paperwork Error – Threat Level

A Journalist Is Suing the Police Who Grounded His Drone – Motherboard

Geospatial Law
The next generation of satellites for Google Earth – Google Earth Blog

As Facial Regulation Technology is Poised to Enter Everyday Life, Regulators Express Concern – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Finding People’s Locations Based on Their Activities in Cyberspace – Schneier on Security

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: HUD’s Expenditure Plan Satisfied Statutory Conditions; Sustained Controls and Modernization Approach Needed. GAO-14-283

OFAC Expands License for Personal Communications Items to Iran – Export Law Blog

FCC Makes Estimated $50 to $100 Million Available to Competitors Deploying Broadband in Rural Areas for the First Time – Broadband Law Adviser

House Bill Raises Questions about Crowdsourcing – Commons Lab

Who Owns a Twitter Handle? – Concurring Opinions

Immigration Reform: Biometric Cybersurveillance Quid Pro Quo? – Concurring Opinions

Are User Identification Networks the Future of Commercial Bitcoin Transactions? – Freedom to Tinker

List of Permissible Uses of Signals Intelligence Collected in Bulk – IC on the Record

U.S. Gives Cybersecurity Advice to Critical Infrastructure Operators—But No Rules – IEEE SPectrum

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Issued – Lawfare

Video of Berkman Center Event: “Defending an Unowned Internet” – Lawfare

The FCC Gets Down to Details in IP Transition Trials – Public Knowledge

Who Should Store NSA Surveillance Data – Schneier on Security

DRM and the Law – Schneier on Security

A Free Pass for Comcast to Acquire Time Warner, Because They Don’t Compete With Each Other? – TeleFrienden

Why a Railroad Merger May Get the Supreme Court to Rule on NSA Spying – Threat Level

Private-Public Cybersecurity Framework – Homeland Security Watch

Dawson J. Price, Leaving Feedback: An Analysis of eBay, Online Auctions, and Personal Jurisdiction, 2014 U. Ill. L. Rev. 231

Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
Satellite export control final rule due out by early summer – Space Politics

Congress hovers over commercial space like a vulture – Behind the Black

House Hearing Reveals FAA-COMSTAC Rift on Learning Period for Commercial Human Spaceflight – Space Policy Online

Hearing: Necessary Updates to the Commercial Space Launch Act – NASA Watch

Panel Told of Growing Threat To U.S. Satellites from China – Space News

Hilarious ‘Mars Fungus’ Lawsuit Filed Against NASA –

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