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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Department of Defense (DoD)—U.S.A.F. Readiness Is Under Siege…. (Government) – Satnews Daily

At Future Space, members of Congress discuss future of space legislation – Space Politics

Senate Spending Bill Directs U.S. Air Force To Develop Alternative GPS Payload – Space News

Capitol Hill Responds to the Lure of Europa – Planetary Society

Palazzo Hopes To Update Commercial Launch Law this Year – Space News

Senators debate RD-180 replacement, EELV competition – Space Politics

India having space cooperation with 33 nations – Z News

The Future of Moon Exploration, Lunar Colonies and Humanity –

Manned mission to Moon scheduled by Roscosmos for 2020-2031 – Moon Daily

Roger Launius, Historical Analogs for the Stimulation of Space Commerce (NASA 2014)

No quick end for 2015 appropriations process – Space Politics

Statement by the President on Meeting with the Crew and Family of Apollo 11 – White House Blog

Military Space Quarterly | SpaceX Critics in the House Keep the Pressure on – Space News

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Ascot) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – Space News

White House and Congress mark the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11 – Space Politics

New Space Race? US Eyes Asteroids as Other Nations Shoot for the Moon –

SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM: Resources Need to be Matched to Requirements to Decrease Risk and Support Long Term Affordability. GAO-14-631

45 Years After Moon Landing, NASA is MIA (Op-Ed) –

GAO Warns NASA $400 Million Short to Finish SLS by 2017 – Space Policy Online

Federal auditors say NASA doesn't have funds for big rocket – Space Travel

'Doomsday sputnik': Russia said to launch new missile-attack warning satellite – Space War

GAO report warns of cost and schedule risks to SLS – Space Politics

MH-17 Shoot Down Alters Air Force’s Space Equation – DoD Buzz

Satellites Track Malaysian Airlines MH17 Crash Site from Space (Images) –

House Committee Members and ISS Astronauts Reflect on Apollo 11, Look to Future – Space Policy Online

RD-180 Decision Will Not Be Made By Space Community Says Member of Mitchell Panel – Space Policy Online

Mining the Moon? Space Property Rights Still Unclear, Experts Say –

Judge Orders Mediation for SpaceX, U.S. Air Force – Space News

Court presses SpaceX and Air Force to resolve case in mediation – Space Politics

The Resilience of U.S. Military Space Power – Space News

Jeff Foust, Exploration and the private sector, The Space Review

Dwayne Day, Ear against the wall: The Manned Orbiting Laboratory and signals intelligence, The Space Review

NOAA Has IT Security Issues – Just Like NASA Does – NASA Watch

AF satellites to contribute to space neighborhood watch – Space War

Panel sees ASTEROIDS Act as step in right direction for space property rights – Space Politics

NASA Says Russians Will Fly on U.S. Commercial Vehicles – NASA Watch

North Koreans learn about China’s Beidou satellite navigation system – North Korea Tech

Future of NASA's Human Spaceflight Program Dominates NAC Meeting – Space Policy Online

Fifty years of European cooperation in space – Space Mart

House Report Calls for Slowdown in NRO Satellite Orders – Space News

N. Korea may be closer to full ICBM test: US think-tank – Space War

Edwards more optimistic about NASA authorization, less so about other legislation – Space Politics

Asteroid scientists vent their concerns about ARM – Space Politics

Absence of Russia Instrument On NASA Mars Rover Not Political – Mars Daily

Aviation Law
How Can a Civilian Plane Accidentally Be Shot Down? – MIT Tech Review

Senator plans to ask FAA for missile defense systems on commercial airliners – Missile Threat

Why Planes Still Flew Over Ukraine Until MH17 Was Shot Down – Wired

President Obama Speaks on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, Russia and Ukraine, and the Situation in Gaza – White House Blog

Military Satellites Likely Saw Missile Strike on Malaysian Airlines Flight –

The FAA's Cease-And-Desist Orders to Drone Pilots Are Bogus, Appeals Court Rules – Motherboard

The Painstaking Forensics of a Plane Crash Investigation – Motherboard

President Obama Addresses the Situation in Ukraine and Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 – Dipnote

Conventional Weapons Proliferation and the Downing of Flight 17 – Arms Control Law

MH-17 Flight Data And Cockpit Voice Recorders Being Sent To Moscow – ANN

FAA Order: Unmanned Aircraft Operations in the National Airspace System (NAS) – Public Intelligence

FAA Notice: Reporting Unauthorized Unmanned Aircraft Activity to the Domestic Events Network – Public Intelligence

Should passenger jets have missile defense systems? – Missile Threat

National Counterterrorism Center Flyer: College Drone Programs Can Be Targeted by Violent Extremists – Public Intelligence

FAA Continues Wildlife Strike Reporting Outreach For GA Airports – ANN

The Downing of Flight MH17 – International Law Prof Blog

Turns Out It’s Pretty Easy to Shoot Down a Passenger Jet – Wired

UN Security Council Calls for Investigation Into Downing of MH17 – Dipnote

MH17 crash: MEPs call for solidarity with Ukraine and sanctions against Russia – EU Parliament

North Korean MH17 Scenario Extremely Unlikely – Missile Threat

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Auchterarder) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – UK

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Ascot) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – UK

Control Matters: Ukraine & Russia and the Downing of Flight 17 – Opinio Juris

Commercial operation of UAS in the US: Some clarifications on the case Texas Equusearch vs FAA – Flight Laws

The Air Navigation (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2014 – UK

Appeals Court Says FAA May Not Prevent Texas EquuSearch From Using Drones – ANN

AVIATION SAFETY: FAA's Efforts to Implement Recommendations to Improve Certification and Regulatory Consistency Face Some Challenges. GAO-14-728T

Flight For Your Right (And Do It By Friday) – Hack-a-Day

Exclusive: Ukraine Asked U.S. for Tech to Counter Russia’s Jet-Killers – Missile Threat

Have a Drone? Check This Map Before You Fly It – Wired

Open Source and the MH17 Shootdown – Arms Control Wonk

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Farnborough Air Show) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – UK

Drone Stuff: Parachutes, Politics, and No-Fly Zones – IEEE Spectrum

What’s going on with North Korean airspace? – North Korea Tech

Do the FBI's Drones Invade Your Privacy? Sorry, That's Private

Lessons from MH17 – Learmount

How to Prosecute the Perpetrators of the Malaysian Jet Downing – Just Security

Professors Are Worried an FAA Drone Ban Will Kill University Programs Nationwide – Motherboard

SCREENING PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: TSA Has Improved Application Guidance and Monitoring of Screener Performance, and Continues to Improve Cost Comparison Methods. GAO-14-787T

ICAO Announces Task Force on Risk Assessment for Conflict Zones – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Scholars Say No to FAA's Model Aircraft Regulations – IEEE Spectrum

AVIATION MANUFACTURING: Status of FAA's Efforts to Improve Certification and Regulatory Consistency. GAO-14-829T

Who’s using North Korean airspace? – North Korea Tech

Update: D.C. Circuit Downs Drone Appeal – CommLawBlog

The FAA's Drone Crackdown Would Kill Dozens of Completely Legal Companies – Motherboard

Air Traffic Controller Wins Federal Settlement – ANN

U.K. Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014: Sticking Plaster or Solution? – Just Security

On Emergency U.K. Data Retention Legislation – Lawfare


Aereo Loses First Round in Copyright Office, While Dish Wins its Next Round in the Ninth Circuit – CommLawBlog

Emerging Voices: Cyber Operations and the Prohibition of the Threat of Force – Opinio Juris

Stefan Larsson, Susan Wnukowska-Mtonga, Måns Svensson & Marcin De Kaminski, Parallel Norms: File-Sharing and Contemporary Copyright Development in Australia, Journal of World Intellectual Property (Vol. 17, nos. 1-2, March 2014)

Jonah Force Hill: The Growth of Data Localization Post-Snowden (Lawfare Research Paper Series) – Lawfare

Progress on NSA Reform? – Lawfare

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #29: An Interview with Orin Kerr – Lawfare

When Google Sells Your Data, It Might Be Illegally Killing Your Phone's Battery – Motherboard

The UN, Individual Privacy and the Surveillance State – UN Dispatch

Major New United Nations Report Rebukes Five Eyes’ Attempts to Weaken Digital Privacy Rights – Just Security

Putin tightens grip on Internet: Signs new law requiring mass storage of Russians’ data – Salon

Slaughter & Rees Report: Taking the World out of the World Wide Web – TAP

Thinking Outside the Box to Prepare Americans for Information Technology Jobs – OSTP

FTC Updates COPPA FAQs Again – Revisions to Part H Gives App Developers and Parents Welcomed Clarification on Parental Consent – Privacy & Security Law Blog

Net Neutrality and the Global Digital Divide – EFF

Building a Legal Botnet in the Cloud – Schneier on Security

Lawsuit Over Google’s Unified Privacy Policy Pared Down, But Two Claims Survive – Technology Marketing and Law Blog

House Passes Cell Phone Unlocking Bill Under Unanimous Consent – Public Knowledge

On NSA’s Subversion of NIST’s Algorithm – Lawfare

The Path to Community Broadband Runs Through an Army of Telecom Lawyers – Motherboard

A Call Answered: Unlocking America's Cell Phones – White House Blog

EFF Asks Judge to Rule NSA Internet "Backbone" Spying Techniques Unconstitutional – EFF

Reflecting on Human Rights and the Internet Governance Forum-USA – Public Knowledge

Why Indictments Won’t Stop China’s Cybersnooping – Lawfare

Congress Says Unlocking Cell Phones is Okay – CommLawBlog

Personal Privacy Is Only One of the Costs of NSA Surveillance – Threat Level

New Cybersecurity Primer by the Center for a New American Security – Just Security

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #30: An Interview with Richard Danzig – Lawfare

Canada and China Are Still Waging a Cyber War – Motherboard

FCC Chairman: Verizon Uses a 'Disturbing' Loophole to Throttle Unlimited Data – Motherboard

New Report on the Costs of NSA Surveillance – Just Security

Feinstein was right: CIA admits it hacked Senate computers – Salon

The Data Retention Regulations 2014 – UK

Court Rules Against Microsoft: Questions of Data, Territoriality, and the Government’s Search Authority Headed to the 2nd Circuit – Just Security

The CIA Hacked Senate Computers, Lied About It, and No One Is Getting Fired – Motherboard


Privacy and Data Security Harms – Concurring Opinions

What if Google was an intelligence agency? – Top Level Communication

The Canadian Government Is Now Fully in the Cyberwar Battlefield – Motherboard

Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
European Missile Defense and Russia – SSI

MISSILE DEFENSE: DOD's Report Provides Limited Insight on Improvements to Homeland Missile Defense and Acquisition Plans. GAO-14-626R

SpaceX’s lawsuit against the Air Force is gaining steam – Washington Post

Should Obama Take Executive Action on Drone Privacy? – US News & World Report

New Obama Sanctions Seem to Skirt Space Activities, But Future is Unknowable – Space Policy Online

Aviation Law
The Crashed Malaysia Airlines Plane Wasn’t the Only Jet in Ukraine’s Airspace – Wired

The Loss of MH17 Over Ukraine – Lawfare

Passenger rights rules lead to jump in U.S. airline citations – LA Times

Professors Oppose U.S. Curb on Commercial Drone Use – Wall Street Journal

Expert says launch business overblown – Orlando Sentinel

What the Weapon That May Have Downed Flight MH17 Looks Like In Action – Motherboard

Press Release – FAA Statement–Expanded Notice to Airmen Released – FAA

President Obama Responds to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 – The White House Blog

Malaysia Airlines 777 Shot Down Over Ukraine – Ask the Pilot

Statement by the Press Secretary on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 – The White House

Crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine – Dipnote

Liability for MH17 – Aviation Law Prof Blog

High-tech spycraft tracked missile’s path to Malaysia Airlines jet – Missile Threat

Geospatial Law
Harnessing Observations and Data about our Earth – OSTP

Guest Post: Would the USA Freedom Act End All Authorities for Bulk Collection? – Just Security

Germany Is Threatening the New Geocities over a Secret Censorship List – Motherboard

US National Guard is Getting Into Cyberwar – Schneier on Security

DHS 'Dos and Don'ts' on Cybersecurity – Wilson Center

Orla Lynskey, Deconstructing Data Protection: The ‘Added-Value’ of a Right to Data Protection in the EU Legal Order, International & Comparative Law Quarterly (Vol. 63, no. 3, July 2014)

Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
An Asteroid Impact Will Someday Be Mistaken for an Act of War – Motherboard

NEOSSat Not Up to the Job; Government Report Blames Contractor – Commercial Space Blog

Space junk damages ISS US segment – Space Travel

The New Asia Space Dream – Space News

Editorial | Another Continuing Resolution Looms for NASA – Space News

ULA Asks Court To Dismiss SpaceX’s Block-buy Protest – Space News

Launius: Public-Private Partnerships Neither Panacea Nor Pandora's Box – Space Policy Online

NASA OIG: SOFIA: NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy – SpaceRef

Options for Assuring Domestic Space Access – USSCCST

Space Florida: Cape Risks Irrelevance – Space News

ULA joins call for dismissal of SpaceX suit – Space Politics

Ruling on sharper satellite images poses a privacy problem we can no longer ignore – Directions Magazine

Would a Liberal Government Reform the Canadian Space Program? – SpaceRef Canada

FAA environmental decision clears the way for SpaceX Texas spaceport – NewSpace Journal

Indian Space Budget Slated To Rise by 6.5 Percent – Space News

SpaceX Just Got Permission to Build a Spaceport in Texas – Motherboard

FAA Ruling Clears Path for SpaceX Launch site in Texas – Space News

Preparing for the 65th International Astronautical Congress; September 29th – October 3rd in Toronto, ON – Commercial Space Blog

Hidden Benefits of NRO “Spy” Technology Revealed in Hill Briefing – Space Policy Online

SpaceX moves a step closer to Air Force certification – NewSpace Journal

SpaceX One Step Closer to AF EELV Contracts & Gets FAA OK for Texas Launch Site – Space Policy Online

SpaceX Receives FAA Approval for Proposed Spaceport in Texas –

If Neil Armstrong stubbed his toe on a moon rock, who's liable? – Texas Lawyer

SpaceX Texas Spaceport One Step Closer – NASA Watch

Two Perspectives on U.S.-China Space Cooperation – Space News

EU Courts Support for Space Code of Conduct – Space News

Inspector General: NASA Needs New Plan if Congress Saves Airborne Observatory – Space News

Office of Commercial Space Transportation Notice of Approval on a Record of Decision for SpaceX Texas Launch Site, Cameron County, TX – SpaceRef

U.S. Air Force Seeks Bids for NRO Launch – Space News

On the legality of commercial asteroid mining and the purposefulness of related domestic legislation – Flight Laws

Posey, Kilmer Introduce ASTEROIDS Act To Grant Property Rights to Asteroid Resources – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 Flights Deemed Successful = SpaceRef

DOD official defends EELV block buy, endorses launch competition – Space Politics

U.K. Government Green Lights Next Phase in Spaceport Development – NASA Watch

U.S. LAUNCH ENTERPRISE: Acquisition Best Practices Can Benefit Future Efforts. GAO-14-776T

House members press NASA for information on “epidemic of anomalies” with SpaceX missions – Space Politics

House Members Press NASA for Information on “Epidemic of Anomalies” with SpaceX Missions – Space News

UAE sets up agency to send first Arab mission to Mars by 2021 – Emirates 24/7

NASA, members of Congress make case for Europa mission – Space Politics

News from the Farnborough International Airshow | U.S. Government Officials Tout Benefit of Space Technology Export Reforms – Space News

US Too Dependent on Russian Rocket Engines, Experts Tell Lawmakers –

Senators Wants Quick RD-180 Replacement, SpaceX Certification – Space Policy Online

Aviation Law
TSA Travel Tips: Enhanced Security Measures for Electronic Devices at Certain Airports Overseas – TSA Blog

UAV Pilot Gets Warning From FAA For 'High-Altitude' Flight – ANN

FAA Proposes $295,750 Civil Penalty Against Skywest Airlines – ANN

Will they eventually ask us to fly naked? – Homeland Security Watch

NTSB denies reconsideration of flight TWA 800 investigation – Flight Laws

FAA Proposes to Increase its Authority Over Off-Airport Development – Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog

NOAA AIRCRAFT: Aging Fleet and Future Challenges Underscore the Need for a Capital Asset Plan. GAO-14-566

New Court Orders Signal More Drone Documents Are on the Way – Just Security

Federal, State Authorities Suspend Alaskan Helicopter Flights

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Watnall) (Revocation) Regulations 2014

Amazon marches forward on drones, asks FAA for permission to test Prime Air – Salon

New York City Wants to Ban Drones That 'Endanger the Lives' of Its Citizens – Motherboard

FAA Continues Wildlife Strike Reporting Outreach for GA Airports – FAA

UK Parliament Transport Committee Publishes Offshore Helo Safety Report – ANN

NTSB Gives Partial Blame To FAA In 2011 Accident – ANN

Single European Sky or Single European Snail? EU Commission sends letters of formal notice to 18 States to accelerate implementation of common airspace management – Flight Laws

US, others complain to ICAO over North Korean missile launches – North Korea Tech

Geospatial Law
A Network of Recycled Phones Is Listening for Illegal Logging in the Rainforest – Motherboard

The differences between Google Earth and Google Maps – Google Earth Blog

Using Google Earth for crime analysis – Google Earth Blog

The Ex-Google Hacker Taking on the World’s Spy Agencies – Threat Level

Edward Snowden: Civil Liberties Violator – Lawfare

Republishing Litigation Brief Is Fair Use–White v. Westlaw – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

TPP Negotiations Go Further Underground with Unprecedented Secrecy Around Meetings in Canada – EFF





Net Neutrality and Transparency Principles Must Extend to Mobile Internet Access Too – EFF



Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #27: An Interview with David Heyman – Lawfare

Latest Snowden Leaks: FBI Targeted Muslim-American Lawyers – Threat Level

Rights That Are Being Forgotten: Google, the ECJ, and Free Expression – EFF

Programme for Media & Communications Law at SLS 2014 – Lex Ferenda

Glenn Greenwald on Why the Latest Snowden Leak Matters – Threat Level

Snowden and Civil Liberties: A Brief Follow-Up – Lawfare

Joint Statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice on Court-ordered Legal Surveillance of U.S. Persons – IC on the Record

On Glenn Greenwald’s Latest – Lawfare

CISPA's Privacy-Killing Successor Just Cleared Its First Hurdle – Motherboard

New Greenwald bombshell: NSA spied on 5 politically active Muslim-Americans – Salon

The UK Is Rushing Emergency Surveillance Laws to Keep Its Grip on Citizens' Data – Motherboard

Cyber Attacks – MIT Technology Review

First Amendment Precludes Disorderly Conduct Conviction for Ranting on Police Department Facebook Page – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

The Vocabulary of Cyber War – Public Intelligence

The People Suing Tor Don't Actually Know What Tor Is – Motherboard

“Loopholes for Circumventing the Constitution”, the NSA Statement, and Our Response – Freedom to Tinker

NSA Retaining “Useless” and Highly Personal Information of Ordinary Internet Users, Spying on Prominent American Muslims, CBP’s Internal Affairs Division Under Investigation Yet Again, and Much More: FRINFORMSUM 7/10/2014 – Unredacted

Ninth Circuit Doubles Down in Garcia v. Google – EFF

Document shows that it was not NSA, but FBI that monitored 5 Americans – Top Level COmmunications

British Government’s “Fast-Track” Surveillance Legislation Proposals – Just Security

New Commerce Report Explores the Value of Government Data – Directions Magazine

Barton Gellman on the Washington Post’s NSA Story – Lawfare

Open letter from UK legal academics on surveillance – Lex Ferenda

Legal Attacks Against Tor – Schneier on Security

Thune Bipartisan Bill to Permanently Block Taxes on Internet Access Overwhelmingly Passes House – USSCCST

Net Neutrality Regulation is Bad for Consumers and Probably Illegal – Tech Freedom

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #28: An Interview with David Medine – Lawfare

INCOMING! Commission's Net Neutrality Comment Conundrum – CommLawBlog

Taking Bitcoin for Payment in California is Now Legal – IEEE Spectrum

Why All the Snowden Docs Should Be Public: An Interview with Cryptome – Motherboard

Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
U.S. Air Force Seeks Dismissal of SpaceX Suit – Space News

Mike Gold, Tuesday, 7-1-14 – The Space Show

Secure World Foundation Newsletter – May/June 2014 – SWF

No action, but more commentary, on Shelby’s commercial crew cost language – Space Politics

U.S. Government Seeks Dismissal of SpaceX Suit – Space Policy Online

Seven Government Agencies Needed to Build a Space Company – Commercial Space Blog

U.S. Government Wants To Squash SpaceX Lawsuit – NASA Watch

IAC Scholarship Recipients 2014 – SWF

China, Russia to cooperate in satellite navigation – GPS Daily

Should Humanity Try to Contact Intelligent Aliens? –


Japan set for first arms export under new rules: report – Missile Threat

Policy Debate Aside, NASA Preparing for Orion Capsule Test Flight – Space News

Aviation Law
NYC Bar Association Releases Report on Legality of Drones – Just Security

North Carolina Set to Outlaw Hunting and Fishing Drones – IEEE Spectrum

No Verdict In Trial Of Man Accused Of Aiming Laser At A Helicopter – ANN

NTSB Special Investigation Finds Parasailing Largely Unregulated – ANN

'New' EASA Plans Vital General Aviation Conference – ANN

Exclusive: Civilian drones need costly fixes to avoid hacking, study indicates – Christian Science Monitor

Geospatial Law
US Refusal to Host Russian Navigation Stations Political – GPS Daily

Zhihua Zheng, Legal Effect of Maps in Maritime Boundary Delimitation: A Response to Erik Franckx and Marco Benatar, Asian Journal of International Law (Vol. 4, no. 2, July 2014)

Internet Providers Are Taking Legal Action Against GCHQ – Motherboard

An Anonymous Cell Pledges to Hack 'New CISPA' Supporters – Motherboard

Talking Cybersecurity – White House Blog

ISPs File Legal Complaint in Europe Over Spying – Threat Level


U.S. Mayors Call for Government Broadband, Extreme Regulation – Tech Freedom

Can Facebook Be Governed? – Cyborgology

Does the U.S. Supreme Court's Decision on the 4th Amendment and Cell Phones Signal Future Changes to the Third Party Doctrine? – TAP

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: An unfortunate story on the non-review of U.S. surveillance authority in Section 702 – Just Security

Cloud City: A Fourth Amendment Thought Experiment – Just Security

Criminal Cyberbullying Statute Violates First Amendment–New York v. Marquan – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

A Taxonomy of Cyber War IHL Questions – Lawfare

NSA Targets the Privacy-Conscious for Surveillance – Schneier on Security

Russia Sees No Progress in GLONASS Talks with US – Space Daily

The NSA Is Targeting Users of Privacy Services, Leaked Code Shows – Threat Level

Code as Law: How Bitcoin Could Decentralize the Courtroom – Motherboard

The Right to Be Forgotten Isn't Just About Fixing Reputations – Motherboard

Report: NSA collected intimate data on ordinary Americans – Salon

Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Statement of Lamar Smith Hearing on Pathways to Exploration – SpaceRef

House Lawmakers Agree on Little, but Concur NASA Needs Change To Get to Mars – Space News

ULA and SpaceX trade jabs – Space Politics

SpaceX Seeks To Amend Lawsuit Against Air Force Based on McCain Letter – Space Policy Online

Human space flight: still problematic – Doctor Linda

An contract extension from NASA for SpaceX and Sierra Nevada – Behind the Black

Questions about RD-180 Price Provide New Ammo for SpaceX – Space News

SpaceX Vs ULA Spat Heats Up – NASA Watch

Louis Friedman and Thomas D. Jones, NRC’s “Pathway to Exploration” should start with the Asteroid Redirect Mission, The Space Review

Ajey Lele, India and the satellite launch market, The Space Review

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation Comments on Interim Category XV Rule – CSF

Space Law Boom – -BisNow

CSF continues to press for human spaceflight export rule changes – Space Politics

Aviation Law
That Toy Is Now a Drone, Says the FAA – IEEE Spectrum

Delivery Drones Might Never Get Government Approval – Motherboard

Recommendations And Report Of The Stimson Task Force On US Drone Policy – Stimson Center

FAA Releases Interpretation of Rules for Model Aircraft – Aviation Law Prof Blog

FAA Weighs in on the Regulation of "Model Aircraft" – Aviation and Development Law Blog

FAA releases interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft – Flight Laws

Geospatial Law
How to remove imagery from Street View – Google Earth Blog

The Supreme Court Considers Google Street View – Madisonian

Will the U.S. Government Regulate Navigation Apps? – Directions Magazine

Google must now face lawsuit over Street View privacy invasion – Salon

The US Is Losing Its Grip on the Names and Numbers of the Internet – Motherboard

Why the Supreme Court May Finally Protect Your Privacy in the Cloud – Threat Level

Huge Privacy Win: Warrants Now Required for Searching Arrestees’ Mobile Phones – Tech Freedom

UK Police Aren't Doing Enough to Keep Personal Data Secure – Motherboard

How copyright law blocks cheap Internet TV: In Plain English – SCOTUS Blog

A “view” from the Court: Some morning Joe before Digital Day – SCOTUS Blog

Get a warrant! Today’s cellphone privacy decision in Plain English – SCOTUS Blog

The Push to Revise Europe's Data Protection Agenda – Motherboard

Symposium: In Riley v. California, a unanimous Supreme Court sets out Fourth Amendment for digital age – SCOTUS Blog

VIRTUAL CURRENCIES: Emerging Regulatory, Law Enforcement, and Consumer Protection Challenges. GAO-14-496

SCOTUS Rules That Cellphone Searches Require Warrants – IEEE Spectrum

Impact of the Aereo Supreme Court Decision on Broadcasters, Cloud Content Storage – TeleFrieden

Symposium: Inaugurating the digital Fourth Amendment – SCOTUS Blog

Can a State Withhold Water From the NSA? California Is About to Find Out – Motherboard

Does the U.S. Supreme Court's Decision on the 4th Amendment and Cell Phones Signal Future Changes to the Third Party Doctrine? – TAP

The Supreme Court's Aereo Decision: What It Says, What It Means – CommLawBlog

The Supreme Court’s Riley Decision Won’t Change Much In The Field (Guest Blog Post) – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Aereo and the Spirit of Technology Neutrality – Consurring Opinions


Episode 23: Jillian York – UN Dispatch

What The Court Didn’t Say in Riley May be the Most Important Thing of All – Lawfare


Netflix Could Be Classified As a 'Cybersecurity Threat' Under New CISPA Rules – Motherboard

Is the Supreme Court’s Aereo Decision a Setback for Cloud Innovation? – Information Law Group

Supreme Court Sends Stupid Software Patent Back To Federal Circuit, Again – EFF

Uh oh, Aereo – Public Knowledge

The FCC and Net Neutrality: A Way Forward – EFF

EFF Sues NSA, Director of National Intelligence for Zero Day Disclosure Process – EFF

A Zombie Bill Comes Back to Life: A Look at The Senate's Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014 – EFF

FTC Releases 2014 Privacy and Data Security Update, Touting Its Efforts and Achievements in Protecting Consumer Privacy – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Guest Post: Riley v. California — An Important Step Forward, but How Far Forward? – Just Security

Steptoe CyberLaw Podcast, Episode #26: An Interview with Dmitri Alperovich – Lawfare

How Traffic Shaping Can Help the NSA Evade Legal Oversight – Schneier on Security

Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
White House Concerns Over Senate Budget Stance on NASA – NASA Watch

U.S. Government Cuts Hurt Space Industrial Base, National Security, Economic Competitiveness – The Space Foundation

Administration Opposes Funding RD-180 Replacement in Defense Bill – Space News

Shelby reiterates his support for commercial crew pricing language as Nelson seeks changes to it – Space Politics

ULA Fights To Change Perceptions, Accelerates RD-180 Deliveries – Space Policy Online

U.S. Opposes New Draft Treaty from China and Russia Banning Space Weapons – Missile Threat

Space and Missile Merger – Missile Threat

EXPORT CONTROLS: NASA Management Action and Improved Oversight Needed to Reduce the Risk of Unauthorized Access to Its Technologies. GAO-14-690T

Outer space: an integral part of the international community's global commitments on sustainable development – SpaceRef

House Approves RD-180 Replacement Appropriation As U.S. Readies More Russia Sanctions – Space Policy Online

Subcommittees Examine NASA's Struggle to Protect Sensitive Information – SpaceRef

OIG, GAO, and Congress Ding NASA on Export Control – NASA Watch

Gerstenmaier Praises NRC Human Space Exploration Report – Space Policy Online

The FAA Is Trying to Ban First-Person View Drone Flights – Motherboard

The "New" Canadian Space Procurement Path – Commercial Space Blog

Will U.S.-Russian Tensions Impact Sea Launch? – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

Research Center Launched to Combat Space Junk Menace –

Oregon District Court Holds No-Fly List Procedures Violate Due Process – Just Security

Global Space Governance Can Fuel New Business and Innovations – Space News

Russia begins its withdrawal from Baikonur in Kazakhstan – Behind the Black

NASA has a Problem with Unauthorized Access to it's Technologies – Space Travel


Gerstenmaier: a “lot of good things” in NRC human space exploration report – Space Politics

Russia loses its only geostationary early-warning satellite – Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

ESA makes space debris software available online = SpaceRef

NRC co-chairs reiterate call for national commitment and sustained funding for human space exploration – Space Politics

Aviation Law
AIRPORT FUNDING: Aviation Industry Changes Affect Airport Development Costs and Financing. GAO-14-658T

The FAA Is Still Sending Out Fake Cease-and-Desist Letters to Drone Pilots – Motherboard

UK Court Allows Passengers 6 Years to File 261/2004 Claims – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Academy of Model Aeronautics Responds To NPS Unmanned Aircraft Interim Policy – ANN

Unmanned Aircraft to be Prohibited in America’s National Parks – Directions Magazine

TRANSPORTATION SECURITY INFORMATION SHARING: Stakeholder Satisfaction Varies; TSA Could Take Additional Actions to Strengthen Efforts. GAO-14-506

TRANSPORTATION SECURITY INFORMATION SHARING: Results of GAO's Survey of Stakeholder Satisfaction with TSA Products and Mechanisms (GAO-14-488SP, June 2014), an E-supplement to GAO-14-506. GAO-14-488SP

Drone Pilots Are Gearing Up for a Fight Against the FAA's New 'Rules' – Motherboard

Guest Post: The Bigger No Fly List Problem – Just Security

Court Declares U.S. No-Fly List Procedures Unconstitutional – Aviation Law Prof Blog

The Latest No Fly List Ruling: A Very Big Deal! – Just Security

AVIATION SAFETY: Additional Oversight Planning by FAA Could Enhance Safety Risk Management. GAO-14-516

Email Harvesting: Repeated Emails From LinkedIn May Violate Publicity Rights – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #24: An Interview with Paul Rosenzweig – Lawfare

The FCC Blasts ISPs For Not Delivering the Broadband Speeds They're Advertising – Motherboard

Net Neutrality Will Require Us to Shine the Light on Internet Providers – EFF

The data retention judgment, the Irish Facebook case, and the future of EU data transfer regulation – Concurring Opinions

Tor forced to reject 'major financial donation' due to U.S. law – The Daily Dot

Does familiarity with technology affect the way judges vote on privacy? – Concurring Opinions

Managing Risk in an Inhospitable Environment: The Restaurant and Hospitality Industries are an Alluring Destination for Cyber Thieves – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Department of Energy Invites Cybersecurity Comments – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Johann-Christoph Woltag, Cyber Warfare: Military Cross-Border Computer Network Operations under International Law (Intersentia 2014)

“Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You…” FTC Data Brokers Report Calls for More Industry Transparency, Regulation in How Data Brokers Use Consumers’ Personal Information – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Approaching the CASL: The Compliance Date for Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation Draws Near – Information Law Group

T-Mobile Uses Data Caps to Manipulate Competition Online, Undermine Net Neutrality – Public Knowledge

Canadians Don't Trust the Harper Government's New Cyberbullying Bill – Motherboard

More Details on NSA Tapping the Internet Backbone – Schneier on Security

Working with Our Global Partners to Advance an Open Internet – NTIA

US v. Ganias and the Fourth Amendment right to delete – Concurring Opinions

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #25: An Interview with Ralph Langner – Lawfare

Big Data, Open Data & the Federal Agencies – White House Blog

Snowden-documents show no evidence for global mass surveillance – Top Level Telecommunications

Understanding Net(flix) Neutrality: Dressing Up Corporate Opportunism as Net Neutrality – TechFreedom

Aereo Update: Supreme Court Rules for Broadcasters! – CommLawBlog

Public Knowledge Statement on Supreme Court’s Aereo Ruling – Public Knowledge

SCOTUS: Without a Warrant, Police Generally Cannot Search Digital Information on Arrestees’ Cell Phones – Lawfare

SCOTUS: No Cellphone Search Without Warrant = Prawfs Blawg

Justice Roberts’s wit – Concurring Opinions

Cops Can’t Search Cell Phones Without a Warrant, Supreme Court Rules – Threat Level

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 4th Amendment and Cell Phone Case and Its Implications for the Third Party Doctrine – Concurring Opinions

The Supreme Court Killed Aereo, But the Future of the Cloud Is Wide Open – Motherboard

Supreme Court Sets Powerful Limits for Cell Searches, Fails to Protect Internet Streaming – EFF

Supreme Court Shoots Aereo Down – IEEE Spectrum

SCOTUS & Cell Phone Searches: Digital is Different – Just Security

Summary of the Supreme Court Aereo Decision – TeleFrieden

The Supreme Court just outlawed the future of TV – Salon

Decoding the Supreme Court’s Aereo decision: The future looks hazy for cloud computing – Salon

INFORMATION SECURITY: Additional Oversight Needed to Improve Programs at Small Agencies. GAO-14-344

Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Prue Taylor & Lucy Stroud, Common Heritage of Mankind: A Bibliography of Legal Writing (2013)

Palazzo survives primary challenge, Knight advances in California – Space Politics

FAA Space Office Fares Better in Senate Appropriations Bill for FY2015 – Space Policy Online

Examining the Senate’s NASA funding bill – Space Politics

House Passes NASA Reauthorization Act of 2014 – SpaceRef

House Passes Bipartisan NASA Authorization Act – SpaceRef

House Appropriators Support RD-180 Replacement, Want More EELV Info – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

House Appropriators Recommend $220 Million for Rocket Engine – Space News

Space Fence Development Closely Tied to Upgrade of U.S. Air Force Control Center – Space News

NASA's human spaceflight program doomed to fail: study – Mars Daily

House approves NASA authorization bill – Space Politics

SpaceX sues USAF, citing unfair contractor monopoly – Space Travel

Russian Space Corporation Says Unable to Conduct Complete Overhaul of Space Industry – Space Daily

NASA Authorization Bill Easily Passes the House – UPDATED – Space Policy Online

Outer Space for a sustainable Earth – SpaceRef

Top News from the IAF's Global Space Applications Conference (GLAC) – SpaceRef

Senate Continues Work on Its Version of New NASA Authorization Bill – Space Policy Online

Space Access Society: Update on Shelby’s commercial cargo/crew poison pill – Space-for-all

Chinese military hackers target space industry: study – Space War

The First Commercial Space Activity: Communications Satellites – Roger Launius’s Blog

Update on Shelby’s effort to kill NASA commercial cargo & crew – SPace-for-all

USAF Rejected SpaceX Offer To Launch GPS 3 Satellites for $80M Each – Space News

Commercial space advocates rally against Senate report language – Space Politics

Jeff Foust, The commercial remote sensing boom, The Space Review

SN Blog | Commercial Space Advocates Rally Against Senate Report Language – Space News

Dale L. Skran, Space policy via the rearview mirror, The Space Review

Intelligence Bill Would Require Senate Confirmation for NRO Director and IG – Space Policy Online

Sarah M. Mountin, The Legality and Implications of Intentional Interference with Commercial Communication Satellite Signals, International Law Studies (Blue Book) Series (Vol. 90, 2014)

US Congressman & Intel Committee Chair Keynote Speaker for Space & Missile Defense Symposium – Directions Magazine

Senate Begins Debate on FY2015 Appropriations Bill for NASA, NOAA, FAA Space Office – Space Policy Online

Is ULA going its own way for an RD-180 replacement? – Space Politics

Administration opposes funding RD-180 replacement in defense bill – Space Politics

Aviation Law
Barriers to UAVs in US airspace – Space War

New aviation law course at Auckland Law School – Voxy

FAA approves first commercial use of drones — for BP – Salon

The FAA's First Commercially Approved Drone Is For Big Oil – Motherboard

Unmanned Aircraft Two Steps Closer to Airspace Integration – Aviation Law Prof Blog

AIRLINE COMPETITION: The Average Number of Competitors in Markets Serving the Majority of Passengers Has Changed Little in Recent Years, but Stakeholders Voice Concerns about Competition. GAO-14-515

Readings: The Diffusion of Drone Warfare: Industrial, Infrastructural and Organizational Constraints by Andrea Gilli and Mauro Gilli – Lawfare

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Jet Formation Display Team, County Londonderry) Regulations 2014 – UK

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Ascot) Regulations 2014 – UK

Kasaija Phillip Apuuli, The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) in United Nations Peacekeeping: The Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), ASIL Insights

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Northern Ireland International Air Show) Regulations 2014 – UK

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Dunsfold) Regulations 2014 – UK

The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Overton) Regulations 2014 – UK

Geospatial Law
NASA Official: A Landsat 8 Clone Would Cost More Than $650 Million – Space News

Russia Mulls Privatizing ERA-GLONASS Emergency Network – GPS Daily

Frost & Sullivan: Innovations Drive US Department of Defense Spending on Geospatial Technologies – Directions Magazine

Commercial remote sensing industry wins change to resolution limits – Space Politics

Eleventh Circuit Says No to Warrantless Cell Tracking, Calls Other Metadata Programs Into Question – Just Security

Cell Tower Data: Circuit Court Split on Search Issue – The Faculty Lounge

Late or Not, Galileo Positioned for a Global Embrace – Space News

DigitalGlobe Wins Approval of Relaxed Operating Restrictions, with Proviso – Space News

Will Telcos Follow ISPs and Extend Warrant Protection for All? – EFF

Leo Google – TeleFrieden

Germany’s Prosecutor Rolls Up His Sleeves On NSA Surveillance – Lawfare

Revenge Porn/Cyberstalking Conviction Doesn’t Violate First Amendment–US v. Osinger – Technology & Marketting Law Blog

Goodbye, Net Neutrality; Hello, Net Discrimination – TAP

In Harm's Way: The Dangers of a World Without Net Neutrality – EFF


EU and US data privacy rights: six degrees of separation – Concurring Opinions

Encryption as protest – Freedom to Tinker

(Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Net Neutrality – Cyborgology

What Values Does “Privacy” Protect? – Lawfare

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Reform Initiatives Can Help Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness. GAO-14-671T

SEC Commissioner Calls on Corporate Boards to Address Cybersecurity—Refers to NIST Cyber Framework as “the Bible” – Privacy and Security Law Blog

DDTC Deflates Cloud Puffery – Export Law Blog

FCC Rejects an Unlicensed Spectrum Etiquette – Again – Comm Law Blog

Stanford Journal of International Law (Vol. 50, no. 1, Winter 2014):

Dan Jerker B. Svantesson, The extraterritoriality of EU data privacy law — its theoretical justification and its practical effect on U.S. business

Paul Rosenzweig, International law and private actor active cyber defensive measures

Scott J. Shackelford & Amanda N. Craig, Beyond the new “digital divide”: analyzing the evolving role of national governments in Internet governance and enhancing cybersecurity

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #23: An Interview with Congressman Mike Pompeo – Lawfare

The US Argues It Must Destroy Key NSA Evidence to Protect National Security – Motherboard

Net Neutrality: FCC Hack is a Speed Bump on the Internet Fast Lane – Hack-a-Day

New Ruling Shows the NSA Can’t Legally Justify Its Phone Spying Anymore – Wired

The FCC Can't Help Cities Trapped By Predatory Internet Deals With Big Telecom – Motherboard

EFF to Court: U.S. Warrants Don't Apply to Overseas Emails – EFF

FCC orders Comcast and Verizon to reveal how much Netflix pays for its fast lane – The Daily Dot

We have a reasonable expectation of privacy in online anonymity, rules Supreme Court (of Canada) – Concurring Opinions

Protecting Internet Freedom and American Interests: Required Reforms and Standards for ICANN Transition – The Heritage Foundation

The State of Cyberinsurance – Schneier on Security

Are Data Breach Investigations Privileged? – Information Law Group

Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age – Comons Lab

Feinstein-Chambliss Cybersecurity Info Sharing Bill – Lawfare

The Senate Is Officially Considering a CISPA Clone – Motherboard

Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban Internet Fast Lanes – Public Knowledge

Library: Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
NASA is changing the way it does business, new GC says – Washington Post

Russia, European Space Agency to cooperate on Mars Moon mission – ITAR-TASS

MilSatMag (June 2014)

Competition, Contracts and Commercial Spaceflight – Space News

How NASA’s Human Spaceflight Policies Were Picked | Video –

Making MTCR effective – Daily Times

What will be the significance of the NRC’s human spaceflight report? – Space Politics

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Wants $17.9 Billion for NASA in FY2015 – Space Policy Online

Senate Spending Bill Includes $17.9 Billion for NASA – Space News

A Growth Industry in Space – Space Mart

Lockheed Martin Selected To Provide U.S. Air Force With Space Fence Radar To Safeguard Space Resources – SpaceRef

Senate appropriations for NASA closely tracks the House – Space Politics

Clay Mowry, Tuesday, 6-3-14 – The Space Show

NASA Is Not Interested in Space Florida’s Shiloh Spaceport – NASA Watch

Satellites improving lives in rural Africa – Seed Daily

Sen. Shelby tries to cripple NASA commercial crew and cargo programs – Space-for-All

Commercial Orbital Transportation Services Final Report Released By NASA – Red Orbit

NRC Endorses Return to Lunar Surface, Cooperation with China, No More Business As Usual – Space Policy Online

Key Congressional Space Leaders Applaud NRC Human Spaceflight Report – Space Policy Online

NASA and Congress like the NRC report, for very different reasons – Space Politics

NRC Says NASA Is On The Wrong Path to Mars – NASA Watch

ESA Chief Says Ties with Roscosmos Remain Strong – Space News

The New ‘Space Fence’ Will Protect Satellites from Earth’s Halo of Garbage – Motherboard

Putting Humans on Mars Is 'Risk Management' for Our Species, SpaceX President Says – Space News

U.S. Air Force To Close Satellite Processing Facilities at Launch Sites – Space News

Space Florida Legislative Session Outcomes – SpaceRef

NOAA's Satellites Have Mixed Fate in Senate Appropriations Bill – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

Senate Appropriators Increase NASA Budget – NASA Watch

Smith Statement on National Academies' Human Spaceflight Report – SpaceRef

Science Democrats Comment on National Academies’ Human Space Exploration Report – SpaceRef

Senate Appropriators Increase NASA Budget, Save SOFIA, Transfer Two Programs from NOAA to NASA – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

Space Fence Contract Awarded – SpaceRef

Italian-French space cooperation – ASI

Aviation Law
FAA approves first commercial drone over land – USA Today

Tired of waiting for a green light, U.S. drone users put FAA warnings to the wind – WXYZ

Regulating Aviation Emissions Under the Clean Air Act – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Google Internet balloon crashes, causes power outage in rural town – Daily Dot

Commercial vs. Recreational Drones: Are Existing Regulations Backwards? – Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog

Senate Appropriations Committee Passes Bill With GA Impacts – ANN

Geospatial Law
Tish Long Leaving NGA; DNI’s Robert Cardillo Will Be New Director – Breaking Defense

The OGC seeks comment on Unified Geo-Data Reference Model for Law Enforcement and Public Safety (LEAPS) Services – Directions Magazine

Russia Turns off Data from IGS GPS Tracking Stations – Space News

GPS sites in Russia can’t be used now for ‘military purposes’ – GPS Daily

Free Copernicus Data Will Impose Change on Commercial Earth Observation Firms – Space News

The Justice Mapping Center: Changing the Conversation about the Criminal Justice System – Directions Magazine

The GameOver Zeus/CryptoLocker Indictment – Lawfare

Net Neutrality Explained – Lawfare

The Internet and Violence on Campus – PrawfsBlawg

Letter Warns Senate of Adverse Implications in DOTCOM Act – Public Knowledge

Latest District Court Ruling on NSA Surveillance – Lawfare

The Human Side of Heartbleed – Schneier on Security

Update: Effective Date of New AWS-3 Rules Set – CommLawBlog

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #22: An Interview with Ron Deibert – Lawfare

Police Officers Aren’t Liable For Investigating Cyberstalking and Revenge Porn–Keaton v. Hannum – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Post-Snowden, Silicon Valley Execs Give U.S. Cyberpolicy a D-minus – IEEE Spectrum

Listening to Yogi on Interconnection and Net Neutrality – TAP

How Google Could Disrupt Global Internet Delivery by Satellite – MIT Tech Review

Only 4 Weeks Until Canada’s New Anti-Spam Rules Come into Force – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Is Edward Snowden Trying to Start a Revolution Nobody Wants? – Motherboard

FRINFORMSUM 6/5/2014: Federal Judge Rules NSA Bulk Data Collection Legal –For Now, NSA Harvesting Millions of Images from the Web for its Global Facial Recognition Programs, and Much More. – Unredacted

Verizon just dished Netflix a cease and desist letter, because of a loading screen – Salon

Canada's ISPs Are Finally Revealing How Often the Government Requests User Data – Motherboard

Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
RD-180 report recommends development of domestic replacement engine – Space Politics

SpaceX Goes From Suing Air Force To Potentially Launching Its Satellites – Red Orbit

Space policy roundup – May.23.14 – Space-for-All

Russian space agency set to resume Glonass talks with US – GPS Daily

Russia working out national manned spaceflight strategy unrelated to ISS – Space Daily

Halting Russian rocket engine deliveries may cost US $5 billion – Space Travel

US Senate panel budgets $100 mn for non-Russian rocket – Space Travel

Another Shoe Drops in SpaceX-Air Force/ULA Dispute – Space Policy Online

News from the 30th Space Symposium | U.S. Spy Master Gives “Shout Out” to SpaceX – Space News

Italy’s New Space Chief Seeks To Close the Chapter on Corruption – Space News

Russia develops manned space program to replace ISS – Space Daily

Space policy roundup – May.26.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

Arabsat locates source of jamming – Space News Feed

Hill Staffers: Commercial Space Launch Bill Is Coming This Year – Space News

Senate Authorizers Approve $20 Million for ORS Office – Space News

New Fact Sheet Tracks NOAA’s FY2015 Budget Request for Satellites – Space Policy Online

NASA Request for Information: Lease and Development of Kennedy Space Center Land Assets – SpaceRef

Timothy G. Nelson, Regulating the void: In-orbit collisions and space debris, The Space Review

Russia-Ukraine space program proceeding as planned – Space Daily

Space policy roundup – May.28.14 – Space-for-All

Space Resilience, Deterrence, Fast Ships and Harm’s Way – Space News

Letter | Forced ISS Cooperation: A Feature, Not a Bug – Space News

SWF Releases an Updated Version of Space Sustainability – A Practical Guide – SWF

Virgin Galactic Signs FAA Deal to Clear Airspace for Suborbital Flights –

Google-backed Global Broadband Venture Secures Spectrum for Satellite Network – Space News

National Security Space: Then.Now.Tomorrow – Space War

Earthly Conflicts Threaten US-Russia Space Cooperation – Space War

House Passes FY2015 CJS Appropriations Bill Funding NASA and NOAA – Space Policy Online

Success! Private Group Makes Contact with 36-Year-Old NASA Spacecraft –

NASA budget debate shifts to the Senate – Space Politics

UK Takes Aim at Commercial Spaceflight, Spaceport Possible by 2018 –

Space Policy and History Forum #12, June 23, 2014 – Roger Launius’s Blog

Intersputnik Negotiating Joint Ventures for Unused Orbital Slots – Space News

Aviation Law
European Commission releases report on complaint handling and enforcement of the Air Passenger Rights Regulations – Flight Laws

Real-time flight tracking possible, not expensive: Airbus official – Space Mart

ICT and aviation experts for real-time monitoring of flight data – ITU

EU Commission releases report on the implementation of the Airport-Charges-Directive – Flight Laws

Are Filmmakers Using Drones Illegally? Looks Like It – Directions Magazine

TRUSTED TRAVELERS: Programs Provide Benefits, but Enrollment Processes Could Be Strengthened. GAO-14-48.

TSA Hypocrisy Underscored by Boston Arrests – Ask the Pilot

Air travel’s dangerous gamble: The growing perils of airline deregulation – Salon

Geospatial Law
Geospatial Data Licensing for Non-lawyers (Webinar) – Spatial Law and Policy

John Carlin’s Speech at Brookings on “Defending Our Nation by Prosecuting State-Sponsored Cyber Theft” – Lawfare

Thune Calls on Congress to Permanently Stop Taxes on Internet Access – USSCCST

Assessing Cybersecurity Regulations – White House Blog

PK In The Know: Net Neutrality Continues – Public Knowledge

SciCast, Crowdsourcing Science and Technology Forecasting For Policy – Commmons Lab

Open Wi-Fi Is Not a CopyCrime: EFF’s Primer on Open Wi-Fi and Copyright – EFF

China’s ban on US management consultants and Windows 8: WTO compliant? – Chinese Law Prof Blog

Say What You Do and Do What You Say: Guidance for Privacy Policies, and for Life – Information Law Group

The Société française pour le droit international, Internet et le droit international : Colloque de Rouen de la Société française pour le droit international (Pedone 2014)

Cambodia’s Draft Law Turns Free Speech into Cybercrime – EFF

Facebook Post Isn’t Good Reason To Remove Attorney From Probate Court Case Assignment List – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Technology in the Courts – The Faculty Lounge


Edward J. Snowden email inquiry to the NSA Office of General Counsel – IC on the Record

Snowden Correspondence with NSA OGC [UPDATED] – Lawfare

NSA Releases Snowden Email, Says He Raised No Concerns About Spying – Threat Level

Building on the Community Broadband Momentum – NTIA

Unnecessary and Disproportionate: How the NSA Violates International Human Rights Standards – EFF

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #21: An Interview with Peter Schaar – Lawfare

EFF to Court: There’s No Doubt the Government Destroyed NSA Spying Evidence – EFF

INFORMATION SECURITY: Agencies Need to Improve Cyber Incident Response Practices. GAO-14-354.

Thoughts on Edward Snowden’s Interview – Lawfare

European Union’s Highest Court Rules Google Must Remove Links Containing Personal Data – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Brazil Enacts “Internet Bill of Rights,” Including Net Neutrality and Privacy Protections – Privacy and Security Law Blog

FTC Report on Data Brokers: An Analysis of the Call for Stronger Controls and Legislation – Information Law Group

Net Neutrality May Be Harder to Achieve than We Thought – TAP

Want To Scrub Google Search Results In The US? Tough–O’Kroley v. Fastcase – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The right to be forgotten and the global reach of EU data protection law – Concurring Opinions

New Technologies Once Again Blurring the Lines of Copyright Law – CommLawBlog

Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Near-Earth Objects: Responding to the International Challenge – Secure World Foundation

OAU Wins Regional Manfred Lach Moot Court Competition – Daily Times

Copyright in Space is Truly a ‘Space Oddity’ – Intellectual Property Brief

US, UK, Australia and Canada Announce Combined Space Ops – Defense News

Alumnus Spotlight: San Jac alum ventures into space law – Houston Chronicle

U.S. Department of Defense—Air Force Undersecretary’s Comments @ 30th Space Symposium (Evenbt) – SatNews

Shelton Would Prefer New U.S. Main Engine over Domestic RD-180 Variant – Space News

News from the 30th Space Symposium | Responding to Critics, ULA Discloses Pricing Information – Space News

News from the 30th Space Symposium | New Rules for Imaging Tech Exports Tied to Related Policy Debate – Space News

No, Russia Did Not Just Kick the U.S. Out of the Space Station – The Planetary Society

Space policy roundup – May.20.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

Russian Commission Still Mystified by Cause of Proton Rocket Failure – Space Policy Online

Russia, China agree to create working group for space cooperation projects – Space Daily

Russian space agency to create equipment for monitoring space debris – Space Mart

Debris falling on Heilongjiang was rocket parts – Space Travel

Draft EA for Issuing an Experimental Permit to SpaceX for Operation of DragonFly Vehicle at McGregor Test Site – SpaceRef

Who Is Actually In Charge of the Space Station? – NASA Watch

House and Senate making progress on NASA, commercial space bills – Space Politics

Losing Access to RD-180 Engine Would Prove Costly, Pentagon Panel Warns – Space News

News from the 30th Space Symposium | U.S., Three Allies Sign Space Situational Awareness Accord – Space News

NASA Signs Agreement with Citizen Scientists Attempting to Communicate with Old Spacecraft – NASA

Space policy roundup – May.22.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

Aviation Law
The Catholic Church Proved the US Government Is Making Up Drone Rules On the Fly – Motherboard

German Airline Tax Likely to Survive Constitutional Challenge – Aviation Law Prof Blog

The FAA Suggests Drone Pilots Ignore Its Own Cease-And-Desist Orders – Motherboard

The Sensor Gap and Open Skies – Arms Control Wonk

Congress Thinks the FAA Is ‘Not Well Positioned’ to Regulate Drones – Motherboard

Geospatial Law
Government Policy on Cell Phone Interception Technology – Schneier on Security

George Clooney’s Satellite Sentinel Project for Human Rights Enters New Phase –

New White House Report on Big Data – TAP

The worst net neutrality violations in history – The Daily Dot

Net Neutrality 2014: The Regulators Strike Back – CommLawBlog

Lavabit’s Owner Goes Public: His Legal Ordeal Makes For Bad Law – Just Security

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #20: An Interview with Shane Harris – Lawfare