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Disasters Charter: Flood in Sudan

The Disasters Charter was activated for a Flood in Sudan:

Flood in Sudan

Type of Event: Flood
Location of Event: Sudan
Date of Charter Activation: 05 August 2014
Charter Requestor: UNITAR/UNOSAT on behalf of UNOCHA
Project Management: China Center for Resources Satellite Data and Application (CRESDA)

Description of the Event
Several weeks of heavy rain have caused floods in Sudan which have left approximately 39 people dead and 6000 homeless.

Sudan’s rain season began in July and since then the floods have affected eight of Sudan’s eighteen states, particularly the River Nile and North Kordofan states, where much of the damage has taken place. It has been estimated that 3000 homes were destroyed by the flooding and a further 2000 damaged.

The capital city, Khartoum, has also been affected, and hundreds of people are currently left homeless in the city. Residents have stated dissatisfaction with the nation’s sewage network, which is ill-equipped to channel flood waters out of areas of habitation. The result is lingering flood waters which are a breeding ground for disease.
Volunteers in affected areas have attempted to keep back the flood waters with improvised barriers, but there are concerns over the long-term impact of the flooding, and over the risk of more rain to come in the following weeks.