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DoD and SDA sign Space Situational Awareness Agreement

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Source – Space Newsfeed:

Space Data Association and US DoD sign space situational awareness agreement
(8 August 2014) The United States Department of Defense (US DoD) has signed an agreement with the Space Data Association (SDA) to participate in the DoD’s Space Situational Awareness Data Sharing Program, the first such agreement with a non-satellite operator.

The United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) is responsible for administering the SSA Data Sharing Program, which is intended to increase the safety, security, and sustainability of the space domain by enhancing space situational awareness through a series of basic and advanced services including anomaly resolution, collision avoidance, conjunction assessment, end of life disposal, deorbit and re-entry planning support, launch support, and EMI investigation. Under the agreement, the U.S. DoD and SDA will now be able to formally collaborate on matters concerning space situational awareness, including mitigation of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI). . . . [Full Story]