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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
David C. DeFrieze, Defining and Regulating the Weaponization of Space, JFQ 74

Roscosmos suggests starting the creation of moon base elements and exploration robots – ITAR-TASS

Mining the Moon? Space Property Rights Still Unclear, Experts Say – Yahoo News

Japan's Military Will Patrol Earth's Orbit – Mina

SpaceX Gets its Incentives for Texas Spaceport and Launches AsiaSat 8 – NASA Watch

Bolden Doubts NASA Authorization Bill This Year – Space News

Baikonur Cosmodrome Could Stop Receiving Financing in 2016 – Space Daily

NASA Experts, Russia Sign Radiation Safety Protocol Despite Sanctions – Space Mart

Japan's Military to Track Space Junk By 2019: Report –

UK CAA releases report on regulation of suborbital flights – Flight Laws

Notwithstanding Sanctions, ULA Standing By for RD-180 Deliveries through 2017 – Space News

Space Could Be the Next Battlefield for China and Japan – Motherboard

NRO Disputes Major Finding of Congressional Report – Space News

UK to Launch Commercial Spaceport by 2018 –

As Texas celebrates winning SpaceX spaceport, Florida regroups – Space Polictics

Spaceports – A Growth Industry – NASA Watch

Russian Sanctions Against US and EU Steer Clear of Space Cooperation – Space Policy Online

Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee; Open Meeting 16-17 Sep 2014 – SpaceRef

Texas Offers SpaceX $15 Million in Incentives to Build Private Spaceport –

US looks to Japan space program to close Pacific communications gap – Space War

Coming Soon: Online Public File Obligations for Cable, Satellite . . . AND Radio? – CommLaw Blog

Dismissed SpaceX Employees Sue over Lack of Warning – Space News

SDA, U.S. Strategic Command Sign Cooperative Accord – Space News

SpaceX Faces Class Action Suit Over Layoffs – NASA Watch

Aviation Law
Proposal would limit drone usage in Phoenix – AZ Central

FAA Confirms Barter May Be Used For Aircraft Rental And Expense – AViation Law Discussions

2014 Internet Law Casebook and Syllabus Now Available – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Analyst calls for UK politicians to declare airport support – Learmount

California Changes the Test of Significance for Traffic Impacts Under CEQA – Aviation & Airport Development Law Blog

Russian Bombers Regularly Violating U.S. Airspace – ANN

Ethics Committee Goes After Monica Ribbeck Kelly for "Frivolous" MH370 Filing – Aviation Law Monitor

Geospatial Law
The UN Committee of Experts draft a new Geodetic resolution – GeoConnexion

Myth Busting?: NSA Mass Foreign Surveillance Over 30 Years Ago – Just Security

Obama Contradicts FCC Chief on Fast Lanes, Net Neutrality Backers Say – Motherboard

Hardware “Security” and a DMCA Takedown Notice – Hack-a-Day

The Russia-Ukraine Internet Censorship War Rages On – Vice

No, Twitter will not topple a crazy North Korean dictator – Salon

The US Intelligence Community has a Third Leaker – Schneier on Security

Dan Geer Cybersecurity Keynote at Black Hat – Lawfare

COPPA’s “Safe Harbor” Grows with FTC’s Approval of iKeepSafe’s Self-Regulating Framework – Privacy and Security Law Blog


What Kind of Internet Do We Want To Leave for our Children? – DipNote

Australian Proposal Would Require Suspicionless Domestic Spying by ISPs – EFF

Malware Traffic Spikes Preceded Russian and Israeli Conflicts – MIT Technology Review