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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Statement of Lamar Smith Hearing on Pathways to Exploration – SpaceRef

House Lawmakers Agree on Little, but Concur NASA Needs Change To Get to Mars – Space News

ULA and SpaceX trade jabs – Space Politics

SpaceX Seeks To Amend Lawsuit Against Air Force Based on McCain Letter – Space Policy Online

Human space flight: still problematic – Doctor Linda

An contract extension from NASA for SpaceX and Sierra Nevada – Behind the Black

Questions about RD-180 Price Provide New Ammo for SpaceX – Space News

SpaceX Vs ULA Spat Heats Up – NASA Watch

Louis Friedman and Thomas D. Jones, NRC’s “Pathway to Exploration” should start with the Asteroid Redirect Mission, The Space Review

Ajey Lele, India and the satellite launch market, The Space Review

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation Comments on Interim Category XV Rule – CSF

Space Law Boom – -BisNow

CSF continues to press for human spaceflight export rule changes – Space Politics

Aviation Law
That Toy Is Now a Drone, Says the FAA – IEEE Spectrum

Delivery Drones Might Never Get Government Approval – Motherboard

Recommendations And Report Of The Stimson Task Force On US Drone Policy – Stimson Center

FAA Releases Interpretation of Rules for Model Aircraft – Aviation Law Prof Blog

FAA Weighs in on the Regulation of "Model Aircraft" – Aviation and Development Law Blog

FAA releases interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft – Flight Laws

Geospatial Law
How to remove imagery from Street View – Google Earth Blog

The Supreme Court Considers Google Street View – Madisonian

Will the U.S. Government Regulate Navigation Apps? – Directions Magazine

Google must now face lawsuit over Street View privacy invasion – Salon

The US Is Losing Its Grip on the Names and Numbers of the Internet – Motherboard

Why the Supreme Court May Finally Protect Your Privacy in the Cloud – Threat Level

Huge Privacy Win: Warrants Now Required for Searching Arrestees’ Mobile Phones – Tech Freedom

UK Police Aren't Doing Enough to Keep Personal Data Secure – Motherboard

How copyright law blocks cheap Internet TV: In Plain English – SCOTUS Blog

A “view” from the Court: Some morning Joe before Digital Day – SCOTUS Blog

Get a warrant! Today’s cellphone privacy decision in Plain English – SCOTUS Blog

The Push to Revise Europe's Data Protection Agenda – Motherboard

Symposium: In Riley v. California, a unanimous Supreme Court sets out Fourth Amendment for digital age – SCOTUS Blog

VIRTUAL CURRENCIES: Emerging Regulatory, Law Enforcement, and Consumer Protection Challenges. GAO-14-496

SCOTUS Rules That Cellphone Searches Require Warrants – IEEE Spectrum

Impact of the Aereo Supreme Court Decision on Broadcasters, Cloud Content Storage – TeleFrieden

Symposium: Inaugurating the digital Fourth Amendment – SCOTUS Blog

Can a State Withhold Water From the NSA? California Is About to Find Out – Motherboard

Does the U.S. Supreme Court's Decision on the 4th Amendment and Cell Phones Signal Future Changes to the Third Party Doctrine? – TAP

The Supreme Court's Aereo Decision: What It Says, What It Means – CommLawBlog

The Supreme Court’s Riley Decision Won’t Change Much In The Field (Guest Blog Post) – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Aereo and the Spirit of Technology Neutrality – Consurring Opinions


Episode 23: Jillian York – UN Dispatch

What The Court Didn’t Say in Riley May be the Most Important Thing of All – Lawfare


Netflix Could Be Classified As a 'Cybersecurity Threat' Under New CISPA Rules – Motherboard

Is the Supreme Court’s Aereo Decision a Setback for Cloud Innovation? – Information Law Group

Supreme Court Sends Stupid Software Patent Back To Federal Circuit, Again – EFF

Uh oh, Aereo – Public Knowledge

The FCC and Net Neutrality: A Way Forward – EFF

EFF Sues NSA, Director of National Intelligence for Zero Day Disclosure Process – EFF

A Zombie Bill Comes Back to Life: A Look at The Senate's Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014 – EFF

FTC Releases 2014 Privacy and Data Security Update, Touting Its Efforts and Achievements in Protecting Consumer Privacy – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Guest Post: Riley v. California — An Important Step Forward, but How Far Forward? – Just Security

Steptoe CyberLaw Podcast, Episode #26: An Interview with Dmitri Alperovich – Lawfare

How Traffic Shaping Can Help the NSA Evade Legal Oversight – Schneier on Security