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ISPL: Space Law and Policy Course for Students

Source – ISPL:


ISPL is pleased to announce its first space law and policy course for students, to take place Saturday, 25 October 2014 in London. Our courses and seminars have enjoyed strong interest and enrolment from university students at all levels. In response, we will offer a one-day intensive series of lectures solely for students with an interest in these areas. The course will be held on Saturday to enable students to avoid missing their regular lectures and seminars.

No previous knowledge of space law or policy is required. Students in any discipline are welcome, including law, engineering and technology, government, business and commercial studies. They will receive a solid briefing in the sources of space law, an introduction to aspects of policy, and a wide range of other related material. There is no examination during the course, but there will be ample time for discussion and questions.

ISPL space policy and law courses are normally intended for high-level practitioners and civil servants. This is an excellent opportunity for those just entering their careers to learn about the current law as it applies to the increasing range of activities in space, and about the policies that underlies the legal regime.