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Event: International Meeting on Space-Open Debate August 12-13, 2014 San Antonio, USA

International Meeting on Space-Open Debate, August 12-13, 2014 San Antonio, USA:

OMICS Publishing Group, the world leader for contributing its prominent scientific services by organizing more than 100 International Conferences across the world and managing 350 peer-reviewed open access journals in science, health, and technology. Furthermore, OMICS Group has been associated with hundred more International scientific and technological societies and associations. The potential supports from these International societies harness strong network and development with the scientific core. OMICS Group Meetings host presentations from eminent experts in all the relevant fields.

OMICS Group Conferences is organizing an International Meeting on Space-Open Debate (Space Meeting-2014), which is to be held during August 12-13, 2014 in San Antonio, USA.

Contained within space are both known and as yet still unknown particles; space being boundless within 4-dimensions know as space-time continuum in which objects and events have relative positions and directions to one another. The main aims and objectives of space meeting are to consider, to ponder and to debate on your favorite space related theories, space missions as well as other issues (eg space food) – making this the ultimate space debate.

Space Meeting-2014 will bring together astrobiologists, astrophysicists, astrochemists, cosmologists, aerospace scientists and other interested parties in pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the Universe under one roof.

In this endeavor, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend this International Meeting on Space-Open Debate as an active participant either as a speaker and/or as a delegate providing valuable input.