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Library: Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
NASA is changing the way it does business, new GC says – Washington Post

Russia, European Space Agency to cooperate on Mars Moon mission – ITAR-TASS

MilSatMag (June 2014)

Competition, Contracts and Commercial Spaceflight – Space News

How NASA’s Human Spaceflight Policies Were Picked | Video –

Making MTCR effective – Daily Times

What will be the significance of the NRC’s human spaceflight report? – Space Politics

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Wants $17.9 Billion for NASA in FY2015 – Space Policy Online

Senate Spending Bill Includes $17.9 Billion for NASA – Space News

A Growth Industry in Space – Space Mart

Lockheed Martin Selected To Provide U.S. Air Force With Space Fence Radar To Safeguard Space Resources – SpaceRef

Senate appropriations for NASA closely tracks the House – Space Politics

Clay Mowry, Tuesday, 6-3-14 – The Space Show

NASA Is Not Interested in Space Florida’s Shiloh Spaceport – NASA Watch

Satellites improving lives in rural Africa – Seed Daily

Sen. Shelby tries to cripple NASA commercial crew and cargo programs – Space-for-All

Commercial Orbital Transportation Services Final Report Released By NASA – Red Orbit

NRC Endorses Return to Lunar Surface, Cooperation with China, No More Business As Usual – Space Policy Online

Key Congressional Space Leaders Applaud NRC Human Spaceflight Report – Space Policy Online

NASA and Congress like the NRC report, for very different reasons – Space Politics

NRC Says NASA Is On The Wrong Path to Mars – NASA Watch

ESA Chief Says Ties with Roscosmos Remain Strong – Space News

The New ‘Space Fence’ Will Protect Satellites from Earth’s Halo of Garbage – Motherboard

Putting Humans on Mars Is 'Risk Management' for Our Species, SpaceX President Says – Space News

U.S. Air Force To Close Satellite Processing Facilities at Launch Sites – Space News

Space Florida Legislative Session Outcomes – SpaceRef

NOAA's Satellites Have Mixed Fate in Senate Appropriations Bill – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

Senate Appropriators Increase NASA Budget – NASA Watch

Smith Statement on National Academies' Human Spaceflight Report – SpaceRef

Science Democrats Comment on National Academies’ Human Space Exploration Report – SpaceRef

Senate Appropriators Increase NASA Budget, Save SOFIA, Transfer Two Programs from NOAA to NASA – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

Space Fence Contract Awarded – SpaceRef

Italian-French space cooperation – ASI

Aviation Law
FAA approves first commercial drone over land – USA Today

Tired of waiting for a green light, U.S. drone users put FAA warnings to the wind – WXYZ

Regulating Aviation Emissions Under the Clean Air Act – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Google Internet balloon crashes, causes power outage in rural town – Daily Dot

Commercial vs. Recreational Drones: Are Existing Regulations Backwards? – Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog

Senate Appropriations Committee Passes Bill With GA Impacts – ANN

Geospatial Law
Tish Long Leaving NGA; DNI’s Robert Cardillo Will Be New Director – Breaking Defense

The OGC seeks comment on Unified Geo-Data Reference Model for Law Enforcement and Public Safety (LEAPS) Services – Directions Magazine

Russia Turns off Data from IGS GPS Tracking Stations – Space News

GPS sites in Russia can’t be used now for ‘military purposes’ – GPS Daily

Free Copernicus Data Will Impose Change on Commercial Earth Observation Firms – Space News

The Justice Mapping Center: Changing the Conversation about the Criminal Justice System – Directions Magazine

The GameOver Zeus/CryptoLocker Indictment – Lawfare

Net Neutrality Explained – Lawfare

The Internet and Violence on Campus – PrawfsBlawg

Letter Warns Senate of Adverse Implications in DOTCOM Act – Public Knowledge

Latest District Court Ruling on NSA Surveillance – Lawfare

The Human Side of Heartbleed – Schneier on Security

Update: Effective Date of New AWS-3 Rules Set – CommLawBlog

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #22: An Interview with Ron Deibert – Lawfare

Police Officers Aren’t Liable For Investigating Cyberstalking and Revenge Porn–Keaton v. Hannum – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Post-Snowden, Silicon Valley Execs Give U.S. Cyberpolicy a D-minus – IEEE Spectrum

Listening to Yogi on Interconnection and Net Neutrality – TAP

How Google Could Disrupt Global Internet Delivery by Satellite – MIT Tech Review

Only 4 Weeks Until Canada’s New Anti-Spam Rules Come into Force – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Is Edward Snowden Trying to Start a Revolution Nobody Wants? – Motherboard

FRINFORMSUM 6/5/2014: Federal Judge Rules NSA Bulk Data Collection Legal –For Now, NSA Harvesting Millions of Images from the Web for its Global Facial Recognition Programs, and Much More. – Unredacted

Verizon just dished Netflix a cease and desist letter, because of a loading screen – Salon

Canada's ISPs Are Finally Revealing How Often the Government Requests User Data – Motherboard