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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
RD-180 report recommends development of domestic replacement engine – Space Politics

SpaceX Goes From Suing Air Force To Potentially Launching Its Satellites – Red Orbit

Space policy roundup – May.23.14 – Space-for-All

Russian space agency set to resume Glonass talks with US – GPS Daily

Russia working out national manned spaceflight strategy unrelated to ISS – Space Daily

Halting Russian rocket engine deliveries may cost US $5 billion – Space Travel

US Senate panel budgets $100 mn for non-Russian rocket – Space Travel

Another Shoe Drops in SpaceX-Air Force/ULA Dispute – Space Policy Online

News from the 30th Space Symposium | U.S. Spy Master Gives “Shout Out” to SpaceX – Space News

Italy’s New Space Chief Seeks To Close the Chapter on Corruption – Space News

Russia develops manned space program to replace ISS – Space Daily

Space policy roundup – May.26.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

Arabsat locates source of jamming – Space News Feed

Hill Staffers: Commercial Space Launch Bill Is Coming This Year – Space News

Senate Authorizers Approve $20 Million for ORS Office – Space News

New Fact Sheet Tracks NOAA’s FY2015 Budget Request for Satellites – Space Policy Online

NASA Request for Information: Lease and Development of Kennedy Space Center Land Assets – SpaceRef

Timothy G. Nelson, Regulating the void: In-orbit collisions and space debris, The Space Review

Russia-Ukraine space program proceeding as planned – Space Daily

Space policy roundup – May.28.14 – Space-for-All

Space Resilience, Deterrence, Fast Ships and Harm’s Way – Space News

Letter | Forced ISS Cooperation: A Feature, Not a Bug – Space News

SWF Releases an Updated Version of Space Sustainability – A Practical Guide – SWF

Virgin Galactic Signs FAA Deal to Clear Airspace for Suborbital Flights –

Google-backed Global Broadband Venture Secures Spectrum for Satellite Network – Space News

National Security Space: Then.Now.Tomorrow – Space War

Earthly Conflicts Threaten US-Russia Space Cooperation – Space War

House Passes FY2015 CJS Appropriations Bill Funding NASA and NOAA – Space Policy Online

Success! Private Group Makes Contact with 36-Year-Old NASA Spacecraft –

NASA budget debate shifts to the Senate – Space Politics

UK Takes Aim at Commercial Spaceflight, Spaceport Possible by 2018 –

Space Policy and History Forum #12, June 23, 2014 – Roger Launius’s Blog

Intersputnik Negotiating Joint Ventures for Unused Orbital Slots – Space News

Aviation Law
European Commission releases report on complaint handling and enforcement of the Air Passenger Rights Regulations – Flight Laws

Real-time flight tracking possible, not expensive: Airbus official – Space Mart

ICT and aviation experts for real-time monitoring of flight data – ITU

EU Commission releases report on the implementation of the Airport-Charges-Directive – Flight Laws

Are Filmmakers Using Drones Illegally? Looks Like It – Directions Magazine

TRUSTED TRAVELERS: Programs Provide Benefits, but Enrollment Processes Could Be Strengthened. GAO-14-48.

TSA Hypocrisy Underscored by Boston Arrests – Ask the Pilot

Air travel’s dangerous gamble: The growing perils of airline deregulation – Salon

Geospatial Law
Geospatial Data Licensing for Non-lawyers (Webinar) – Spatial Law and Policy

John Carlin’s Speech at Brookings on “Defending Our Nation by Prosecuting State-Sponsored Cyber Theft” – Lawfare

Thune Calls on Congress to Permanently Stop Taxes on Internet Access – USSCCST

Assessing Cybersecurity Regulations – White House Blog

PK In The Know: Net Neutrality Continues – Public Knowledge

SciCast, Crowdsourcing Science and Technology Forecasting For Policy – Commmons Lab

Open Wi-Fi Is Not a CopyCrime: EFF’s Primer on Open Wi-Fi and Copyright – EFF

China’s ban on US management consultants and Windows 8: WTO compliant? – Chinese Law Prof Blog

Say What You Do and Do What You Say: Guidance for Privacy Policies, and for Life – Information Law Group

The Société française pour le droit international, Internet et le droit international : Colloque de Rouen de la Société française pour le droit international (Pedone 2014)

Cambodia’s Draft Law Turns Free Speech into Cybercrime – EFF

Facebook Post Isn’t Good Reason To Remove Attorney From Probate Court Case Assignment List – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Technology in the Courts – The Faculty Lounge


Edward J. Snowden email inquiry to the NSA Office of General Counsel – IC on the Record

Snowden Correspondence with NSA OGC [UPDATED] – Lawfare

NSA Releases Snowden Email, Says He Raised No Concerns About Spying – Threat Level

Building on the Community Broadband Momentum – NTIA

Unnecessary and Disproportionate: How the NSA Violates International Human Rights Standards – EFF

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #21: An Interview with Peter Schaar – Lawfare

EFF to Court: There’s No Doubt the Government Destroyed NSA Spying Evidence – EFF

INFORMATION SECURITY: Agencies Need to Improve Cyber Incident Response Practices. GAO-14-354.

Thoughts on Edward Snowden’s Interview – Lawfare

European Union’s Highest Court Rules Google Must Remove Links Containing Personal Data – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Brazil Enacts “Internet Bill of Rights,” Including Net Neutrality and Privacy Protections – Privacy and Security Law Blog

FTC Report on Data Brokers: An Analysis of the Call for Stronger Controls and Legislation – Information Law Group

Net Neutrality May Be Harder to Achieve than We Thought – TAP

Want To Scrub Google Search Results In The US? Tough–O’Kroley v. Fastcase – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The right to be forgotten and the global reach of EU data protection law – Concurring Opinions

New Technologies Once Again Blurring the Lines of Copyright Law – CommLawBlog