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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Near-Earth Objects: Responding to the International Challenge – Secure World Foundation

OAU Wins Regional Manfred Lach Moot Court Competition – Daily Times

Copyright in Space is Truly a ‘Space Oddity’ – Intellectual Property Brief

US, UK, Australia and Canada Announce Combined Space Ops – Defense News

Alumnus Spotlight: San Jac alum ventures into space law – Houston Chronicle

U.S. Department of Defense—Air Force Undersecretary’s Comments @ 30th Space Symposium (Evenbt) – SatNews

Shelton Would Prefer New U.S. Main Engine over Domestic RD-180 Variant – Space News

News from the 30th Space Symposium | Responding to Critics, ULA Discloses Pricing Information – Space News

News from the 30th Space Symposium | New Rules for Imaging Tech Exports Tied to Related Policy Debate – Space News

No, Russia Did Not Just Kick the U.S. Out of the Space Station – The Planetary Society

Space policy roundup – May.20.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

Russian Commission Still Mystified by Cause of Proton Rocket Failure – Space Policy Online

Russia, China agree to create working group for space cooperation projects – Space Daily

Russian space agency to create equipment for monitoring space debris – Space Mart

Debris falling on Heilongjiang was rocket parts – Space Travel

Draft EA for Issuing an Experimental Permit to SpaceX for Operation of DragonFly Vehicle at McGregor Test Site – SpaceRef

Who Is Actually In Charge of the Space Station? – NASA Watch

House and Senate making progress on NASA, commercial space bills – Space Politics

Losing Access to RD-180 Engine Would Prove Costly, Pentagon Panel Warns – Space News

News from the 30th Space Symposium | U.S., Three Allies Sign Space Situational Awareness Accord – Space News

NASA Signs Agreement with Citizen Scientists Attempting to Communicate with Old Spacecraft – NASA

Space policy roundup – May.22.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

Aviation Law
The Catholic Church Proved the US Government Is Making Up Drone Rules On the Fly – Motherboard

German Airline Tax Likely to Survive Constitutional Challenge – Aviation Law Prof Blog

The FAA Suggests Drone Pilots Ignore Its Own Cease-And-Desist Orders – Motherboard

The Sensor Gap and Open Skies – Arms Control Wonk

Congress Thinks the FAA Is ‘Not Well Positioned’ to Regulate Drones – Motherboard

Geospatial Law
Government Policy on Cell Phone Interception Technology – Schneier on Security

George Clooney’s Satellite Sentinel Project for Human Rights Enters New Phase –

New White House Report on Big Data – TAP

The worst net neutrality violations in history – The Daily Dot

Net Neutrality 2014: The Regulators Strike Back – CommLawBlog

Lavabit’s Owner Goes Public: His Legal Ordeal Makes For Bad Law – Just Security

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #20: An Interview with Shane Harris – Lawfare