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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Laura Montgomery, Manx Prize

Space Subcommittee hearing – Space Traffic Management: How to Prevent a Real Life “Gravity” (Written & oral testimonies)

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)—Space Junk Dangers Elucidated @ Committee Hearing (Government) – Satnews

Clean Up Space Junk or Risk Real-Life ‘Gravity’ Disaster, Lawmakers Say –

Russia Set to Boost Space Cooperation With India, China – Space Daily

US can lose Russian market if bans rocket, space component supplies to Russia – Space Daily

A proposed House bill would forbid use of Russian rocket engines in launching any American military payloads. – Behind the Black

SpaceX Sues Air Force to Launch GPS Satellites – DoD Buzz

United Launch Alliance (ULA) Statement in Response to SpaceX Lawsuit – SpaceRef

OIG Cites Budget Issues With NASA’s Space Network – NASA Watch

Air & Space Power Journal (May/June 2014)

U.S. Department of Commerce and Department of State + Satellite Industry Association (SIA)—Satellite Export Controls Now Fundamentally Changed (Government—Policies) – Satnews

Russia In A Snit With U.S.—No RD-180 Rocket Engines, No GPS + No ISS—Where Are The U.S. Backup Plans? Past Warnings Ignored? (Governments—Policies) – Satnews

China aids in cutting down space debris – China Daily

Rogozin Warns Sanctions Could Boomerang, Suggests Trampoline for Sending Astronauts to ISS – Space Policy Online

$17.9 billion NASA Budget Proposed by House CJS Appropriators – Space News

House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Approves Bipartisan NASA Authorization Act – SpaceRef

House Appropriators Propose Substantial Increase for NASA, Including Europa – Space Policy Online

SpaceX court filings offer new details on EELV protest – Space Politics

House Science Committee swiftly approves new NASA authorization – Space Politics

Space policy roundup – April.29.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

House SS&T Committee Clears 2014 NASA Authorization Bill – Space Policy Online

NASA Authorization Act Moves Ahead – NASA Watch

Secure World Foundation Newsletter – March/April

House appropriations subcommittee approves NASA funding bill, with hints about other provisions – Space Politics

China ‘resolutely opposes’ U.S. sanctions on missile parts supplier – Missile Threat

ULA Responds To SpaceX Complaint: Defends Its Government Contract – Red Orbit

NASA FY2014 Operating Plan Shows Full Support for SOFIA – Space Policy Online

NASA Selects Partners for U.S. Commercial Lander Capabilities – NASA

Commercial Spaceflight Federation Statement on House Appropriations Committee FY15 NASA Budget – CSF

California-based private space companies to avoid property taxes – Space Daily

NASA operating plan makes final adjustments for fiscal year 2014 – Space Politics

House CJS Subcommittee Adopts FY2015 Bill, Wolf Suggests NASA Coverup on Security – Space Policy Online

Preliminary injunction blocks purchases of RD-180 engines (updated) – Space Politics

SpaceX Gets Injunction Against Russian Rocket Engines – SpaceRef

SpaceX Will Be Allowed to Compete for Military Contracts – Motherboard

ULA statement from Kevin G. MacCary, United Launch Alliance General Counsel, in response to Preliminary Injunction Related to National Security – SpaceRef

House panel includes protection for ICBMs – Missile Threat

ULA Responds Sharply to SpaceX Lawsuit, Court’s Action – Space Policy Online

Court Bars US Launch Provider from Buying Russian-built Rocket Engines –

Space policy roundup – May.1.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

Senate Appropriations chairwoman “deeply troubled” by proposed NASA budget – Space Politics

OIG Thinks NASA Has Too Much On Its Plate – NASA Watch

Two Indonesian Satellites Call Dibs on the Same Orbital Slot – Space News

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister on Twitter: US Can Use Trampolines to Reach Space –

MilsatMag (May 2014)

Russian Rocket Engine Ban on US Military Launches Could Affect NASA Spaceflight –

Air Force Searches for Alternatives to Russian Rocket Engines – The Wall Street Journal

First Competitive EELV Round Looks like a Two-horse Race – Space News

Russian Space Program Gets $52Bln Boost – The Moscow Times

Excessive regulations turning scientists into bureaucrats – Space Ref

Russia-US Space Launches Unaffected by Sanctions – Space Daily

Elon Musk halts deal between USAF and Russian rocket-makers – Space Daily

Images suggest N. Korea testing ICBM engine: US think-tank – Space War

Lowered Expectations at the NEW Canadian Space Agency – The Commercial Space Blog

$17.9 Billion NASA Budget Approved by House Appropriations Panel – Space News

Britain to plough billions into the space industry – Space Travel

US sanctions against Russia’s space industry affect Europeans – Space Daily

Agreement Formalizes French, U.S. Roles on Ocean-mapping Satellite Mission – Space News

SpaceX Says ULA Must Prove RD-180 Money Doesn’t Go to Rogozin – Space News

A war of words in EELV court filings (updated) – Space Politics

More House Committee Action on DOD Authorization, NASA/NOAA Appropriations This Week – Space Policy Online

SpaceX’s lawsuit against US Air Force sparks developments – Flight Laws

Michael Listner, Monday, 5-5-14 – The Space Show

Government files motion to lift RD-180 injunction – Space Politics

Roscosmos chief to inspect Crimea’s space infrastructure – Space Daily

House Appropriators Propose Small Cut to FAA’s Commercial Space Office – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

U.S. Government Files for Dissolution of Injunction Against Payments to Russia – Space Policy Online

Armed Services Committee to take up authorization bill with RD-180 and other provisions – Space Politics

Space Debris Is A Hot Topic In D.C. This Week – NASA Watch

CJS report offers more details on proposed NASA spending – Space Politics

NASA: Actions Needed to Improve Transparency and Assess Long-Term Affordability of Human Exploration Programs. GAO-14-385

Preliminary injunction against ULA dissolved – Flight Laws

Industry warns of dangers of cutting FAA commercial space budget – Space Politics

Injunction Barring Russian Engine Payments Lifted – NASA Watch

Federal Judge Lifts Ban On Russian Rocket Engine Purchases, US Air Force-ULA ‘Block-Buy’ Contract Resumes – Red Orbit

Clean Up Space Junk or Risk Real-Life ‘Gravity’ Disaster, Lawmakers Say –

Subcommittee Discusses Space Traffic Management – SpaceRef

Message from the Administrator NASA’s Export Control Program – SpaceRef

EchoStar Warns ViaSat-SSL Patent Dispute Could Impact Echostar 19 – Space News

Budget Shortfall Means Paperwork Logjam at FAA Commercial Space Office – Space News

Preparing for the Manfred Lachs Global Space Governance Conference – Commercial Space Blog

No Real-World Solutions Met During Special Meeting On Space Debris – Red Orbit News

SpaceX Challenge to ULA Block Buy Could Hinge on Questions of Timing –

China to deter unauthorized use of radio frequency – Space Daily

Canada revisiting ballistic missile defense: official – Space War

UN-Space, Inter-Agency Meeting on Outer Space Activities, opens in New York – SpaceRef

Category XV ITAR Update for Satellites and Related Components Improves National Security and Economy – Commercial Space Flight Federation

Deciding whether, and how, to reproduce or replace the RD-180 – Space Politics

AIA Supports Lifting of Export Restrictions on U.S. Space Systems – SpaceRef

Revisions to Satellite Export Regulations Released – Space Policy Online

NASA, ULA Respond to Rogozin Remarks – Space Policy Online

Space junk problem discussed – Space Daily

Aviation Law
TSA To Pay For Challenging Breast Milk At Security Checkpoint – ANN

COMMERCIAL AVIATION: Status of Air Service to Small Communities and the Federal Programs Involved. GAO-14-454T

ADVANCED IMAGING TECHNOLOGY: TSA Needs Additional Information before Procuring Next-Generation Systems. GAO-14-357

Thune TSA Oversight Hearing Statement – USSCCST

How the FAA Grounds Freedom of Information Requests About Drones – Motherboard

Rockefeller: Congress Needs to Fund TSA so Agency can Fulfill Critical Mission Across Transportation Systems – USSCCST

Speedier Commercial Drone-Flight Permits Possible by FAA – Bloomberg

Airlines, regulators agree to track flights globally – USA Today

Open Skies – Arms Control Wonk

Aviation safety: Statistics and developments – Flight Laws

The US Government Is Trying to Fine a Drone Hobbyist for the First Time Ever – Motherboard

The FAA Now Says Flying a Drone in Most Major Cities Is Illegal – Motherboard

IATA, EASA Reach Agreement On Information Sharing – ANN

One-stop shop for safety authorization of TCOs in the EU – Flight Laws

US Airways Flight 735: Airline’s Obligation to Compensate Injured Passengers – Aviation Law Monitor

Drone Update: While FAA Continues to Swat at Drones, an Appeal of its Policy Takes Off – CommLawBlog

ALTERNATIVE JET FUELS: Federal Activities Support Development and Usage, but Long-term Commercial Viability Hinges on Market Factors. GAO-14-407

Drones and Newsgathering at the NTSB – Concurring Opinions

Air & Space Law (Vol. 39, no. 3, 2014):

  • Christopher K. Lamont, Conflict in the Skies: The Law of Air Defence Identification Zones
  • George N. Tompkins, Are the Objectives of the 1999 Montreal Convention in Danger of Failure?
  • Morten L. Jakobsen & Lotte Bay Gabelgaard, The Aircraft Engine Dispute in Denmark: First Judgment
  • Marco Bongarzoni, Summary Report of the Annual Conference of the European Air Law Association (EALA), Madrid 8 November 2013

The FAA Knew a Commercial Drone Pilot Broke No Laws, Fined Him $10K Anyway – Motherboard

Geospatial Law
Glonass Failure Caused by Faulty Software – GPS Daily

Legal Impact of Anonymisation Techniques and Geospatial Data – Spatial Law and Policy

Cops Must Swear Silence to Access Vehicle Tracking System – Threat Level

Geospatial Corporation (Formerly Geospatial Holdings, Inc.) Enters Into Settlement Agreement – Directions Magazine

White House Big Data and Privacy Report: Wake Up Call for Geospatial Community? – Spatial Law and Policy

House Appropriators Meet NOAA Request for Satellites, Block Climate Sensor Plans – Space News

Editorial | Intel Community Weighs In – Space News

Greece guaranteed access to Sentinel data – SpaceRef

Jeff Foust, Replacing the RD-180, The Space Review

President’s Council Report on Big Data and Privacy Points at Location Technologies – Directions Magazine

Fleur Johns, The Turn to Data Analytics and International Law, ESIL Reflections

White House defends right to keep cybersecurity vulnerabilities secret – The Daily Dot

Thoughts on White House Statement on Cyber Vulnerabilities – Lawfare

The FCC Changed Course on Network Neutrality. Here Is Why You Should Care. – TAP

Another Questionable IP Lawsuit Over a Derogatory Twitter Account – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

If John Kerry Thinks the Internet Is a Fundamental Right, He Should Tell the FCC – Motherboard

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #17: An Interview with Elana Broitman and Shawn Cooley – Lawfare

Will the FCC Create an Internet for the 1%? – Public Knowledge

White House Makes Reassuring Noises On 0-Day Policy – Just Security

A Major Win for the Open Internet – Dipnote

Defendant Gets Attorneys’ Fees For ‘Frivolous’ DMCA Copyright Management Information Claim – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Draft House Bill Recommends $220 Million Next Year for RD-180 Alternative – Space News

Anonymity Is Not Privacy (You’re Probably Getting That Wrong) – Motherboard

Fourth Amendment in the digital age: Supreme Court to decide if police can search cellphones without a warrant – Salon

FCC Chairman Reiterates Net Neutrality Proposal at Cable Show – Public Knowledge

The US Surveillance Court Hasn’t Turned Down an NSA Request This Decade – Motherboard

Five Economies That Could Actually Use Bitcoin – Motherboard

Net neutrality 2.0 – Babbage

Two words that explain why the FCC’s net neutrality plan won’t work: George Bush – Salon


Update: Effective Date Set for New Bulked-up Wi-Fi Rules – CommLawBlog

Closer to common ground on net neutrality – TechFreedom

Michael Bohlander, Blood Music on Darwin’s Radio-Musings on Social Network Data Transparency, Cyborg Technology, Science Fiction and the Future Perception of Human Rights, The Global Community (2013)

Oreste Pollicino, COMMENT AND ANALYSIS, Internet Law: The European and Constitutional Implications of the Google v. Vividown Saga, The Global Community (2013)

Robin Mansell, Global Media and Communication Policy: Turbulence and Reform, The Global Community (2013)

Government Plays Fast and Loose with Technology in Supreme Court Cell Phone Cases – EFF

Rockefeller Statement on White House Big Data Report – USCCST

Five Things Obama’s Big Data Experts Warned Him About – MIT Tech Review

Is the FCC’s revolving door closing on net neutrality’s neck? – The Daily Dot

The White House Big Data Report: The Good, The Bad, and The Missing – EFF

Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values – Commons Lab

In Our Google Searches, Researchers See a Post-Snowden Chilling Effect – Motherboard

At the Nexus of Cybersecurity and Public Policy: Some Basic Concepts and Issues – Lawfare

FTC Must Disclose Its Cybersecurity Standard – Lawfare

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #18: An Interview with Brian Krebs – Lawfare

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Agencies Need to Establish and Implement Incremental Development Policies. GAO-14-361

Magistrate’s Compliance: Searching Electronic Data Overseas – Just Security

Continued Progress and Plans for Open Government Data – White House Blog

The Wrong Way to Deal with the ICANN/IANA Transition – Lawfare

Michael Hayden: “We Kill People Based on Metadata” – Just Security

DOJ Seeks Broader Search Warrant Authority to Combat Botnets – Lawfare

Unintended and Intended Disinformation in Telecom Policy Discussions – TeleFrieden

EU: Google Has to Let You Be ‘Forgotten’ – Motherboard

New NSA Snowden Documents – Schneier on Security


Senate Republican Leaders to FCC: Leave Internet Open and Free – USSCCST

The Fight to Uncover Spyware Exports to Repressive Regimes – Motherboard

Collect It All!: Newly Released NSA Documents Reveal Omnivorous Appetite for our Private Data – Just Security

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #19: An Interview with Chris Painter – Lawfare