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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
SpaceX Formally Protests US Air Force’s Rocket Launch Block Buy Contracts –

SpaceX to Protest and Sue Over EELV Contract – NASA Watch

SpaceX files suit over EELV block buy contract – Space Politics

SpaceX sues US Air Force over satellite contracts – Space Travel

Space policy roundup – April.26.14 – Space-for-All

SpaceX successfully launched a reusable rocket, now hungry for more government contracts – Salon

SpaceX Could Save The Government Money By Launching Satellites – Red Orbit

Russia’s Hoping to Make Its GLONASS Positioning System a Competitor to GPS – Motherboard

U.S. Imposes New Russian Sanctions Including Restricting Export Licenses – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

BitCoins In Space One Step Closer – ANN

Roadmap to Mars – Space News

Adopting a New Viewpoint about Orbital Debris – Space News

Military Space Quarterly | GAO Says European Missile Shield Faces Operational, Budgeting Issues – Space News

MIchael Listner, Customary international law: A troublesome question for the Code of Conduct?, The Space Review

Space Conferences – Flight Laws

Space policy roundup – April.28.14 [Update] – Space-for-All

Military Space Quarterly | Despite Uncertain Future, ORS Office Has Missions To Work On – Space News

Canada’s Challenge: Launching Our Own Satellites – SpaceRef Canada

U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Move Closer to Affecting ISS – NASA Watch

Effort To Exempt Satellites from Russia Sanctions Complicated by Latest from U.S. State Dept. – Space News

International Space Station Partners Considering Additional One-year Missions – Space News

NASA Seeks Ideas For Private Sector Use of ISS, Future Commercial Space Facilities – Space Policy Online

ULA Responds to SpaceX EELV Lawsuit – NASA Watch

John Kerry: Internet access is a ‘fundamental’ human right– The Daily Dot

Science, aeronautics, explorations all receive increases in draft House NASA appropriations bill – Space Politics

Aviation Law
The Most Extreme State Drone Bill Yet Will Criminalize Aerial Photography – Motherboard

First FAA-Approved Drone Test Site Goes Live Next Week in North Dakota – IEEE Spectrum

Spatial Law and Policy Update (April 28, 2014) – Spatial Law and Policy

Satellites to prevent aircraft from disappearing – Flight Laws

Geospatial Law
Military Space Quarterly | NRO Director Looks To Boost Resiliency, Remove Stovepipes – Space News

Heads up, Verizon users! This might be the creepiest big data tactic yet – Salon

SCOTUS for law students (sponsored by Bloomberg Law): Searching cellphones – SCOTUS Blog

Weibo: We can’t censor our users enough to satisfy the Chinese government – Salon

ISPs must comply with search warrants for data stored overseas – Daily Dot

Governing a Distributed Network: Common Goods and Emergence – Lawfare


NETmundial, Borders in Cyberspace, and a Duty to Hack – Opinio Juris

Christopher Yoo Thinks Net Neutrality’s End Might Not Be So Bad – IEEE Spectrum

Aereo Can’t Be Bound by Secret Interpretations of Copyright Law – EFF

Heartbleed: Understanding When We Disclose Cyber Vulnerabilities – The White House Blog