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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Space superiority remains vital to national security – Space War

New NASA authorization bill makes only minor changes to last year’s version – Space Politics

Subcommittee quickly approves amended NASA authorization bill – Space Politics

Bolden Pressed on Domestic and Foreign Threats to Space in Appropriations Hearing – Space News

NASA’s ‘Friends’ In Congress Absolutely Hate the Asteroid Retrieval Mission – Motherboard

Congress Tells NASA to Explain Itself But Passes Laws to Prevent It – NASA Watch

Congress Presses NASA Chief on Domestic and Foreign Space Threats –

House Subcommittee Approves New Version of NASA Bill – No Prohibition on ARM – Space Policy Online

ESA to continue space cooperation with Russia unlike NASA – Space Daily

Senators Told Road to Mars Leads Through Russia, China – Space News

NASA-Russia Cooperation: What You Need To Know – Space Policy Online

CSA Releases Canada’s Space Policy Framework Promotional Video – SpaceRef Canada

Commercial Space Bill Would Bolster Utility of Experimental Permits – Space News

Satellite telecom vulnerable to hackers: researchers – Space Mart

BSNL, ISRO Spar over Satellite Bandwidth – Space News

Bolden and Holdren reaffirm support for asteroid mission as the next step to Mars – Space Politics

Space policy roundup – April.20.14 – Space-for-all


NASA Extends Contract with Va. Space Flight Authority – Space News

Anthony Young, The growth of public-private partnerships in commercial space ventures, The Space Review

Commerce Inspector General Warns of 10- to 16-month Weather Satellite Gap – Space News

WSJ editorial criticizes California tax break bill that benefits SpaceX – Space Politics

Proposed Houston Spaceport Lands Private Space Plane Partner –

Fact Sheet: The UN Group of Governmental Experts on Space TCBMs – Secure World Foundation

Space policy roundup – April.22.14 – Space-for-All

Bolden defends NASA’s exploration plans, but warns big budgets aren’t on the horizon – Space Politics

No Official Confirmation of NASA Severing Ties with Russian Space Agency – RIA Novosti

After Half a Century Space Advocacy/Policy Is Broken – NASA Watch

Bitcoin is heading to space – The Daily Dot

Space policy roundup – April.23.14 – Space-for-All

Russia to Keep Working With Astronauts From US, Europe, Japan – Space Daily

Russia to Boost Manpower on New Space Center Construction Site – Space Daily

No Official Confirmation of NASA Severing Ties with Russian Space Agency – Space Travel

Boeing Rebuffed in Latest Attempt To Collect on Sea Launch Losses – Space News

Arizona passes spaceflight liability bill – Space Politics

Aviation Law
John Augustin appointed Director, Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau, at ICAO – IASL McGill

Transport MEPs back deal on noise-related operating restrictions at EU airports – European Parliament

NASA Signs Agreement with German, Canadian Partners to Test Alternative Fuels – NASA

The Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Communication Services on Aircraft) (Exemption) Regulations 2014 – UK Parliament

Why Are Search-and-Rescue Drones Grounded? – IEEE Spectrum

FAA Pushes Back Against Advocates of Unregulated Drone Operations – Airport and Aviation Law Blog

North Korea’s drones: Made in China? – North Korea Tech

Flight Suits, Military Jargon At Center Of Georgia Lawsuit – ANN

Lawyer Warns Malaysian Airlines Families To Beware Of Compensation Scams – ANN

America’s First Commercial Drone Test Site Is Now Open for Business – Motherboard

An Internet-on-Airplanes Upgrade – CommLawBlog

Decision in Pirker Case Invokes Specter of Local Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog

Search-and-Rescue Group Sues FAA for Permission to Use Drones on Missions – Motherboard

Drone Even Go There: On Newsgathering, Drones and the FAA – CommLawBlog

U.S. Spy Flights Conducted Over Russia … With Their Consent – ANN

Lawsuit Alleges FBI Uses No Fly List To Coerce Muslims Into Becoming Spies – Gothamist

Issues in Aviation Law and Policy, v. 13 (2014):

Bruce L. Ottley, Airline Immunity for Reporting Suspicious Activities Under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act: Air Wisconsin Corp. v. Hoeper
Gregory O. Principato, Trouble on the Tarmac: Redirecting U.S. Aviation Policy to Promote Economic Growth
Vincent Correia, Air Passengers’ Rights, “Extraordinary Circumstances,” and General Principles of EU Law: Some Comments After the McDonagh Case
Wouter Oude Alink, The Regulation of Registered Traveler Programs
Mark Ells, Unmanned State Aircraft and the Exercise of Due Regard
Gabriel D. Kaim & Nicholas A. Morrow, Examining the Standard of Care for Failure to Divert During In-Flight Emergencies
Eric Johnson, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: The Illusory “Option” of Montreal Convention Article 33(1) in West Caribbean Airways
Moses George, The User Development Fee (UDF) in Indian Airports – Legal and Regulatory Issues

Geospatial Law
U.S. Intelligence Community Endorses Company’s Bid To Sell Sharper Imagery – Space News

30 Years of Satellite Data Prove Wildfires Are Getting Bigger, More Frequent – Motherboard

Police working on a “live Google Earth” to monitor small areas – Google Earth Blog

Cryptography Could Add Privacy Protections to NSA Phone Surveillance – MIT Technology Review

Heartbleed – Schneier on Security

Bits and Bytes — Open SSL Bug – Lawfare

The Feds Cut a Deal With In-Flight Wi-Fi Providers, and Privacy Groups Are Worried – Threat Level

European Court says Data Retention Directive is Invalid – Just Security





EU High Court Overturns Telecom Data Retention Requirements – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #14: An Interview with Benjamin Wittes – Lawfare

Yale Symposium: Unpacking NSA’s Global Problem – Lawfare


Mass aggregation and analysis of data: Debate, discussion, desiderata – Homeland Security Watch

Has the NSA Been Using the Heartbleed Bug as an Internet Peephole? – Threat Level

About (A Lot More Than) Metadata – Lawfare

Heartsick about Heartbleed – Freedom to Tinker

On the Data Retention Directive Case – Lawfare

Here’s Why the Comcast-Time Warner Merger is Bad – MIT Technology Review

Heartbleed: How did it get there? Why did it take so long to find? – Salon

Encryption Is Our Best Bet for a Secure Web, and Now It’s Bleeding – Motherboard

Heartbleed Explanation – XKCD

Rockefeller Statement on Cybersecurity Information Sharing Announcement – SCSCT

Reaction on “Heartbleed”: Working Together to Mitigate Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities – White House Blog

House Judiciary Hearing on ICANN – Lawfare

Appeals Court Overturns Andrew “weev” Auernheimer Conviction – EFF

Weev Is Free, Because You Can’t Prosecute a Hacker Just Anywhere – Motherboard

New gTLD’s Are Knocking on the Door – Do You Know What to Do? – CommLawBlog

Canada Is Considering an Internet Bill That’s Like CISPA on Steroids – Motherboard

The Underfunded Project Keeping the Web Secure – MIT Technology Review

The Heartbleed Bug Will Lurk in the Internet of Things for Decades – Motherboard

More on Heartbleed – Schneier on Security

Duncan B. Hollis, Re-Thinking the Boundaries of Law in Cyberspace: A Duty to Hack?, SSRN

Google, Yahoo and Amazon Beat Defamation Claims–Kabbaj v. Google – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Heartbleed Bug Sends Bandwidth Costs Skyrocketing – Wired

Part III: Has Congress Spoken and Does It Really Matter? The Wyndham Worldwide Case and the Expanding Power of the FTC to Police Data Security – Privacy and Security Law Blog

The Reality of Russian Surveillance – Lawfare

Civil society statement on draft NETmundial outcome document – Public Knowledge

Bellovin, Blaze, Clark, and Landau on Law Enforcement, CALEA, and Software Vulnerabilities – Lawfare

Readings: NSA Report on the 702 Program – Lawfare

Supporting an Open and Inclusive Internet in Brazil – NTIA

Supporting an Open and Inclusive Internet in Brazil – Dipnote

Reference Note on Russian Communications Surveillance – CSIS

Heartbleed as Metaphor – Lawfare

One of the Most Important Data Security Cases Was Just Decided: FTC v. Wyndham – TAP

Eternal vigilance is a solvable technology problem: A proposal for streamlined privacy alerts – Freedom to Tinker

SCOTUS v. the Internet: How the Supreme Court could change TV and streaming video forever – Salon

Argument analysis: Slipping down the digital slope – SCOTUS Blog

The Myth of a Free Internet – MIT Tech Review

The Three Pictures of Aereo – Madisonian

SCOTUS v. the Internet: Scalia didn’t know subscribers pay for HBO, and Sotomayor is worried about the cloud – Salon

To Rule on Aereo, the Supreme Court Has To Figure Out What Aereo Is – Motherboard

Aereo Lessons – TeleFrieden

Is Cyberwar Real? – CFR

Comparing NSA Reforms to International Law: A New Graphic by AccessNow – EFF

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #16: An Interview with Alex Joel – Lawfare

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Projects and Policies Related to Deploying Broadband in Unserved and Underserved Areas. GAO-14-409.

Brazil Is Making a Serious Play to Decentralize Control of the Internet – Motherboard

An Update on the Status of FISA Transparency Reporting – Lawfare

In Aereo, Supreme Court Rightly Skeptical About Becoming Technology Regulators – EFF

FCC Phases in Rate Floor Increase and Proposes Increased Broadband Speed Requirements – Public Knowledge

FCC To Allow Commercial Discrimination on the Internet – Public Knowledge

What is known about NSA’s PRISM program – To Level Communications

How To Get Your Clickthrough Agreement Enforced In Court–Moretti v. Hertz – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

This totally creepy art project will make you think twice about NSA mass surveillance – Salon

The FCC Wants to End Net Neutrality – Motherboard

U.S. agency drops security algorithm over NSA backdoor concerns – The Daily Dot

Feds Beg Supreme Court to Let Them Search Phones Without a Warrant – Threat Level


TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Projects and Policies Related to Deploying Broadband in Unserved and Underserved Areas. GAO-14-409

The FCC just sold out the Internet – Salon

FCC Plan for Internet Fast Lanes Leaves Net Neutrality Behind – IEEE Spectrum

But what about the “cloud”? The Aereo argument in Plain English – SCOTUSBlog

New Draft Article, “The Fourth Amendment and the Global Internet” – Lawfare

Bitcoin Internet: The Plan for a Decentralized Web that Runs on Cryptocurrency – Motherboard