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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
House Science Committee Pushes Human Space Flight – NASA Watch

Time for U.S. To Collaborate with China in Space – Space News

SWF Collaborates with UNIDIR on 2014 Space Security Conference – SWF

In its Aerospace Day proclamation, Colorado legislators demand accelerated space program – Space Politics

The NASA Budget: What Next – Planetary Society

US more dependent on Russia in space, than Russia on US – NASA – Space Daily

Bolden uses Soyuz launch to press for commercial crew funding – Space Politics

Blast from the past: “comm space,” again – Doctor Linda

Newly Declassified Intelligence Satellite Imagery is Hard to Access – Secrecy News

A Report from the First Hearing on the 2015 NASA Budget – Planetary Society

SpaceX Says Requirements, Not Markup, Make Government Missions More Costly – Space News

Reaction to Space and Planetary Science in FY 2015 Budget – NASA Watch

Private Space Taxis Are a ‘Critical Need’ for US, NASA Chief Says –

Bolden and House committee clash over NASA priorities – Space Politics

Bolden, Lawmakers Point Fingers about State of U.S. Human Spaceflight – Space News

Reconsidering Chinese Views on Military Space Strategy – All Things Nuclear

Jeff Foust, After a year, NASA’s asteroid mission still seeks definition, The Space Review

NASA and the Stimulation of Non-Space Applications from Space-related Technology – Roger Launius’s Blog

Can Tee Vee Pundits Understand Space Policy? – NASA Watch

Congressional skepticism of NASA’s asteroid plans remains – Space Politics

Human Space Exploration: The Way Forward – Space News

Waiting for Trouble – Space News

Russian Lawmakers Approve Satellite Navigation Hub in Nicaragua – Space Daily

US, UK parts in North Korea rocket – Space News

For North Korea, new space agency name and logo are anything but ‘nothing’ – CollectSpace

House Passes Weather Forecasting Improvement Act -Space Policy Online

Fears of loss of access to the ISS fade despite ongoing crisis – Space Politics

GAO: EELV Program To Cost $70 Billion Through 2030 – Space Policy Online

NASA Suspends Contact with Russia over Ukraine Crisis – Space News

NASA Restricts Contacts with Russia Except for ISS – UPDATE – Space Policy Online

FAA, Commercial Spaceflight Industry far apart on Timing of Safety Rules – Space News

MDA Suspends Ground Work in Ukraine Satellite Program – Space News

NASA Bans Contact With Russia – Except for ISS (Update) – NASA Watch

Health risks of Mars mission would exceed NASA limits – Mars Daily

NASA suspends Russia ties, except on space station – Space Travel

Ukraine crisis brings MDA project to a halt – Space Mart

NASA Suspends Most Cooperation With Russia; Space Station Excepted –

NASA Suspends Contact with Russia, Except for Where it Can’t – Space News

White House, NASA Seek to Clarify U.S.-Russian Space Cooperation Status – Space Policy Online

Using ethic frameworks for decisions about health standards on long duration spaceflights – Space Travel

Five Kinds of Things the UCS Satellite Database Can Tell You – All Things Nuclear

Russian Space Official Says NASA Statement To Suspend Contracts Was ‘Too Harsh’ – Red Orbit

NASA suspends non-ISS cooperation with Russia – Space Politics

U.S. Lawmakers Press Defense Officials on Use of Russian-made Rocket Engine – Space News

NASA’s Strategic Plan Isn’t Strategic – or a Plan – NASA Watch

With Much More than ISS at Stake, Europe Stays Course on Russian Space Partnerships – Space News

Bankrupt LightSquared Resumes Payments to Inmarsat – Space News

How Does NASA’s Ban on Russian Contact Affect Curiosity? – Planetary Society

Sorting out NASA’s ban on non-ISS activities with Russia – Space Politics

White House, NASA Seek to Clarify U.S.-Russian Space Cooperation Status – Space Policy Online

Russia regrets NASA halting cooperation, warns of impact on ISS – Space Daily

NASA to hurt itself by cutting ties with Russia – Space Travel

Ukrainian situation won’t change Russian-Kazakh Baiterek project – Space Daily

A selection of space policy/politics related links – Space-for-all

ISRO examining business model for industries in satellite, rocket production – Space Daily

China eyes ‘global monitoring network’ of surveillance satellites – Space Mart

NASA Policy to Suspend Contact with Russia ‘Unprecedented,’ But Maybe Symbolic, Expert Says –

Peter Garretson, What’s in a code? Putting space development first, The Space Review

Jeff Foust, Symbolism and substance in US-Russian space relations, The Space Review

The Crimean Crisis and Canadian Aerospace Activities – Commercial Space Blog

U.K. Proposal To End Satellite Insurance Tax is Right Thing To Do – Space News

U.S. Should Take a Cold, Hard Look at Space Code of Conduct – Space News

Aviation Law
A Framework for Aviation Cybersecurity – AIAA

FAA Approves Nighttime UAS Flights for North Dakota Police – AIAA

Representatives Schiff and Jones Introduce Bill to Increase Transparency in U.S. Drone Program – Just Security

Frederik Rosén, Extremely Stealthy and Incredibly Close: Drones, Control and Legal Responsibility, Journal of Conflict & Security Law (Vol. 19, no. 1, Spring 2014)

Following Pressure from Thune, EU Delays Illegitimate Tax on International Flights – USSCCST

EU Parliament reaches compromise over aviation ETS – Flight Laws

Judge rejects US law firm’s petitions concerning flight MH 370 – Flight Laws

Aviation criminal law: LH passenger takes stewardess as hostage – Flight Laws

FAA Proposes $51,651 Civil Penalty Against All American Aviation Services – ANN

A Search-and-Rescue Group Is Fighting the FAA for the Right to Use Drones – Motherboard

Geospatial Law
Google Takes Wi-Fi Snooping Scandal to the Supreme Court – Threat Level

Using Google Earth to prove a case of illegal waste dumping – Google Earth Blog

ICYMI Five Spatial Law and Policy Links From Around the World – Spatial Law and Policy


Euroconsult Releases Study On EO Data Distribution Trends – Space Daily

About Google Earth Imagery – Google Earth Blog

Alleged Silk Road Founder’s Lawyer Moves to Dismiss Charges Against His Client – Threat Level

Barrett Brown Signs Plea Deal in Case Involving Stratfor Hack – Threat Level

Yahoo! Scores Significant Win in Email-to-SMS Lawsuit – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Court Rules That Kids Can Be Bound By Facebook’s Member Agreement – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Industrial Policy for Big Data – TAP

International Proscriptions on Mass Surveillance (or What’s Missing in the Greenwald vs. Wittes Debate) – Just Security

An End to Dragnet Surveillance? – Just Security

International Law on Mass Foreign Surveillance: A Response to Ben Wittes and Ashley Deeks – Just Security

DOJ Pushes to Expand Hacking Abilities Against Cyber-Criminals – Just Security

The Extraterritorial Right to Privacy: An Opportunity to Impact the Debate – Lawfare

Is there a “cyber war” between Ukraine and Russia? – Arms Control Law

Thune, Rubio Demand Answers from Administration on Internet Transition – Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation

IANA Transition Testimony and Related Material – NTIA

Marco Roscini, Cyber Operations as Nuclear Counterproliferation Measures, Journal of Conflict & Security Law (Vol. 19, no. 1, Spring 2014)

State and Local Government Cybersecurity – White House Blog

Searchable Database of NSA Documents – Just Security

Wi-Fi Bulks Up – CommLaw Blog

What the Open Internet Is Not: Apolitical – Motherboard