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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Up in arms: Poland accelerates missile defense plan amid Ukraine crisis – RT

Britain Looks To End Tax on Satellite and Launch Insurance – Space News

Astrosociological Insights: Volume 3, Issue 1 (March 2014)

NASA suspends cooperation with Russia for non-ISS issues because of Crimean crisis – Flight Laws

NASA Cuts Russian Ties Over Crimea in Favor of Resuming U.S. Human Spaceflight – IEEE

In Missing Airliner’s Wake, China Aims for 50 More Spy Satellites – Motherboard

NASA Can’t Ethically Send Astronauts on One-Way Missions to Deep Space – Motherboard

If NASA Has a Plan to Get Its Astronauts Home without Russia, It’s Not Saying – Motherboard

How Russia could strangle the U.S. space program – Salon

Aviation Law
GSA Should Clarify Its Reporting Exemption and Collect Additional Data on Executives’ Use of Aircraft for Nonmission Purposes. GAO-14-151

FAA Pursues Rulemaking On Third Class Medical Issue – ANN

Flight MH 370: US law firm plans lawsuit against Boeing and Malaysian Airlines – Flight Laws

Parliament Approves Emissions Deal Exempting Long-haul Flights – Aviation Law Prof Blog


Geospatial Law
How Your Location Data Is Being Used to Predict the Events You Will Want to Attend – MIT Technology Review

Google “Street View” case may be headed for SCOTUS Review – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Updated Location Privacy Protection Act Introduced – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Comment Submitted to USTR – Information Society Project

Bitcoins run hot and cold – Babbage

Wi-Fi Deployment to Accelerate after FCC Allocates 100 MHz of Unlicensed Spectrum – Broadband Law Deployment Advisor

Brazil’s “Internet Bill of Rights” Regains Momentum in Congress – CDT

UN Human Rights Body Urges the US to Respect Privacy Rights of People Worldwide – CDT

White House Still Silent on Warrantless Email Snooping – CDT

CDT Files Comments in White House “Big Data” Review – CDT

Don’t Let Domestic Politics Derail the NTIA Transition – CDT

CDT Submits Comments to the UN on the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age – CDT

Industrial Policy for Big Data – Concurring Opinions

Schneier on the NSA, Google, Facebook Connection But What About Phones? – Concurring Opinions

Facebook Privacy Dinosaur – Concurring Opinions

ZunZuneo: A Tale of Failed Transparency and Gross Surveillance – Cyborgology

Court Orders Government Not to Destroy Evidence in EFF Cases Against the NSA – EFF

An NSA “Reform Bill” of the Intelligence Community, Written by the Intelligence Community, and for the Intelligence Community – EFF

EFF Files Supreme Court Brief Defending Internet Streaming Service – EFF

Philippines: Inching Toward Censorship – EFF


Secure protocols for accountable warrant execution – Freedom to Tinker

Historic E.U. Net Neutrality Win Shows Maturing Digital Rights Advocacy – Freedom to Tinker


Cookies that give you away: The surveillance implications of web tracking – Freedom to Tinker

Attorney General Harris Unveils Cybersecurity Guide for California Businesses – InfoLawGroup

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #12: An Interview with Jim Lewis – Lawfare

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast Episode #13: An Interview with Michael Allen – Lawfare

Mining Big Data for Public Opinion on NSA – Lawfare

Congress Considers the IANA Transfer to ICANN – Lawfare

Schneier on the NSA, Google, Facebook Connection But What About Phones? – Madisonian

James Clapper Finally Admitted the NSA Used PRISM to Spy on US Citizens – Motherboard

The EU Voted to Save Net Neutrality – Motherboard

The secret is out: U.S. built “Cuban Twitter” to stir up political unrest – Salon