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Event: The 12th Reinventing Space Conference

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Low cost space ā€“ from imagination to reality
Increasing demands to reduce spending have led to both new challenges and new opportunities in global space. We need to create dramatically lower cost, more responsive space systems and, of course, the launch systems needed to get them to space quickly and at far lower cost. So that business and government can take advantage of these rapidly evolving capabilities, an annual conference has been taking place since 2001, dedicated to this sector of better value, highly capable space systems.

The 12th Reinventing Space Conference will take place in London, UK between Tuesday 18 – Thursday 20 November 2014.

This three day meeting, including a conference and exhibition will be held within the stunning and historical location of the Royal Society.

For the benefits of attendees, rarely-seen artefacts from the Society’s incredible scientific heritage will be on display. These include items from the 1769 commission to send James Cook upon his first trip along with astronomer Charles Green and naturalist Daniel Solander to observe the transit of Venus.