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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Virgin Galactic Nearing Approval for SpaceShipTwo Launch License – Space News

Fossils, Seeds, and Space Rocks: Improving the Management of and Access to the Nation’s Scientific Collections – OSTP

SPACE ACQUISITIONS: Acquisition Management Continues to Improve but Challenges Persist for Current and Future Programs. GAO-14-382T.

Disaggregation: Satellite Navigation More Resilient Than You Think – All Things Nuclear

New Quarterly Update to the UCS Satellite Database – All Things Nuclear

Russia Threatens to Invoke Force Majeure in New START, and Alter its Position on Iran – Arms Control Law

The Navy’s Plan to Beam Down Energy From Orbiting Solar Panels – Danger Room

Ukrainian crisis: US Government to examine building RD-180 rocket engines in USA rather than in Russia – Hyperbola

Pentagon tries to unhook itself from embarrassing Chinese satellite capacity lease – Hyperbola

Glaring Inconsistencies in U.S. Space Collaboration Policies – NASA Watch

NASA’s Confusing Stance on SOFIA (Update: DLR is Angry) – NASA Watch

No One At NASA Knows Who Enforces NASA Travel Regulations – NASA Watch

Formulating Space Policy While Looking Through A Straw – SpaceRef

Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Space Policy Experts – NASA Watch

Is There a Military Human Spaceflight Mission on the Horizon? – Roger Launius’s Blog

New Analysis By Brian Weeden on China’s Anti-Satellite Testing in Space (updated) – Secure World Foundation

Nelson argues for commercial crew, Brooks and Shelby seek more money for SLS – Space Politics

NASA: funding of some extended planetary missions depends on additional funding – Space Politics

Nelson plays down risks to US-Russia space relations – Space Politics

News from Satellite 2014 | Major Fleet Operators Continue To Bend Rules, Orbital-slot Boss Says – Space News

Report Rekindles Suspicions About Chinese Rocket Launch – Space News

Hagel Says Ukraine Situation Will Lead to Review of Use of Russian Rocket Engines – Space Policy Online

NASA Asserts Its New Strategic Plan Provides “Clear, Unified, and Long-Term Direction” – Space Policy Online

Michael Listner, Regulatory effects of the International Code of Conduct on commercial space, The Space Review

Ajey Lele, India’s 2014–15 space budget: an assessment, The Space Review

Brian Weeden, Through a glass, darkly: Chinese, American, and Russian anti-satellite testing in space, The Space Review

Aviation Law
E.U. Reverses Plan For Carbon Tax On U.S. Airlines – ANN

Bahamas Ditches Private Pilot’s Bill Of Rights – ANN

Malaysia Airlines Must Compensate Families Regardless of Whether Flight 370 was Diverted by Crew or Hijacked – Aviation Law Monitor

Air Canada Latest Airline to Suspend Venezuelan Flights – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Will European Parliament Block ETS Change? – Aviation Law Prof Blog

FAA Authority Over Unmanned Aircraft Called Into Question – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Automation and The Asiana Crash – Slack & Davis

Friendlier skies – Babbage

FAA Appeals Drone Decision – Concurring Opinions

Turning Off Transponders — Aviation Security and MH370 – Lawfare

After Recent Ruling, America’s Commercial Drone Pilots Come Out of the Shadows – Threat Level

Air & Space Law (Vol. 39, no. 2, 2014):

Sofia Michaelides-Mateou & Chrystel Erotokritou, Flying into the Future with UAVs: The Jetstream 31 Flight
Ruwantissa Abeyratne, The Aviation System Block Upgrades: Legal and Regulatory Issues
Manu Mohan, Ray of Hope for Airline Alliances: Consideration of Out of Market Efficiencies by the European Commission
Geoffrey Deasy, EU Competition Law Developments in the Aviation Sector from 4 July to 31 December 2013

Geospatial Law
FAN.6 (First Amendment News) — Cellphone Privacy & the First Amendment – Concurring Opinions

How Your Tweets Reveal Your Home Location – MIT Technology Review

The Role of “Oversight” In Today’s World – Spatial Law & Policy

Wednesday’s Book Review: “Apollo’s Eye: A Cartographic Genealogy of the Earth in the Western Imagination” – Roger Launius’ Blog

Tennessee moves to roll back laws limiting public broadband services – The Daily Dot

Who rules the internet? – Babbage

Nearly 1,000 Entities File “Expressions of Interest” in FCC’s Rural Broadband Experiment Proceeding – Broadband Law Deployment Advisor

Four Key Reforms for NSA Surveillance – CDT

Two Ways the Surveillance Transparency Rules for Companies Are Not Transparent – CDT

Goodbye NTIA, hello…? – CDT

NSA Bulk Collection: More Than Just Phone Records – CDT

Crash Course: The Potential Problem of “Name Collision” and What ICANN is Doing About It – CommLawBlog

FCC Seeking Proposals for Rural Broadband Experiments – CommLawBlog

Promoting Internet Growth and Innovation Through Multistakeholder Internet Governance – NTIA

More Big (Data) Ideas – OSTP

The Open Data/Environmental Justice Connection – Commons Lab

Digital Futures, Why Bother? – Concurring Opnions

Why Is Turkey Blocking Twitter? – EFF

The Tepid NSA-American Bar Association “Dialogue” Around Spying on Lawyers – EFF

Tech Companies and NSA Surveillance: Questions, Contradictions, and Economic Consequences – EFF


Net neutrality: Industry MEPs want stricter rules against blocking rival services – EU Parliament News

Algorithms can be more accountable than people – Freedom to Tinker




DOJ Consent Decree Provides Guidance on Web Accessibility Compliance Under ADA – InformationLawGroup

Wrangling Over Spy Agency Program Went Down to the Wire – The Complex

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #10: An Interview with Mark Weatherford – Lawfare

Did the CIA Violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by Accessing Intelligence Committee Computers? – Lawfare

Who Controls the Internet Address Book? ICANN, NTIA and IANA – Lawfare

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #11: An Interview with Dan Novack – Lawfare

Legal Limits on the Transfer of Control to ICANN – Lawfare

Snowden Disclosures and Norms of Cyber-Attacks – Lawfare

A Net Neutrality Riddle – MIT Technology Review

The Year of Encryption – MIT Technology Review

California Bill Would Create Cyber Security Commission – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Coase, Net Neutrality and Netflix – TAP

Why Turkey Banned Twitter – FP Passport

Marco Roscini, Cyber Operations and the Use of Force in International Law (Oxford University Press 2014)

U.S. Military Given Secret “Execute Order” on Cyber Operations – Secrecy News

Keir Giles & Dr. Andrew Monaghan, Legality in Cyberspace: An Adversary View (SSI 2014)

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Federal Broadband Deployment Programs and Small Business. GAO-14-203.