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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Senate appropriators to hear from SpaceX and ULA on military space launch issues – Space Politics

Wallops Employees Seek to Decertify Union – NASA Watch

Despite IAU disapproval, the space company Uwingu has announced another private commercial naming project for the craters of Mars – Behind the Black

NASA IG finds no evidence of intentional export control violations at Ames – Space Politics

NASA IG Finds no Evidence of Intentional Export Control Violations at Ames – Space News

NASA FY 2015 Budget To Be Released – NASA Watch

Inspector General Blasts NRO Secrecy Practices – Secrecy News

Taiwan Engineers Around Export Restrictions and Winds Up with a Better Satellite – IEEE Spectrum

Air & Space Power Journal (v. 28/2)

Knight Introduces California Aerospace Innovation Hub Act – Parabolic Arc

FAA review of SpaceX launch site delayed again – The Monitor

Air Force General Reveals New Space Surveillance Program –

In the time machine: the Paine Commission – Doctor Linda

Technology that Undercuts Missile Defense Should Face Tighter Export Controls, Report Says – Missile Threat

Space Debris, Satellites, and a Reality Check – All Things Nuclear

Russia’s Ukrainian Invasion – And the ISS – NASA Watch

What Happens If Russia Refuses to Fly U.S. Astronauts? – Popular Mechanics

President Requests $17.5 Billion for NASA, $2 Billion for NOAA Satellites for FY2015 – Space Policy Online

NASA Budget Would Begin Work on New Science Missions, Ground SOFIA – Space News

President Requests $17.5 Billion FY2015 Base Budget for NASA Plus $886 Million in OGS Initiative – Space Policy Online

NATIONAL DEFENSE: The Air Force’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Competitive Procurement. GAO-14-377R

NASA FY 2015 budget supports asteroids, Europa, and commercial crew, but sacrifices SOFIA – Space Politics

EVOLVED EXPENDABLE LAUNCH VEHICLE: Introducing Competition into National Security Space Launch Acquisitions. GAO-14-259T

Does a New Cold War Mean a New Space Race? – Motherboard

Where Is NASA in the U.S./Russia Spat? – NASA Watch

Crimea Situation Not Affecting U.S.-Russian Space Relationship So Far – Space Policy Online

Mixed reactions to NASA budget proposal – Space Politics

Historical Analogies and the Commercial Development of Space – Roger Launius’s Blog

Aviation Law
Bill To Protect Private Airport Owners Passes Wisconsin Legislature – ANN

DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION: DOD Can Better Ensure That Federal Agencies Fully Reimburse for Using Military Aircraft. GAO-14-189

AVIATION WORKFORCE: Current and Future Availability of Airline Pilots. GAO-14-232

UAVs in the US: My Perspective – Spatial Law and Policy

Commercial Drones Are Completely Legal, a Federal Judge Ruled – Motherboard

Drones: 1, FAA: 0 – Forbes

Geospatial Law
Privacy Concerns Arise with Mobile Tracking in Stores – CDT

California court rules it is okay for drivers to check mobile maps – IT World

A Driver Beat California’s Phone Ban Because the Law Didn’t Predict Smartphones – Motherboard

Florida Cops’ Secret Weapon: Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking – Threat Level

Satellite Video Maps Let Anyone Spy Like the CIA – Motherboard

Security Experts Call on Tech Companies to Defend Against Surveillance – EFF

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Leveraging Best Practices and Reform Initiatives Can Help Defense Manage Major Investments. GAO-14-400T

Lawmakers Call for New Cyber Security Laws – DoD Buzz

INTERNET PHARMACIES: Most Rogue Sites Operate from Abroad, and Many Sell Counterfeit Drugs. GAO-14-386T

In Its “Innocence of Muslims” Ruling, the Ninth Circuit is Guilty of Judicial Activism–Garcia v. Google – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

US Court Fumbles First Amendment, Orders Global Takedown of ‘Innocence of Muslims’ – CDT

China’s New Internet Security Initiative – Concurring Opinion

Export regulations on communication and educational technologies loosen for some sanctioned countries and not others—what gives? – EFF

China Establishes Presidential Commission to Shore Up Its Cyberdefenses – IEEE Spectrum

The Russian-Ukrainian Cyber Conflict – Lawfare


Obama Nominates Former SOPA Lobbyist to Help Lead TPP Negotiations – EFF

First IP Transition Experiment Proposal Out for Comment – CommLawBlog

Robotics and the New Cyberlaw – Concurring Opinions

The Ukraine-Russia Cyberwar Has Already Begun – Motherboard

Bitcoin’s Child Porn Problem – Motherboard

Mexican Protest Site Censored by GoDaddy — with the U.S. Embassy’s Help – EFF

Talk on Why State Legislatures Shouldn’t Regulate Internet Privacy – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Information Warfare – Strategic Studies Institute

DPRK military could turn to cyber-warfare for lower costs – North Korea Tech

Does Sec. 706 Authority Ride Solely on the FCC Continuing to Find Indequate Broadband Competition? – TeleFrieden

Snowden Testimony Before the European Parliament – Lawfare