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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Professor: Boost space industry: Front & Center – Orlando Sentinel

U.S. Air Force Boosts Space Cybersecurity Efforts after ‘Big’ Threat in 2013 – Space News

Russia’s Baikonur Space Center Head Quits – RIA Novosti

Out for Comment: Globalstar Proposal to Expand ATC Operation – CommLawBlog

Lunar ownership laws: a future necessity? – Moon Daily

Aviation Law
TSA to Expand Precheck Program – Ask the Pilot

Geospatial Law
Military Targeting Based on Cellphone Location – Just Security

9 of the most epic GPS failures – Salon

Update: National License Plate Recognition Database: What It Is and Why It’s a Bad Idea – EFF

A Tinder security flaw exposed users’ locations for at least a month – Daily Dot

New Massachusetts Decision Requires Warrant For Cell Tracking – EFF

Bitcoin Lacks the Properties of a Real Currency – MIT Technology Review

American Sues Ethiopian Government for Spyware Infection – EFF

“E agora José?” The current status of Marco Civil da Internet – Freedom to Tinker

Forget China: Iran’s Hackers Are America’s Newest Cyber Threat – Foreign Policy

EFF Submits Letter Opposing Oakland’s Domain Awareness Center – EFF

Cybersecurity Effort Moves Forward – NIST Issues Final Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Framework – InformationLawGroup

Information Security Strategy: A Lesson from the Target Breach – InformationLawGroup

Guest Post: Why Does Microsoft Want a Global Convention on Government Access to Data? – Just Security

FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Open Internet Strategy Post Verizon v. FCC – TeleFrieden

Tools and Goals for Net Neutrality – Public Knowledge

Update: Changes to Export Control Arrangement Intended to Apply to Surveillance Technology, not Exploits, but Confusion and Ambiguity Remain – Just Security


Thune Statement on Chairman Wheeler’s Announcement – USSCCST

Rockefeller Statement on FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Open Internet Announcement – USSCCST

FCC Announces Next Steps on Net Neutrality – CDT

FCC Chairman Proposes Yet Another Net Neutrality Rulemaking – TechFreedom

Peering into the Soft Underbelly of Net Neutrality – EFF

Venezuela’s Internet Crackdown Escalates into Regional Blackout – EFF

9 Problems of Government Hacking: Why IT-Systems Deserve Constitutional Protection – Freedom to Tinker

Army Issues Guidance on Cyberspace Operations – Secrecy News