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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Hard cheese – Babbage

Italian Space Agency Chief Offers To Resign amid Corruption Probe – Space News

Feds: Security at heart of policy on space – Herald News

EU may set up body in European Space Agency – Nature

MilstaMagazine (February 2014)

Enrico Saggese tendered his resignation – ASI

Head of Italian Space Agency offers resignation in order to defend himself over probe allegations – Hyberbola

Delight Over ISS Extension, Debate Over Regulations Highlight 2014 FAA Commercial Space Conference – Space Policy Online

Spaceport tax debate reaches climax in New Mexico this week – Space Politics

Canada releases space policy framework, but some want more details (and money) – Space Politics

Déjà vu: Congress wants to do NASA reauthorization, commercial launch update this year – Space Politics

Industry, FAA at odds over extension of “learning period” for commercial spaceflight safety regulations – Space Politics

Government Space Spending Down in 2013, Report Finds – Space News

No Environmental Hurdles for Blue Origin To Test in Texas – Space News

China Situational Awareness is a Key Part of Space Situational Awareness – Space News

FAA Takes Early Steps To Accommodate Commercial Spacecraft in U.S. Airspace – Space News

Canadian Policy Outlines Broad National Goals for Space Program – Space News

U.S. Satellite Export Regs Remain a Frustration for European Industry – Space News

Thornburgh Report Notes “Tension” Between International Cooperation and Security at NASA – Space Policy Online

U.S., France Herald Space Cooperation – Space Policy Online

Canada Releases New Space Policy Framework – Space Policy Online

Virginia Aerospace Days Leads to Two Senate Joint Resolutions and Budget Support – Spaceports

Thune Statement on NIST Cybersecurity Framework – SCCST

Rockefeller Praises NIST Cybersecurity Framework – SCCST

Aviation Law
Runaway Drones Map Land, Film ‘Wolf,’ Knock Down People, as FAA Gives Chase – Bloomberg Politics

Court rejects passenger’s “principal and permanent residence” argument in subject matter jurisdiction dispute – NV Flyer

“Million Mile Flyer” unable to go the distance in challenge to frequent flyer program changes – NV Flyer

Another Key Ruling in the No-Fly List Case – Lawfare

FBI Checks Wrong Box, Places Student on No-Fly List – Threat Level

How Obama Officials Cried ‘Terrorism’ to Cover Up a Paperwork Error – Threat Level

A Journalist Is Suing the Police Who Grounded His Drone – Motherboard

Geospatial Law
The next generation of satellites for Google Earth – Google Earth Blog

As Facial Regulation Technology is Poised to Enter Everyday Life, Regulators Express Concern – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Finding People’s Locations Based on Their Activities in Cyberspace – Schneier on Security

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: HUD’s Expenditure Plan Satisfied Statutory Conditions; Sustained Controls and Modernization Approach Needed. GAO-14-283

OFAC Expands License for Personal Communications Items to Iran – Export Law Blog

FCC Makes Estimated $50 to $100 Million Available to Competitors Deploying Broadband in Rural Areas for the First Time – Broadband Law Adviser

House Bill Raises Questions about Crowdsourcing – Commons Lab

Who Owns a Twitter Handle? – Concurring Opinions

Immigration Reform: Biometric Cybersurveillance Quid Pro Quo? – Concurring Opinions

Are User Identification Networks the Future of Commercial Bitcoin Transactions? – Freedom to Tinker

List of Permissible Uses of Signals Intelligence Collected in Bulk – IC on the Record

U.S. Gives Cybersecurity Advice to Critical Infrastructure Operators—But No Rules – IEEE SPectrum

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Issued – Lawfare

Video of Berkman Center Event: “Defending an Unowned Internet” – Lawfare

The FCC Gets Down to Details in IP Transition Trials – Public Knowledge

Who Should Store NSA Surveillance Data – Schneier on Security

DRM and the Law – Schneier on Security

A Free Pass for Comcast to Acquire Time Warner, Because They Don’t Compete With Each Other? – TeleFrienden

Why a Railroad Merger May Get the Supreme Court to Rule on NSA Spying – Threat Level

Private-Public Cybersecurity Framework – Homeland Security Watch

Dawson J. Price, Leaving Feedback: An Analysis of eBay, Online Auctions, and Personal Jurisdiction, 2014 U. Ill. L. Rev. 231