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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Bolden: search for new deputy administrator ongoing – Space Politics

Michael Listner, A brief look at the legal and political implications of Japan’s space debris removal plans, The Space Review

Responding To China’s Counter-Space Capabilities – Stimson Center

Space Property Rights: It’s Time, and Here’s Where to Start – Space News

California offers tax break jackpot for space companies; New Mexico wants better use of spaceport tax – Space Politics

Is now the time to start working on space property rights? – Space Politics

House Science Committee to examine “necessary updates” to commercial launch law – Space Politics

Arianespace supports EU space policy – Space Mart

Controversial Scientist Sues NASA – Hyperbola

Roscosmos to formally ask Russian Government to fund super heavy lift launch vehicle – Hyperbola

51° UN-COPUOS in Vienna – ASI

Aviation Law
El Paso County Seeks Control Over Colorado Springs Airport – Aviation & Airport Development Law Blog

Air Wisconsin v. Hoeper – Lawfare

States Considering Bills to Regulate UAV Use – AIAA

The Snowden effect – Babbage

If You Used This Secure Webmail Site, the FBI Has Your Inbox – Threat Level

Digital Currency Founder: U.S. Indicted Me For Not Giving FBI My Source Code – Threat Level

Copyright Suit Over Second Life Terraforming Survives Summary Judgment, Then Settles — FireSabre v. Linden – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

If This Is Cyberwar, Where Are All the Cyberweapons? – MIT Technology Review

Bitcoin Pioneer Arrested – MIT Technology Review

How App Developers Leave the Door Open to NSA Surveillance – MIT Technology Review

The NSA Meets International Law: Advantage US? – Lawfare


Bitcoin Investors Urge Restraint at Regulatory Hearing – IEEE Spectrum

Evaluating Online Vigilantism – PrawfsBlog

Reforming 702: Does NSA Minimize Cloud Files? – Just Security