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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Orbital Debris Quarterly News

Obama Cites Missile Defense in Canceling Summit with Putin – Missile Threat

AF Prepares to Shut Down Space Fence, But Final Decision Not Made Yet – Space Policy Online

US Military’s ‘Space Fence’ Shutdown Will Weaken Orbital Surveillance Network –

Legislation seeks to “streamline” commercial spaceflight regulations – Space Policy

Plane spotters note FAA’s reservation of N-registration numbers – Hyperbola

Fabio Tronchetti, Fundamentals of Space Law and Policy (Springer 2013)


OIG report warns of Orion cost and schedule risks – Space Politics

Proposed Syllabus for “Spaceflight and Society” Course, Fall 2013 – Roger Launius

Aviation Law
Friday Non-merger Links – Aviation Law Prof Bl0g

Geospatial Law
London ordered to disable snooping trash cans – Salon

“Spoofers” Use Fake GPS Signals to Knock a Yacht Off Course – MIT Technology Review

Ponemon’s Cyber Insurance Study Finds Companies Neglecting Coverage – InfoLawBlog

Missouri Enacts Statute Favorable For Wireless Industry And Broadband Deployment – Broadband Law Advisor

Wikipedia Refuses to Comply with China’s Censorship – China Power

The NSA Is Commandeering the Internet – The Atlantic

Google: Gmail Users Have No Reason to Expect Privacy – Gizmodo

NSA Disclosures Derail Cyber “Star Wars” Defense Strategy? – Arms Control Law

Congressional rage at NSA secrecy grows – Salon

Jeremy Rabkin & Ariel Rabkin, Navigating Conflicts in Cyberspace: Legal Lessons from the History of War at Sea, Chicago Journal of International Law (Vol. 14, no. 1, Summer 2013)

Internet Freedom For All – Dipnote

ICANN Must Do a Better Job with Privacy and WHOIS – CDT

Feds Crack Encrypted Drives, Arrest Child Porn Suspect – Threat Level

Progress Toward Opening Government Data Resources – OSTP

Judge rules: Bitcoin is real currency – Salon

Rain Liivoja & Tim McCormack, Law in the Virtual Battlespace: The Tallinn Manual and the Jus in Bello (Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law, forthcoming)

Digital Searches and the Original Meaning of the Right to be Secure in One’s “Papers” – The Volokh COnspiracy

District Court Holds That Intentionally Circumventing IP Address Ban Is “Access Without Authorization” Under the CFAA – The Volokh Conspiracy