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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
NASA at 55 – NASA Watch

U.N. Group of Experts Agrees On Space Sustainability Steps – Space News

GAO: DOD Did Not Perform Required Assessment Before Cancelling PTSS – Space Policy Online

Understanding Eilene Galloway’s Role In NASA’s Creation – Red Orbit News

China’s Military Preparing for ‘People’s War’ in Cyberspace, Space – Washington Free Beacon

Senate Subcommittee Approves FY2014 Defense Approps Bill – Space Policy Online

Senate Commerce Committee Clears 2013 NASA Authorization Bill – Space Policy Online

Senate Committee Approves NASA Authorization Act With No Republican Support – Space News

MilSatMagazine (July-August 2013)

Senate action on NASA authorization mirrors the House – Space Politics

Space Savers – Babbage

House Republican Leaders Give Up on T-HUD Appropriations For Now, Lacking Votes – Space Policy Online

Kathy Sullivan Nominated as NOAA Administrator – Space Policy Online

Global Partnerships For Global Challenges – Space Technologies And International Development – Stimson Center

McCarthy Introduces SOARS Act to Streamline Commercial Spaceflight Regs – Space Policy Online

China’s Blue Water Space Port – All Thing Nuclear

Roscosmos head Popovkin gets formal reprimand from Prime Minister Medvedev – Hyperbola

Congressman McCarthy Introduces SOARS Act – NASA Watch

Jeff Foust, NASA policy gets partisan, The Space Review

French Defense Plan Prioritizes Intel Satellites – Space News

Aviation Law
What the FBI’s Letter to Rand Paul Says About the Bureau’s Domestic Drone Use – Motherboard

Asiana 214 Passengers’ Right to Compensation for Emotional Distress Limited by Montreal Convention – Aviation Law Monitor

Transportation Security: TSA Could Strengthen Monitoring of Allegations of Employee Misconduct. GAO-13-624, July 30.

Earl Wiener’s 15 Forgotten Rules for Computerized Flight – Motherboard

NTSB Goes After Lawyers Soliciting Asiana 214 Victims – Aviation Law Monitor

Man Fined for Jamming Airport Navigation Gear – CommLawBlog

Woman sues Southwest for injuries after plane skidded across tarmac – New York Post

Geospatial Law
IT Hiccups of the Week: Ohio Bank Blames GPS for Wrong House Repossession – IEEE Spectrum

Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Is Upheld – NYT Bits Blog

Cops don’t need warrants to track your phone location – Salon

What the imagery dates really mean in Google Earth – Google Earth Blog

New Court Ruling Makes it Easier for Police to Track Your Cell Phone -EFF

Jamming GPS – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Why NSA Surveillance Will Be More Damaging Than You Think – The Atlantic

Thailand Government declares Bitcoin illegal, trading suspended indefinitely – Parity News

New Draft Article: The Next Generation Communications Privacy Act – The Volokh Conspiracy

Now That It’s in the Broadband Game, Google Flip-Flops on Network Neutrality – Threat Level

FISC Order Authorizing the Collection of Telephone Metadata & Reports to Congress on Bulk Collection Program – Lawfare

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’ – The Guardian

Bradley Manning Faced Harsher Prosecution Merely Because His Leaks Involved a Computer – EFF

Jonathan Zittrain Discusses His Concerns of Censorship as More Electronic Books Move to the Cloud – TAP

FBI pressures Internet providers to install surveillance software – CNet

Getting Beyond the Benedict Arnold of the Cyber Age: Crafting Post-Snowden American Policy and Law – Arms Control Blog

Six Pro-Viacom Amicus Briefs Filed in the 2nd Appeal in Viacom v. YouTube – Yup. Hollywood Still Wants to Control the Internet – Groklaw

More on NSA and Snowden’s “Wiretap Anyone” Claim – The Volokh COnspiracy