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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Protecting the Apollo Sites – NASA Watch

Text of Nelson/Rockefeller 2013 NASA Authorization Bill Now Available – Space Policy Online

Orbital Debris Quarterly News

Senate, House NASA Bills Far Apart on Funding, Close on Some Priorities – Space News

NASA goes back to the drawing board for its 2013 operating plan – Space Politics

Senate Backs NASA with Higher Budget than House – NASA Watch

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Approves $18 Billion for NASA in FY2014 – Space Policy Online

UPDATED Mikulski Includes $18 Billion for NASA in 2014 Appropriations Bill – Space News

Nelson to introduce Senate version of NASA authorization bill today – Space Politics

Sen. Nelson Calls House Bills “Absolutely Lethal” to Balanced U.S. Space Program – Space News

House Appropriators Clear CJS Bill, Hope for Floor Action – Space Policy Online

NASA Blasts House Spending Bill – Space News

With Time Running Out, House and Senate Still $1.4 Billion Apart on NASA – Space News

Closing Marshall? – NASA Watch

Commercial Spaceflight Federation Statements on House Appropriations Committee NASA Budget – SpaceRef

House appropriations approve spending bill as NASA, industry complain – Space Politics

Aviation Law
Foreign Ownership Rules Loosened For Common Carrier and Aeronautical Licensees – CommLawBlog

NTSB Apologizes For Epic Asiana 214 info Blunder – Aero-News Network

American, US Airways Offer Concessions to European Regulators – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Geospatial Law
Surveillance, chilling, and the First and Fourth amendments – PrawfsBlawg

Google Accidentally Sinks Scottish Island – FP Passport

Six amazing discoveries found via Google Earth – Google Earth Blog

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Hints That It Might Rethink Plain View Exception For Computer Searches – The Volokh Conspiracy

Regulating the Global Market of Zero-Day Exploits – Opinio Juris

Wrangling Over ‘Do Not Track’ – Bits

Merkel Urges Europe to Tighten Internet Safeguards – New York Times

‘Do Not Track’ Rules Come a Step Closer to an Agreement – New York Times

Spygate Lawsuit Accuses NSA of Unconstitutional ‘Dragnet Electronic Surveillance’ – Threat Level

Cybersecurity Legislation — Something Completely Different – Lawfare

Zero-Sum Game: The Global Market for Software Exploits – Arms Control Law

“What Is That Box?” — When The NSA Shows Up At Your Internet Company – BuzzFeed