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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Legal expert calls for update to city’s space laws – South China Morning News

Christopher M. Stone, NASA, export control, and collaboration: a bit of clarification, The Space Review

Michael J. Listner, Revisiting the preservation of Tranquility Base and other historic sites on the Moon, The Space Review

Jeff Foust, Drawing the battle lines for NASA’s 2014 budget, The Space Review

Space Florida Budget Increases Following Legislative Session – Space News

U.S. – China Space Cooperation – Stimson Center

SpaceX Dragon Heads For New Mexico – NASA Watch

SpaceX Grasshopper to Land in New Mexico – Spaceports

CEO of MannSat Dismissed from U.S. Lawsuit – Space News

SpaceX Bill Blocked in Texas Senate – Space News

NASA Technical Report Database Partly Back Online – Secrecy News

Texas and Alabama Advancing Spaceport Legislation in Closing Days of Sessions – Spaceports

Missile Defense: Opportunity to Refocus on Strengthening Acquisition Management, GAO-13-604T, May 9, 2013

Two Stallite Proposals Approved at FCC Open Meeting – SpaceRef

Wolf and Bolden’s Vandalism at NTRS Continues – NASA Watch

ZeroGravity, ZeroTax Exemption Becomes Gubernatorial Campaign Issue in Virginia – Spaceports

Aviation Law
Metaphor alert: Drone freed from Lady Justice’s grasp – FP Passport

No-Fly Zone – Slate

Sequestration at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): Air Traffic Controller Furloughs and Congressional Response – CRS

In-Flight and On-Line: FCC Proposes Domestic Air-to-Ground System for Airborne Wi-Fi – CommLawBlog

F.C.C. Advances Plan for Faster In-Flight Wi-Fi – New York Times

Space policy viewed through an exoplanetary lens – Space Politics

Geospatial Law
District Judges Divide on Long-Term Cell Phone Tracking Under the Fourth Amendment – The Volokh Conspiracy

Judge Allows Evidence Gathered From FBI’s Spoofed Cell Tower – Threat Level

New Open Data Rules Continue Push for Government Innovation – Commons Lab

Making Government Information Open and Machine Readable – Secrecy News

Landmark Steps to Liberate Open Data – White House Blog

Open Data for Climate and Health Insights – OSTP

Recap: A Big Day for Open Data – OSTP

DigitalGlobe’s NGA Contract Shielded from Sequestration – Space News

The Global Human Impact– Air Force General Counsel Blog

Fun and Games in ICANN’s new gTLD Process – Xconomy

CISPA – An Assessment – Lawfare

More on the GOP and the Internet – The Volokh Conspiracy

Tim Wu Discusses the Current State of the Net Neutrality Rules – TAP

Questions Someone Should Ask DOD About Its Report on Chinese Cyber-Operations – Lawfare

Testifying on cybersecurity before the Senate Judiciary Committee – The Volokh Conspiracy

Supreme People’s Court directive to lower courts on cases involving internet censorship – Chinese Law Prof Blog

UK Libel Law Gets Much Needed Update – But Also Threatens Online Anonymity – CDT

FBI’s Latest Proposal for a Wiretap-Ready Internet Should Be Trashed –

Beyond Unlocking: Don’t Let Them Kill the First Reasonable Copyright Reform Bill –

FCC Anxiously Puts One Toe Halfway in Tepid Water with IP Transition “Trials” –

Military Cyber-Operations and the Third Amendment to the US Constitution – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Digital Diplomacy: Adapting Our Diplomatic Engagement – Dipnote

Building Consensus in Support of a Global, Inclusive, Free, and Open Internet – Dipnote

Copyright Reform Bill Targets Anti-circumvention – CDT

The Global Human Impact– Air Force General Counsel Blog