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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Jeff Foust, Planetary defense: deflection and disruption, The Space Review

Injecting Politics into Scientific Peer Review – NASA Watch

Pentagon Paying China — Yes, China — To Carry Data – Danger Room

Bolden Blames Congress For Making Him Buy Soyuz Seats – NASA Watch

Why Won’t NASA Talk About the Latest Bigelow Agreement? – NASA Watch

NASA buys six more Soyuz “seats” for rides to International Space Station – Hyperbola

Astronomers warn about NASA planetary funding cuts – Space Politics

NASA uses Soyuz deal to push for commercial crew funding – Space Politics

On a lighter note: Pentagon sheepishly admits to using Chinese satellite – Hyperbola

Bo Jiang Had Porn Not Secrets on His Laptop – NASA Watch

Chinese NASA “fugitive” may not be a spy but could be an embarrassed voyeur – Hyperbola

U.S. Finds Porn Not Secrets on Suspected China Spy’s PC – Space News

Astrosociological Insights: Volume 2, Issue 2 (May 2013)

SatMagazine (May 2013)

Lunar Real Estate Agent Has ‘Sold’ 7.5% of Moon –

Wolf Addresses Arrest at Dulles AIrport of Chinese National Potentially Involved in NASA Langely Security Violations – SpaceRef

No surprises in DoD’s DPRK report to Congress – North Korea Tech

Virginia’s McAuliffe boosts Wallops Island commercial spaceport in gubernatorial bid – Spaceports

Do As I Say Not As I . . . etc. etc. – Export Law Blog

Taxi: Roscosmos-$70mil vs SpaceX-$20mil – Spaceports

Aviation Law
New Book on Terrorism and the Right to Travel – Opinio Juris

Unflushed Lavatory Gets Airline Passenger A Meeting With Authorities – Aero-News Network

Technology and Privacy – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Geospatial Law
Upcoming Conference on The Legal and Policy Framework for a Location-enabled Society – Spatial Law and Policy

How to Use Geofencing Correctly – Directions Magazine

Judge Posner’s Surveillance Argument Would Not Withstand An Economic Analysis – CIS

Google ‘recognizes’ Palestine – FP PAssport

Full Speed Ahead for Open Ag Data – OSTP Blog

Israel isn’t happy about Google’s decision to recognize Palestine – FP Passport

When America Became a Cyberwarrior – Unredacted

Surveillance and Cyberspace – Lawfare

Is Iran about to seal itself off from the Internet? – FP Passport

Reallocation of Government Spectrum – Air Force general Counsel Blog

New ICANN Public Comments – Madisonian

Some Important Thoughts About Internet Governance – The Volokh Conspiracy

Pentagon Warns North Korea Could Become a Hacker Haven – Danger Room

Cyber Infrastructure Protection: Vol. II – SSI

Arkansas Becomes Seventh State to Enact Employer Social Media Law; Questions Arise Regarding Supervisor-Employee Connections – Information Law Group

Cybersecurity and Internet Governance – CFR

More on the GOP and the Internet – The Volokh Conspiracy

Cybersecurity Then and Now – Air Force General Counsel Blog

The Politics of Communications Technology – Cyborgology