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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
NASA’s Silence on Furloughs – NASA Watch

Stafford Argues for Moon as Next Human Spaceflight Destination – Space Policy Online

Trial Begins for Md. Man in Iran Satellite Case – Space News

Europe Changes Tactics in Push for Space Code of Conduct – Space News

Space Acquisitions: DOD Is Overcoming Long-Standing Problems, but Faces Challenges to Ensuring Its Investments Are Optimized, Statement of Cristina T. Chaplain, Director Acquisition and Sourcing Management. GAO-13-508T, April 24

US Senate Hearing: Challenges and Opportunities for Human Space Exploration – Spaceports

Space Junk Threat Demands Immediate Action, Experts Say –

Bolden Says Furloughs Likely if Sequester Continues Into FY2014 – Space Policy Online

29,000 Space Debris Objects: How It Got There, What To Do About It? – Spaceports

Space debris problem now urgent – scientists – Space Mart

European Conference Attendees Agree Action Needed On Space Debris – Red Orbit

Space Data Association Promises To Sue any Member that Misuses Pooled Data – Space News

Asteroid Mining on the Move – SpaceLawLibrarian

Missile Defense: Opportunity to Refocus on Strengthening Acquisition Management. GAO-13-432, April 26.

Aviation Law
Innovation vs. Privacy: Why We Shouldn’t Fear Drones – Wired

FAA Takes Two Important Steps During the Week of April 20 – Aviation & Airport Development Law Blog

TSA Tables Plan to Allow Knives on Planes – Threat Level

Striking Against Open Skies – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Welcome to the Age of Big Drone Data – Danger Room

Ensuring Privacy in the New Domestic Drone Test Program – CDT

Fiscal Year 2014 National Defense Authorization Budget Request for National Security Space Activities – House Armed Services Committee

HASC Asks About DOD Use of Chinese Satellite – Space Policy Online

Protecting Space Technology Through Trade Secret Law – Commercial Space Blog

Geospatial Law
NEW REPORT: Privacy and Missing Persons after Natural Disasters – Commons Lab

UPDATE: After Arrest, Authorities Caution Against Crowdsourced Criminal Intelligence Analysis – Commons Lab

Google launches Street View in Hungary and Lesotho; expands in Poland and Romania – Google Earth Blog

Today’s Other ECPA Reform News: Location Privacy Hearing in the House – CDT

Detail – XKCD

5 Key Spatial Law and Policy Links (April 29, 2013) – Spatial Law and Policy

The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution – CFR

Why Is Congress Trying to Make Our Internet Abuse Laws Worse, not Better? – The Atlantic

Cybersecurity, Einstein 3 and Privacy – Lawfare

Eric Schmidt and the North Korean Internet dilemma – North Korea Tech

Man Convicted of Hacking Despite Not Hacking – Threat Level

CISPA 2.0 Likely Stalled in Senate – CIS

Law Requiring Warrants for E-Mail Wins Senate Committee Approval – Threat Level

Fascinating New Case on Legal Standards for Searching a Remote Computer With Unknown Location – The Volokh Conspiracy

CISPA Changes Show Power of Internet Advocacy – CDT

CISPA Is Dead. Now Let’s Do a Cybersecurity Bill Right – Threat Level