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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Controversy Over Planet-Naming Contest Heats Up –

Mikulski Will Support Asteroid Initiative, Not Sure About Orion, Planetary Requests – Space Policy Online

Russia is no longer worried about U.S. missile defense systems – FP Passport

Big-time players are getting serious about asteroid perils and profits – Cosmic Log

Judge: Chinese NASA Contractor To Be Held till Trial – Space News

Judge Reverses Jiang Pre-trial Release Decision – NASA Watch

Air Force General Gives SpaceX a Vote of Confidence for National Security Missions – Space News

Export Control Final Transition Plan Announced – Export Law Blog

Details on The Gutting of NASA Education – NASA Watch

US eases export rules on aerospace parts – Space Mart

DOD Should Improve Its Satellite Control Operations Says GAO – Space Policy Online

House SS&T Chairman Smith Wants Vision for Space Program – Space Policy Online

UNCOPUOS, Draft Report: VIII. Examination and review of the developments concerning the Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters specific to Space Assets, UN Doc. A

UNCOPUOS, Draft Report: V. Matters relating to the definition and delimitation of outer space and the character and utilization of the geostationary orbit, including consideration of ways and means to ensure the rational and equitable use of the geostationary orbit without prejudice to the role of the International Telecommunication Union, UN Doc A/AC.105/C.2/L.290/Add.1


Space Policy: NASA job cuts, Lamar Smith’s space vision, GAO assessment, and SLS’s un-trackable cost – Space-for-All

Experts To Meet In Europe To Discuss Space Debris Issue – Red Orbit

Who gets to name alien planets? – Cosmic Log

Space policy roundup: JWST cost/schedule realities + Asteroid return strategy + Space at DC forum – Space-for-All

Book Review: Legal Aspects of Satellite Remote Sensing – Space Law Librarian

Aviation Law
Computer Outage Halts American Airlines Flights – Aviation Law Prof Blog

NTSB Testimony to the US Senate on safety, 787; FAA reviewing ETOPS – Leeham News and Comment

India Plans Regulatory Reforms for Charter Flights – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Geospatial Law
Iran to launch an “Islamic Google Earth”? – Google Earth Blog

Data for the Boston Marathon Investigation Will Be Crowdsourced – Danger Room

Can law enforcement use Google Earth without a warrant? – Google Earth Blog

The Boston Marathon Bombings and the Limitations of Crowdsourced Intelligence – Commons Lab

The Duck Quacks but are We at Cyber War? – Security Debrief

A Typology for Evaluating Active Cyber Defenses – Lawfare

Pentagon Seeks More Cybersecurity Funding – DoD Buzz

Pentagon Cancels Divisive Medal for Cyber Ops and Drone Strikes – Small Wars Journal

George Gershwin, CISPA, and the President’s Veto Threat – The Volokh Conspiracy

Dealing with Networks and Regulatory Compliance: The Legal Side of Mobile Retail – Privacy and Security Law Blog

Pirate Bay Cofounder Indicted on Hacking Charges – Threat Level

International Studies Review (Vol. 15, no. 1, March 2013):

Special Issue: International Relationships in the Information Age
Beth A. Simmons, Preface
J. P. Singh, Information Technologies, Meta-power, and Transformations in Global Politics
Archon Fung, Hollie Russon Gilman & Jennifer Shkabatur, Six Models for the Internet + Politics
Muzammil M. Hussain & Philip N. Howard, What Best Explains Successful Protest Cascades? ICTs and the Fuzzy Causes of the Arab Spring
Susan K. Sell, Revenge of the “Nerds”: Collective Action against Intellectual Property Maximalism in the Global Information Age
Milton Mueller, Andreas Schmidt & Brenden Kuerbis, Internet Security and Networked Governance in International Relations
Myriam Dunn Cavelty, From Cyber-Bombs to Political Fallout: Threat Representations with an Impact in the Cyber-Security Discourse
Nicholas J. Cull, The Long Road to Public Diplomacy 2.0: The Internet in US Public Diplomacy

Today in Cyber on the Hill — CISPA Heads to the House Floor – Lawfare

Michael J. Glennon, The Dark Future of International Cybersecurity Regulation, Journal of National Security Law & Policy

Cyberwar in the Underworld: Non-State Actors – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Cybersecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources – CRS

Cybersecurity: Selected Legal Issues – CRS

CISPA Passes in the House – Lawfare

Internet Governance: When Domestic Public Law Is No More than Bluster – Concurring Opinions

A Partial Mea Culpa – Lawfare

Wargaming Cyber: The Private Sector Response – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Brookings’ Allan Friedman on the Rhetoric Surrounding CISPA – Lawfare

CISPA 2.0 Clears The House: Outcome Hazy – CIS