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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
GAO Details Cost Growth in DOD Space Programs – Space Policy Online

Final tweaks to the 2013 budget – Space Politics

Posey Reintroduces REAL Space Act to Return Astronauts to Moon – Space Policy Online

Australian space policy debut – Space-for-All

Addressing the Challenges of Space Security – Space News

House Hearing on Asteroid Threats – NASA Watch

Air Force News Briefing on the FY 2014 Defense Budget Proposal from the Pentagon – U.S. DoD

Moon Base Over Asteroid? Lawmakers Push for Lunar Landing by 2022 –

New bill would redirect NASA back to the Moon – Space Politics

Australian Space Policy Calls for Reducing International Dependence – Space News

Bipartisan legislation sets NASA’s focus on the Moon – Lunar Networks

UNL space law program supports asteroid exploring initiative – The Daily Nebraskan

Putin Pledges Space Program Support on Cosmonautics Day, Cosmonauts May Make Ocean Landings in Future – Space Policy Online

Congressional tensions between SLS and commercial crew, FY2014 edition – Space Politics

Stephen Hawking: Humanity Must Colonize Space to Survive –

New Mexico spaceflight liability bill signed into law – Flightglobal

And Now We Suggest the Naming of Planets – The Spacewriter’s Ramblings

Aviation Law
Drone Privacy Bills Attempt to Protect Americans from Governmental, Commercial Surveillance – CDT

Surrounding Communities Object to Approval of the Los Angeles International Airport Specific Plan Amendment Study Project – Aviation and Airport Development Law News

Yeager Fights To Retain Control Of His Name – Aero-News Network

NTSB No Longer “Bound By” FAA’s Choice Of Sanction – Aviation Law Discussions

German Researcher Says Android App Can Hack A Commercial Airliner – Aero-News Network

John Villasenor, “Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Privacy”, Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy

Geospatial Law
Privacy of geolocation: the new European and American law – Spatial Law & Policy

Great use of Google Earth by the Urban Planning Department of Taipei – Google Earth Blog

Meet Dom, the inadvertent spy on Iran – FP Passport

Cyber Law
Peter Margulies Summarizes the NIST Conference on Cybersecurity Standards – Lawfare

WTPF: Internet Issues on the Table at Next ITU Conference – CDT

New Draft of House CISPA Bill – Lawfare

The Dark Future of International Cybersecurity Regulation – Journal of National Security Law and Policy

Cyberconflict: Threats, Responses and the Role of Law – Opinio Juris

Luxembourg: The Steve McQueen of Cybersecurity – The Volokh Conspiracy

German IT Cybersecurity Proposal – Lawfare