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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Chinese-Russian Joint Statement on Missile Defense – All Things Nuclear

Glenn Reynolds, Who Has the Right to Mine an Asteroid?, Popular Mechanics

Your One Sentence Definition of Sustainable Development – UN Dispatch

Obama Signs Money Bill for Europa Mission – Spaceports

Petitions, full of sound and fury, signifying… – Space Politics

Bo Jiang Released Pending Trial – NASA Watch

A U.S. “Pivot” in Space? – All Things Nuclear

SDI RIP – Arms Control Wonk

Sequestration’s effects on commercial crew, and planning for FY14 – Space Politics

Aviation Law
This is the secret airline that’s reportedly flooding Syria with weapons – FP Passport

Aiming Laser Pointer at Airplane Gets Man 2.5 Years in Prison – Threat Level

Flaws escape FAA certification – Leeham News and Comment

Sequestration requires Federal Aviation Administration to cut costs; commitment to safety remains – Fast Lane

Update: New Comment Deadlines Announced in Internet-on-Airplanes Proceeding – CommLaw Blog

National Airspace System: Airport-Centric Development. GAO-13-261, March 28.

Geospatial Law
Bills on Use of Mobile-Device-Location Data Reintroduced – Privacy and Security Law Blog

What is the State of the Jones Trespass Test After Florida v. Jardines? – The Volokh Conspiracy

Anonymized Phone Location Data Not So Anonymous, Researchers Find – Threat Level

Federal Court of Appeal Reminds Government There is No Copyright in Data – Teresa Scassa

Cartographic proof that North Korea is bluffing – Ogle Earth

The National Broadband Plan Goals: Where Do We Stand? – CRS

Cloud Computing: Constitutional and Statutory Privacy Protections – CRS

NATO Researchers: Stuxnet Attack on Iran Was Illegal ‘Act of Force’ – Threat Level

Stuxnet an “Act of Force” Against Iran – Arms Control Law

House Judiciary Committee New Draft Bill on Cybersecurity is Mostly DOJ’s Proposed Language from 2011 – The Volokh Conspiracy

Congress v. China on Cybersecurity – Lawfare

The International Community Must Hold Russia Accountable for Its Cyber Militias – Small Wars Journal

Cybersecurity Meets the WTO – The Volokh Conspiracy

Egypt says it arrested ‘criminals’ trying to sabotage its Internet – FP Passport

Cybersecurity and Trade Conflict – International Economic Law and Security Blog

The =Real= Internet Kill Switch – Lawfare

The Return of Practical Obscurity? – Lawfare

Writing on the Wall – Arms Control Wonk

Securing Human Rights Online: Internet Freedom Fellows Program – Dipnote

This Week in Cybercrime: “Anonymized” Cellphone Tracking Data is Pure Fiction – Risk Factor