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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Enact Legislation to Restrict the NASA Budget to No Less than 1.00% of Federal Funding Beginning in FY 2014 – Spaceports

Mystery change in satellite orbit traced to debris strike from past Chinese missile interception test – Hyperbola

Dwayne Day, The Lion and the Vortex, The Space Review

Michael J. Listner, Addressing the challenges of space debris, part 3: policy, The Space Review

Waitin’ on the Budget – Space Policy Online

In Spaceport we trust: Liability protection heads to New Mexico Governor’s desk – Spaceports

Legal Action Against China Unlikely in Space Junk Crash with Russian Satellite –

Senate offers its own take on FY13 NASA budget – Space Politics

Explanatory Statement for the Senate Substitute Continuing Resolution (NASA Excerpts) – SpaceRef

South Korea’s Emergent Missile Defence Capabilities – Missile Threat

Jim Green Clarifies Travel Policy for LPSC 2013 – Space Policy Online

White House Moves Forward With Export Control Reform – Space Policy Online

Status Check on the FY2013 CR and FY2014 Budget Resolutions – Space Policy Online

Space threats double feature in Congress next week – Space Politics

Aviation Law
TSA Approved New Uniforms As Sequester Loomed – Aero-News Update

Qantas Jet Still Doesn’t Call Australia Home – Export Law Blog

China investing in destabilising UAV capabilities: report – Flightglobal

The Global Swarm – Foreign Policy

Strong economic benefit to allowing UAS into civil airspace, says industry – FLoghtglobal

How Many Lawyers Does It Take to Export a Lug Nut?* – Export Law Blog

Air France v Folkerts – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Privacy and Domestic Use of Drones – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Geospatial Law
Spatial Law and Policy Survey – Spatial Law and Policy

Will We Expect the Media To Protect Location Privacy? – Spatial Law and Policy

Cyberwar in the Underworld: Anonymous versus Los Zetas in Mexico – Small Wars Journal

Donilon issues stern cyber warning to China – DoD Buzz

The Donilon Approach to Cybersecurity – Lawfare

Collaborating on Telecommunications and Human Rights – CDT

Spy Chief Says Little Danger of Cyber ‘Pearl Harbor’ in Next Two Years – Threat Level

WaPo: Public Debate on Offensive Cyber Strategy? – Lawfare

Sequestration, Cyber and the 2013 Worldwide Threat Assessment – Lawfare

Cyber framing of reality – Homeland Security Watch

Dale on Popular Constitutionalism via the Web – The Faculty Lounge

A total cyber blackout in North Korea would affect about 1,000 citizens – FP Passport

Plug and Play Cybercriminals – Air Force General Counsel Blog

KCNA accuses US, allies of cyberattacks – North Korea Tech