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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Michael J. Listner, Tommaso Sgobba, and Christopher Kunstadter, Taking a page from maritime practice to self-regulate the commercial space industry, The Space Review

Dwayne Day, China’s ASAT enigma, The Space Review

House full-year continuing resolution offers something for SLS and Commercial Crew supporters – Space Politics

Wolf Demands to Know Why Chinese will be at CEOS Meeting at NASA Langley – Space Policy Online

New House CR Adds Money for NASA Exploration, NOAA GOES-R, But It’s a Zero Sum Game – Space Policy Online

Misplaced Priorities on National Security Space – Space News

New Mexico Gov. Martinez and Virgin Galactic CEO Whitesides Urge Action – Spaceports

Wolf to Bolden: Disinvite Those Chinese Visitors – NASA Watch

Sequestration and the Civil Space Industry – Space Travel

Houston: an international spaceport? – Spaceports

Rep. Wolf Claims China-related Security Lapses at LaRC and KSC – NASA Watch

Bad Research By Rep. Wolf’s Staff – NASA Watch

Wolf Alleges Security Violations at NASA’s Langley Research Center, Issues Seven Step Remediation Plan – Space Policy Online

Uncertainty remains the one certainty for NASA’s budgets – Space Politics

FY2014 Budget Request Delayed to April? – Space Policy Online

Elon Musk Talks with Texas Legislature – Spaceports

Moon mining race under way -Spaceports

Musk on the Dragon glitch, Texas spaceport plans, and needling Bezos – NewSpace Journal

Aviation Law
Knives on planes again. Well, some knives. – Homeland Security Watch

FBI Investigating Unidentified Drone Spotted Near JFK Airport – Threat Level

TSA OKs Hockey Sticks Aboard Flights, Bats Remain Outlawed – Threat Level

Thune and Shuster Question Whether FAA Has Explored All Cost Savings Before Punishing Employees and Traveling Public – Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Internet-on-Airplanes Effective Date Set – CommLaw Blog

‘License Plates’ for Drones? – CDT

How To Regulate Drones – Concurring Opinions

Geospatial Law
Alleged Drug Dealer at Center of Supreme Court GPS Case Wins Mistrial – Threat Level

Stolen Van Recovered In Less Than An Hour Using Vehicle Tracking – GeoConnexion

White House, FCC Chairman Support Legalizing Unlocking of Mobile Phones – Threat Level

Revive Letters of Marque and Reprisal to Launch Cyber-Attacks Against China? – Opinio Juris

UNESCO Meeting Sends Clear Message: Keep the Internet Free and Open – Dipnote

Raised on the Web – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Pirate Bay comes clean on North Korea hoax – North Korea Tech

ICANN’s New gTLD Process and the Controversy over “Closed Generic” TLDs – Madisonian

A Patent DMCA – Concurring Opinions

Our secular Trinity: supply chain, critical infrastructure, and cyber security – Homeland Security Watch

Why It’s Suddenly Illegal to “Unlock” Your New Cell Phone – CommLawBlog

Cybersecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources – CRS

White House in Favor of Phone Unlocking! Now What? – CIS

Google Says the FBI Is Secretly Spying on Some of Its Customers – Threat Level

House Committee Jurisdiction and CISPA – Lawfare

TASK FORCE REPORT: Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat – DoD

Pentagon: Let’s Threaten Nuke Strike Against Hackers – Gizmodo

Public Access to Data from Federally Funded Research: Provisions in OMB Circular A-110 – CRS

The 2013 Cybersecurity Executive Order: Overview and Considerations for Congress – CRS

Attorney General: Aaron Swartz Case Was a ‘Good Use of Prosecutorial Discretion’ – Threat Level

Cybersecurity: A Better Defined and Implemented National Strategy Is Needed to Address Persistent Challenges. GAO-13-462T, Mar 7, 2013.

Rockefeller Says Cybersecurity Requires Partnership Between Public and Private Sectors – U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

New Tech Challenge: Can Technology Can Be Used to Stop Atrocities? – Commons Lab

Defense Science Board Report on Advanced Cyber Threats – Lawfare

This Week in Cybercrime: Judge Upholds LinkedIn’s “If You Put It on Our Site, Don’t Blame Us If It Gets Out” – IEEE

Interesting Ninth Circuit En Banc on Computer Searches, Of Course Citing Orin – The Volokh Conspiracy

En Banc Ninth Circuit Holds That Computer Forensic Searches Are Like “Virtual Strip Searches” And Require Reasonable Suspicion At the Border – The Volokh Conspiracy

US v. Cotterman — Laptop Searches at the Border Require “Reasonable Suspicion” – Lawfare

Cybersecurity is a Bull Market – Air Force General Counsel Blog