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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Meteorites Found, But Beware Offers to Sell – Space Policy Online

Is Outer Space Safe? – Georgetwon Journal of International Affairs

Daniels Replaces Perry as Co-Chair of NRC Human Spaceflight Study – Space Policy Online

Presidential science advisor Holdren: exhilaration still beats frustration – Space Politics

The art of space law – The

Special Sequestration Protection for MSFC? – NASA Watch

Space Leadership Preservation Act To Get Hearing Next Week – Space Policy Online

All space sequestration politics is local – Space Politics

North Korean propaganda boy: “We will grow to be conquerors of space” – Spaceports

Changed Space Environment Creates Multitude of Challenges, Say Panelists – Space Policy Online

Sensenbrenner Seeks Answers to Asteroid Preparedness From NASA – Space Policy Online

Priorities for Arms Control Negotiations Post-New START – State Department

More Congressional interest in near Earth objects – Space Politics

A second try for the Space Leadership Act – Space Politics

A changed mind about sequestration – Space Politics

Are Military and Space Procurement Issues Related? – Commercial Space

Space Law at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law with Prof. Mark J. Sundahl – You Tube

Interpreting NASA’s Letter to Sen. Mikulski About the Impact of the Sequester – Space Policy Online

Aviation Law
Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Continued Coordination, Operational Data, and Performance Standards Needed to Guide Research and Development. GAO-13-346T, Feb 15, 2013

FAA Issues Draft Revisions to the Airport Improvement Program Handbook – Aviation & Airport Development Law Blog

China now considering drone strikes in its drug war – FP Passport

Yet Another Drone Oversight Proposal – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Clarification on the Screening of 3-Year-Old Girl at Lambert–St. Louis International Airport – TSA Blog

Sequestration Will Have an Impact on Air Travel – Fast Lane

Barred in DC But You Can Buy them in Secure International Airports – Lawfare

Cyber Law
Domain Complaints – The Public’s Concern and ICANN’s Request Regarding Closed Generic Domains -Information Law Group

The Cyber Weapon Tradeoff – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Cyber in the Heart of Darkness – Lawfare

NIST Issues Draft RFI for Cybersecurity Framework – Privacy & Secrurity Law Blog

A Code of Conduct for Outer Space – CFR

Crowdsourcing cyber security: a property rights view of exclusion and theft on the information commons – International Journal of the Commons

Is Deleting Computer Files Like Taking Out the Trash? Taking Physical Analogies Just a Little Too Far – The Volokh Conspiracy

Civil Society Coalition Asks ITU For a Seat at Global Telecom Conference – CDT

What (Legally) Happens to Our Social Media Accounts When We Die? – Volokh Conspiracy

The USG Strategy to Confront Chinese Cyber Exploitation, and the Chinese Perspective – Lawfare

Mandiant – APT1: Exposing One of China’s Cyber Espionage Units

New Focus on China’s Economic Cyber Espionage: A Roundup – Air Force General Counsel Blog

Markus Schiller’s Analysis of North Korea’s Unha-3 Launcher – All Things Nuclear