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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
The Consequences of Sequestration for the Planetary Science Community – NASA Watch

Ajey Lele, How geopolitical factors overshadow South Korea’s space success, The Space Review

Rocket Launches By North Korea, Iran Not Immediate US Threat, Experts Say –

Iranian President (Astronaut) Ahmadinejad? – Spaceports

UN Experts Say Sanctions are Slowing Iran’s Nuclear, Ballistic Missile Programs – Missile Threat

Worrying about sequestration again – Space Politics

N.Korea ‘Admits Missile Connection’ in Rocket Launch – Missile Threat

New START and “New Kinds” – Arms Control Wonk

House Science Committee pledges bipartisan cooperation – Space Politics

What Is A National Consensus on Space? – NASA Watch

Voluntary Industry Standards Needed for Commercial Human Spaceflight Says Wayne Hale – Space Policy Online

For Commercial Space Transportation, there’s no time like the present – The Fast Lane

National space transportation policy still “in work” – Space Politics

New Space Transportation Policy Still Being Worked, Other Highlights of FAA Conference – Space Policy Online

Launch Services New Entrant Certification Guide. GAO-13-317R, Feb 7, 2013 – GAO

GAO Report on EELV New Entrants Guide – NASA Watch

Eutelsat and Arianespace sign new multi-year multiple launch services agreement – SpaceRef

NASA reauthorization not likely to make major policy changes – Space Politics

Congress planning an update to commercial launch legislation this year – Space Politics

Rep. Wolf’s China Witch Hunt Resumes – NASA Watch

GAO Reports on AF New Entrant Certification Guide – Space Policy Online

Taylor Dinerman, Proliferating military space power in 2013 and beyond, The Space Review

Why Does Space Matter to International and National Security? – The Secure World Foundation

The Men Who Sold Asteroids and the Rise of Beyond LEO Industry in the 21st Century – Spaceports

Aviation Law
As drones get really tiny, new rules proposed for Seattle – Geodata Policy

Drone Boosters Say Farmers, Not Cops, Are the Biggest U.S. Robot Market – Danger Room

FAA Behind Schedule for Rules on Pilot Qualifications, Crew Training – Aviation Law Prof Blog

White Paper, Shmite Paper: We Should be Worrying About Drone-Proof Cities – Lawfare

We Need to Think Beyond the Aaron in ‘Aaron’s Law’ – Threat Level

Fear of snooping governments deters companies from using the cloud – GEO Connexion

UK Government Reasserts Its Right to Snoop on All Electronic Communications – IEEE Spectrum

David P. Fidler, Internet Governance and International Law: The Controversy Concerning Revision of the International Telecommunication Regulations, ASIL Insights

Cyber Insecurity: Black Swan or Headline? – Homeland Security Watch

The Prospects for Reform of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – The Volokh Conspiracy

Becoming Binary Amidst Multipolarity: Internet Governance, Cybersecurity, and the Controversial Conclusion of the World Conference on International Telecommunications in December 2012 – Arms Control Law

The UN is Still, Still…Still! Not Trying to Control Your Internet – UN Dispatch

DHS Watchdog OKs ‘Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border – Threat Level

U.S. said to be target of massive cyber-espionage campaign – Washington Post

Why the WTO is not an Appropriate Venue for Addressing Economic Cyber Espionage – Arms Control Blog

Illinois Court Protects Identity of Anonymous Online Speaker – Information Law Blog