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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Ana Cristina van Oijhuizen Galhego Rosa, Aviation or space policy: New challenges for the insurance sector to private human access to space, Acta Astronautica

Presidential Inbox 2013: Cooperate with China on Space – Stimson Center

Deal reached for New Mexico spaceflight liability legislation – Space Politics

North Korea’s Juche Rocket – Arms Control Wonk

House Space Subcommittee Members Named for 113th Congress – Space Policy Online

It’s dead, Jim: White House petition to build Starship Enterprise fizzles – Cosmic Log

House Science Committee organizes for the new Congress – Space Politics

New Mexico Legislature Forging Compromise on Human Spaceflight Informed Consent – Spaceports

What made China vote for UN sanctions on North Korea? – Missile Threat

ODNI Releases FY 2009 Budget Book (Redacted) – Secrecy News

Looking at the legal and policy issues surrounding the mining of asteroids –

South Korea’s Analysis of North Korea’s Rocket Debris – All Things Nuclear

Aviation Law
Drones, Beware: United Nations Investigates Obama’s Targeted Killings – Danger Room

U.N. launches drone investigation – Turtle Bay

Anonymous launches #opAngel 2; Lofgren launches ‘Aaron’s Law’ – Info Security Magazine

Google Tells Cops to Get Warrants for User E-Mail, Cloud Data – Threat Level

Russian Strategy for Cyberspace – Lawfare

Herb Lin Primer on Cyber Conflict and National Security – Lawfare