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Library: A Round-up of Reading – Final 2012 Edition

Space Law
Unha Debris Revisited – Arms Control Wonk

Briefly: budget updates, NDAA conferencing, Senate appropriations changes – Space Politics

Almost Everything You’ve Heard About the North Korean Space Launch Is Wrong – Danger Room

S.3661 – Space Exploration Sustainability Act – NASA Watch

House and Senate Agree on FY2013 Defense Authorization Bill-UPDATE – Space Policy Online

Brave New Worlds – Who Owns Outer Space? – SEO Law Firm

Intelsat 19’s damaged solar array was not Sea Launch fault says board – Hyperbola

Bolden: Don’t Have to Travel Far to Asteroid to Meet President’s Goal – Space Policy Online

House and Senate Agree on FY2013 Defense Authorization Bill-UPDATE 2 – Space Policy Online

Political Space Year 2012 in review: Obama survives, former astronauts relieved, and India’s aid to be cut – Hyperbola

Export Restrictions On Satellite Technology Eased – NASA Watch

Ownership of Space: Point/Counterpoint – Air Force General Counsel Blog

NRC Human Spaceflight Committee Kicks Off Deliberations – Space Policy Online

Does a High-Altitude ASAT Test Make Sense? – All Things Nuclear

Geospatial Law
Judge OKs Warrantless Cell-Site Data in Landmark Privacy Case – Threat Level

What Is the Future of E.U., U.S. Data Privacy Reform? – TAP

Imagery Declassification Preparations Continue – Secrecy News

Five Trends to Watch for in Chinese Cybersecurity in 2013 – Council on Foreign Relations

Making Sense of the WCIT: It’s Complicated! – CDT

Net Neutrality, Data-Cap Legislation Lands in Senate – Threat Level


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