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Library: A Round-up of Reading

Space Law
Michael Listner, Addressing the challenges of space debris, part 1: defining space debris, The Space Review

Russia to resume work on airborne laser ASAT – Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

House Passes Extension of Launch Liability Indemnification – Space Policy Online

House easily approves launch indemnification, but with a cautionary note about reform – Space Politics

Two days that decide Europe’s space future: a citizen’s briefing on ESA – ESA

United States and Australia Partner in Space Endeavor – Air Force General Counsel Blog

LightSquared’s Plan B, Out for Comment – CommLawBlog

Still waiting on a Senate defense authorization bill (and export control reform) – Space Politics

Commercial Moon Mission in Formation Known as the “Golden Spike Company” – Spaceports

Aviation Law
EU caves on ETS, for now–but says it didn’t really cave – Leeham News and Comment

CRS – Air Force F-22 Fighter Program

EU Agrees to Delay ETS Impacts for One Year – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Fighter Aircraft – Better Cost Estimates Needed for Extending the Service Life of Selected F-16s and F/A-18s. GAO-13-51, Nov 15, 2012

Air Passenger Screening – Transportation Security Administration Could Improve Complaint Processes. GAO-13-43, Nov 15, 2012

Maker of Airport Body Scanners Suspected of Falsifying Software Tests – Threat Level

Montreal Convention Does Not Apply To Crew Members – Aviation Law Monitor

Geospatial Law
GAF and partners showcase the possibilities offered by Earth Observation for verification of mining activities – EARSC

Stuxnet Infected Chevron [Updated] – Lawfare

Intellectual Property on the Internet: A Brief Comparison of the Current Situation in Europe and the United States (Guest Blog Post) – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Cybersecurity Bill Returns to the Floor
— Sen. Reid – Lawfare

Are Lawyers Getting in the Way of Cyber Security? – Air Force General Counsel Blog


Social Media and the Arab Spring – Small Wars Journal

Cybersecurity, Christmas Trees, and the Grinch – Lawfare

A Presidential Cyber LOAC Directive – Lawfare

CRS – Privacy: An Overview of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Republicans Again Filibuster Opportunity to Strengthen Nation’s Cybersecurity – Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Civil Society Pressures ITU to Uphold Human Rights, Increase Transparency – CDT

Cyberwar and Industrial Controls: A conversation with Ralph Langner – The Volokh Conspiracy


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