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Disasters Charter: Hurricane Sandy

The Disasters Charter was activated twice for Hurricane Sandy:

Hurricane Sandy in Haiti

Type of Event: Ocean Storm – Hurricane
Location of Event: Haiti
Date of Charter Activation: 29 October 2012
Charter Requestor: UNITAR/UNOSAT on behalf of UNOCHA
Project Management: SERTIT

Description of the Event
Hurricane Sandy tore through the Caribbean between 26-28 October, leaving a reported 51 dead in Haiti and another 15 missing. The country’s housing and terrain are particularly vulnerable to flooding, and the refugee camps from the 2010 earthquake have also been affected by the storm.

The southern part of Haiti was most affected by the storm, which includes the capital of Port-au-Prince and the 370,000 earthquake refugees in simple wood and tin shelters.

More than 200,000 people have been left homeless following the storm, with some coastal houses swept out to sea. In the aftermath of the storm, 17,200 people have been placed in shelters.

Though the flood water from the rivers were beginning to recede on Sunday, according to reports, roads have been cut off, bridges have collapsed, and crops have been destroyed, providing further difficulties to Haiti’s recovery. There are also concerns that cases of Cholera may increase in the affected areas following the flooding.


Ocean Storm, State of New York and New Jersey

Type of Event: Ocean Storm – Hurricane
Location of Event: United States of America – States of New York and New Jersey
Date of Charter Activation: 01 November 2012
Charter Requestor: USGS on behalf of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Project Management: Florida Division of Emergency Management

Description of the Event
Hurricane Sandy – the largest Atlantic tropical storm system on record – made landfall just south of Atlantic City, New Jersey, bringing winds up to 90 mph (150 kph), and pushing a massive storm surge onto beaches and shorelines. At least 50 deaths have been reported.

Millions across the Eastern Seaboard are now without power, and even more are struggling with rising floodwater.

Sandy continues northward, now downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, and those affected are now assessing the damage.


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