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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Jeff Foust, Shedding a little more light on space policy, The Space Review

Air Force’s Secret Space Plane Prepped for New Launch – Danger Room

Who Will Succeed Ralph Hall as HSS&T Chair Next Congress? – clarification – Space Policy Online

We’ve Already Passed the Tipping Point for Orbital Debris – IEEE Spectrum

Aviation Law
Airport Body Scanners: The Role of Advanced Imaging Technology in Airline Passenger Screening – CRS

ecoDemonstrator shows that the path to a sustainable aviation future goes through FAA’s CLEEN program – The Fast Lane

FAA to Adam Eidinger – Lawfare

Appeals Court Caves to TSA Over Nude Body Scanners – Threat Level

Drones Subject to GPS Spoofing, Privacy ‘Abuses,’ GAO Report Warns – Threat Level

Speaking of Drone Technology – Opinio Juris

Geospatial Law
Syrian Tanks Pummel Rebel City as Satellites Watch – Danger Room

Apple Maps and the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands – Ogle Earth

New Cybersecurity Controversy Erupts on Hill – The Volokh Conspiracy

Do Users of Wi-Fi Networks Have Fourth Amendment Rights Against Government Interception? – The Volokh Conspiracy

ICANN See Iran from My Computer – Export Law Blog

Panama Calls for Cyberspace Regulation – International Law Prof Blog

Estonia and the Open Internet – International Law Prof Blog