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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Space Code of Conduct: Inadequate Mechanism—A Response – IDSA

Fact Sheet: UNCOPUOS Long-term Sustainability of Space Activities Working Group Fact Sheet – Secure World Foundation

Group of Governmental Experts on TCBMs in Outer Space Activities Fact Sheet – Secure Word Foundation

Draft International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities Fact Sheet – Secure World Foundation

CBMs in Cyber Space: What should be India’s Approach? – IDSA

Pentagon’s Zombie Satellite Program Comes to Life – Danger Room

Fear of a red Moon? – Space Politics

United Technologies Admits to 576 Export Violations; Will Pay $75 Million – Space Policy Online

Japan’s space law shift rattles regional nerves – Global Times

China Open to Future Space Cooperation – Spaceports

Aviation Law
The Serious Side of Lawfare’s Drone Smackdown – Lawfare

Second Thoughts in Congress About Domestic Drones – Secrecy News

Geospatial Law
Do the NGA cuts mark a failure of the commercial satellite imagery market? -EARSC

Mobile Carriers Gladly Give Your Data to the Cops, But Not to You – Threat Level

FCC Seeks Public Comment on Mobile Carrier Privacy Policies Following Data Collection Controversy – Info Law Blog

Constraining online maps: The case of South Korea – Ogle Earth

Apple censors iPad Maps app over South Korea – Ogle Earth

Is Cybersecurity Legislation Dead for 2012? – Lawfare

US-China “proxy” talks on cyberweapons – The Volokh Conspiracy

The Role of Social Media in Diplomacy – Dipnote

From Moment to Movement: A Declaration of Internet Freedom – CDT

A Conflict of Visions over the Declaration of Internet Freedom – Tech Freedom

Trading away the internet – Prawfs Blawg

ITU: Internet Governance or Just Governing the Internet? – CDT