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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
International Law Update: Space Law – The Judge Ben C. Green Law Library

State Politics Delays exactEarth Baikonur Launch – Space Politics

Key House Appropriator and NASA Agree on Commercial Crew Downselect -Space Policy Online

California House Passes Informed Consent Limiting Lability for Human Spaceflight – Spaceports

Influential Senator Signs On to Commercial Crew Downselect Compromise – Space Policy Online

Commercial Space Launch Act: Preliminary Information on Issues to Consider for Reauthorization. GAO-12-767T, Jun 6, 2012

Spy-Satellite Merger Fizzles, Preventing Space Monopoly – Danger Room

US warns debris genuine threat to orbital space – Flight Global

EARSC letter to EC President on GMES – EARSC

Members of Congress support commercial crew deal – Space Politics

Lawyers in Space! The New Era of Spaceflight Needs Some New Rules – Discover Magazine

Industry Wants Third Party Launch Indemnification Made Permanent – Space Policy Online

International cooperation crucial to exploring outer space, say agency heads – Flight Global

Christian Science Monitor: Decline of American satellites is a matter of national security – Khoranauts

DOD Tempers Language about China’s Space Program, Warns it Faces Challenges – Space Policy Online

U.N. Space Treaty’s Legal Gauntlet: Can Space-Miners Go The Distance? – Forbes

Space: The Mining Frontier – Mother Jones

Space Act Agreements: An Overview – IPinSpace

Little to Show for a Decade Without the ABM Treaty – All Things Nuclear

NASA/FAA telecon on commercial spaceflight – RLV and Space Transport News

Aviation Law
Ten Things You Should Know About Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) – Directions Magazine

Is Nigerian aviation safety still on course? – Learmount

Joint Strike Fighter: DOD Actions Needed to Further Enhance Restructuring and Address Affordability Risks. GAO-12-437, Jun 14, 2012

Transportation: Delayed-Baggage Trends and Options for Compensating Passengers. GAO-12-804R, Jun 14, 2012

The TSA Allows Cameras, Except When It Doesn’t – The Volokh Conspiracy

Geospatial Law
First American Arrested by Aid of Drone Argues 4th Amendment Violation – GeoData Policy

NTIA to Hold First Privacy Multistakeholder Meeting, With Eye Toward Creating Industry Code of Conduct for Mobile – Privacy and Security Law Blog

“Hot Topics in Internet Law” Talk Slides – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Gone Missing: The Public Policy Debate on Unleashing the Dogs of Cyberwar – IEEE Spectrum

Google to Warn Possible Victims of State-Sponsored Spying – Threat Level

Google outs state-sponsored cyberespionage (again) – Volokh Conspiracy

Cyber Intrigue: The Flame Malware International Politics – Cyber Dialogue

Proof that the UN Does Not Want to Control Your Internet – UN Dispatch

R. Scott Kemp, Cyberweapons: Bold steps in a digital darkness?, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

How to criticize the government on Chinese social media – FP Passport

From Moment to Movement: ‘Not By Code Alone’ – CDT

Does the ITU Want to Regulate the Internet? – TeleFrieden

ICANN Publishes List of Requested New Top Level Domain Names – CommLawBlog

Should There Be an International Treaty on Cyberwarfare? – Opinio Juris