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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Jeff Foust, Renewed hope for export control reform, The Space Review

An early-warning satellite command center opens up – Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

USA Moves Ahead with Next-Generation “Space Fence” Tracking – Defense Industry Daily

Radhakrishna Rao, Iran’s pipe dream in space, Asia Times

Can the US Grant Property Rights in Outer Space: Some Thoughts on Rand Simberg’s White Paper – Space and Cyber Law

New Space Property Rights Criticism –

Continued Discussion of Property Rights – Space and Cyber Law

After 15 Months in Orbit, Secret Space Plane Finally Returning to Earth – Danger Room

Who owns asteroids or the moon? – New Scientist

Space Cases: The Weirdest Legal Claims in Outer Space – Wired

Meteorites, ITAR, a Secret Consortium of Research Universities & Astronauts from Manitoba – Commercial Space

Michael Listner, EU takes the next shot in the battle of the codes, The Space Review

Aviation Law
Up, Up and Away: In NOI, FCC Is High on DACA – CommLawBlog

ESPI Perspectives 60: Latest National Regulations on Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Military and Civil Aviation in Poland – ESPI

DePaul-Beihang Workshop Recap – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Geospatial Law
New Advisory on FCC Inquiry Into Mobile Privacy and Security Issues – Privacy and Security Law Blog

DOJ defends warrantless GPS tracking – Jurist Paper Chase

Public-Private Sectors Partner to Battle Botnets – CDT

Bitcoin: The Cryptoanarchists’ Answer to Cash – IEEE Spectrum

White House announces private sector botnet initiative – Volokh Conspiracy

ICANN Slams Door on Applications for New Internet Top-Level Domains – CommLawBlog

UK websites launch cookie compliance measures and rely on implied consent – Privacy & Security Law Blog

Plan X — The Future of Cyberwarfare – Lawfare

Tor reports signs of deep packet inspection in Ethiopia – ONI

CDT and Allies Take Aim at Government’s Secret Protocol For Wireless Shutdowns – CDT

Why Antivirus Companies Like Mine Failed to Catch Flame and Stuxnet – Threat Level

Cyber-Attacks and Secrecy – Lawfare

President Obama: The (Unilateral) Cyber Warrior – Opinio Juris

Cybersecurity Wiki: Introduction and Call for Assistance – Lawfare

“Confront and Conceal”: New Stuxnet Revelations – Volokh Conspiracy

U.S., Long Engaged in Cyberwar Against Iran, Has Now Declared It – IEEE Spectrum

Sanger book: Obama order sped up cyberattacks against Iran – Power and Policy

The Stuxnet Story and Some Interesting Questions – Lawfare

A Massive Web of Fake Identities and Websites Controlled Flame Malware – Threat Level

CRS – Cybercrime: Conceptual Issues for Congress and U.S. Law Enforcement

No, The UN Is Not Trying to Control Your Internet – UN Dispatch