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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Virginia Spaceport Gains $19-million in Budget – Spaceports

LightSquared Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Space Policy Online

Gutheinz searches for commemorative samples – Lunar Networks

President Threatens to Veto House DOD Authorization Bill, Space Code of Conduct in Dispute – Space Policy Online

An Iowa senator’s concerns about a California NASA center – Space Politics

Why the World Isn’t Freaking Out About Iran’s Plasma-Powered Spy Sat – Danger Room

Spaceflight Informed Consent in California? – Spaceports

Britain should have a spaceport says IoD report – Hyperbola

House Appropriators Move FY2013 Defense Appropriations Bill, Do Not Restore ORS or STP – Space Policy Online

House Passes Amendment Allowing President to Move Commercial Satellites to Commerce Control List – Space Policy Online

House and White House at odds over code of conduct language in defense bill – Space Politics

Iran’s Upcoming Launch: Fajr Satellite – All Things Nuclear

Industry Praises House Passage of Defense Authorization Bill Easing Satellite Export Controls – Space Policy Online

Export control, spaceport measures added to defense authorization bill – Space Politics

Michael Listner, Separation of powers battle over a space code of conduct heats up, The Space Review

The U.S. Export Control System and the President’s Reform Initiative – CRS

Space policy? It’s complicated – Space Politics

My Spaceport is Bigger and More Legally Authorized Than Yours (Part 1 of 2) – Big Think

Export control reform bill introduced in Senate – Space Politics

Customary International Law: Herding Cats in Zero Gravity – IPinSpace

On the road and in near-earth orbit, safety is the key to transportation success – Fast Lane

NASA Seeks Property Rights on the Moon? – Spaceports

Aviation Law
Individuals on The No Fly List Are Not Issued Boarding Passes – TSA Blog

General Aviation Airports: A National Asset – FAA

FAA protects air passengers and crew with strong stance against laser strikes – Fast Lane

Empty Wheel on Domestic Drones – Lawfare

Charles Krauthammer and Conor Friedersdorf Reveal How Little they Know About Domestic Drones – Lawfare

The TSA Tax – The Volokh Conspiracy

Geospatial Law
Ed Felten Provides Keynote Address for the Conference on Mobile and Location Privacy – Video Is Available – TAP

GPS jamming ends, says report – North Korea Tech

To Warrant or Not to Warrant? ACLU, Police Clash Over Cellphone Location Data – Threat Level

The Aftermath of the U.S. v. Jones Ruling – TAP

Towards a global licensing framework for geospatial data – Between the Poles

Pot Prosecution Goes Up in Smoke Due to Warrantless GPS Tracking – Threat Level

Andy Greenberg, Reminder To Congress: Cops’ Cellphone Tracking Can Be Even More Precise Than GPS,

White House: Unspecified Concerns Re NDAA FY’13 Provision on Military Activities in Cyberspace – Lawfare

The Unpersuasiveness of the Case for Cybersecurity Regulation – An Introduction – Lawfare

Retiring U.S. Cybersecurity Chief Shaped National Strategy and Internet Policy – CDT

Response to Paul on Cyber-Regulation for Critical Infrastructure – Lawfare

#CensorshipFail: 5 Government Efforts to Stop Social Media…that Backfired – UN Dispatch

Partnership Developments in Cybersecurity – White House Blog

Bredolab Bot Herder Gets 4 Years for 30 Million Infections – Threat Level

State Department Hackers? – Lawfare

Google takes on the International Telecommunications Union – The Multilateralist

David P. Fidler, The Internet, Human Rights, and U.S. Foreign Policy: The Global Online Freedom Act of 2012, ASIL Insight

The number is no longer in service – Babbage