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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Christopher Daniel Johnson, Policy and Law Aspects of International Cooperation in Space, SSRN

DoD report recommends ending blanket satellite export ban – Flight Global

Air & Space Power Journal

Canada-Japan MOU Could Lead to Launch Agreements: JAXA Vice-President – Space Ref Canada

House appropriators seek changes to commercial crew – Space Politics

A Military and Intelligence Clash Over Spy Satellites – EARSC

House Appropriators Report CJS Bill, Floor Debate Scheduled for May 8 – Space Policy Online

Aegis as ASAT – All Things Nuclear

HASC Subcommittee Rescues ORS, Denies Advanced Appropriations for SBIRS – Space Policy Online

Russia Outlines Human and Robotic Spaceflight Plans to 2030 – Space Policy Online

House Appropriations Committee approves CJS bill – Space Politics

Aviation Law
Drones invade campus –

Northrop CEO welcomes FAA regulation of unmanned aircraft – Flight Global

Geospatial Law
Mobile Carriers Lobby Against Cellphone Location Privacy Bill – Threat Level

Spatial Law and Policy Update – Spatial Law and Policy

Justice Department Clears Google in Wi-Fi Sniffing Scandal – Threat Level

Congress Should Grill the FCC Over Redacted Google Wi-Fi Snooping Report – Threat Level

United States v. Jones and the Future of the Fourth Amendment – PrawfsBlawg

Cybersecurity Awareness and Capacity Building: Some learning objectives – Homeland Security Watch

Location Data and Law Enforcement Access – Lawfare

Cybersecurity Measure Heads to House Floor Despite Privacy Fears – Threat Level

Cybersecurity: Pro and con for wonks – Homeland Security Watch

Shared cybersecurity sensibilities squandered in the scuffle – Homeland Security Watch

Peter Swire Op-ed on Cybersecurity – TAP

House Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Measure CISPA – Threat Level

Is a Use of Force the same as an Armed Attack in Cyberspace? – Opinio Juris

What Is the Role of Lawyers in Cyberwarfare? – The Khoranauts

Social Media Networks Seek to Control Use of Their Products Through TOS Enforcement – Information Law Group

CISPA Passes the House, Despite Obama’s “Kick in the Solar Plexus” – Lawfare

Cybersecurity: A gale is brewing in the rocky waters of unknowing – Homeland Security Watch

Cybersecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources – CRS