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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
China Now Tops U.S. in Space Launches – Danger Room

Thomas D. Taverney, Working towards a space code of conduct, The Space Review

U.N. to North Korea: “Don’t do it again”… and this time we mean it – Turtle Bay

DOD Satellite Export Report Expected to be Released Tomorrow – Space Policy Online

Senate Subcommittee Adds $100 Million for Mars Missions, Cuts Commercial Crew – Space Policy Online

Virginia Budget Stalls Millions to Spaceport – Spaceports

Senate CJS Appropriators Want to Transfer NOAA Satellites to NASA, Increase NASA Budget Accordingly – Space Policy Online

NOAA concerns overshadow NASA in Senate appropriations bill – Space Politics

Export control report due out today – Space Politics

The Worldwide Rights are Not Enough – IPinSpace

Pentagon to Release Satellite Exports Report, Could Enhance Overseas Business Opportunities – got geoint?

Space shuttle Discovery takes dramatic final flight – Fast Lane

DPRK promises more satellite launches – North Korea Tech

ARC ITAR Inquiry – NASA Watch

Satellite Industry Applauds DOD’s Sec. 1248 Report on Satellite Export Controls – Space Policy Online

House CJS Subcommittee Will Recommend Cuts to the President’s Requests for NASA and NOAA – Space Policy Online

Colorado spaceflight legislation signing at NSS – RLV and Space Transport News

Uncoordinated Technology Transfer at NASA (Update) – NASA Watch

House CJS Subcommittee wants NRC Blessing on New Mars Mission or Money Goes to Europa – Space Policy Online

What a difference a day makes in Virginia – Spaceports

Communications Satellites on Legal Collision Course – IPinSpace

Colorado Governor to Sign Spaceflight Liability Limitation at the National Space Symposium – Spaceports

DPRK ICBM Items – Arms Control Wonk

House and Senate Appropriators Approve Their CJS Bills–Update – Space Policy Online

India and ASATs? – Total Wonker

Missile Tests and UNSCR 1172 – Total Wonker

Unha-3 flight animation depicts destruction – Spaceports

House and Senate advance their appropriations bills – Space Politics

Posey introduces spaceport infrastructure bill – Space Politics

Missile Defense: Opportunity Exists to Strengthen Acquisitions by Reducing Concurrency. GAO-12-486, Apr 20, 2012.

A Rebuttal To Jim Dunstan On Space Property Rights – Transterrestrial Musings

Administration responds to one pointed column – Space Politics

Boeing, NASA Sign Agreement on Mission Support for Commercial Space Transportation – Spaceports

ISRO – Annual Report 2011-2012

Aviation Law
Kip Hawley’s Suggested TSA Reforms and “Permanent Emergency” – Security Debrief

Drones, Privacy, and the FAA – Lawfare

European Union Approves Passenger Name Record Agreement With US — An Era Ends – Lawfare

TSA Tests New ID System – Volokh Conspiracy

The FAA Proposes Changes to its Funding Contracts with Airports – Aviation and Airport Development Blog

Geospatial Law
Judges Drive Truck Through Loophole in Supreme Court GPS Ruling – Threat Level

Hollis: Stewardship versus Sovereignty? International Law and the Apportionment of Cyberspace – International Law Reporter

Contradicting a Federal Judge, FCC Clears Google in Wi-Fi Sniffing Debacle – Threat Level

Stewardship versus Sovereignty? International Law and the Apportionment of Cyberspace – Opinio Juris


“Breaking and Entering” Through Open Doors: Website Scripting Attacks and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Part 2 – PrawfsBlawg

The Duty to Authenticate Identity: the Online Banking Breach Lawsuits – Information Law Group

House Homeland Cyber Bill — The Lungren Substitute – Lawfare

Administration Decides to “Fight” for Cyber Security – Security Debrief

Appeals Court: Violating ToS Shouldn’t Make You a Criminal – CDT

Kony 2012: Seven Questions about Social Media Campaigns and International Law – Opinio Juris

Congressmen pushing awful cybersecurity bill fail cybersecurity 101 – Slight Paranoia

Kony 2012: Catching Warlords with the Stars – Opinio Juris

CISPA Isn’t ‘Son of SOPA’ (But That’s Not Saying Much) – Threat Level

Concerns Mount Over Unresolved Privacy Issues in CISPA – CDT

Kony 2012: The Fallacy of Slacktivism: Kony 2012 and Disruptive Activism – Opinio Juris

Kony 2012: Diverging Trajectories: Social Media and #InternationalLaw – Opinio Juris

The Politics of the Cyber Legislation Debate – Lawfare

Kony 2012: The Social, the Media, and the Activism: Kony Meets World – Opinio Juris

Kony 2012: IHL 2.0: Is There a Role for Social Media in Monitoring and Enforcement? – Opinio Juris

Lawfare Podcast Episode #9: Jack Interviews the President (of Estonia) About Cyber – Lawfare

Kony 2012: Social Media Activists as Norm Entrepreneurs – Opinio Juris

Kony 2012: Social Media: Helping or Hindering Child Soldiers? – Opinio Juris

Germany court rules Youtube must filter uploaded videos – Jurist Paper Chase

Cybersecurity Legislation and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board – Concurring Opinions

Cybersecurity Week in the House – Homeland Security Watch

ITU – Privacy in Cloud Computing