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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Homesteading final frontier – webcast – RLV and Space Transport News

Security Expert Concerned About North Korean Rocket Accuracy and Response – Spaceports

A Comparison of North Korea’s Unha-2 and Unha-3 – All Things Nuclear

Foreign Media Arrive at North Korea Launch Pad Amid New Concerns of Nuclear Test Soon – Spaceports

Jeff Foust, Staking a claim on the Moon, The Space Review

Trajectory of Satellite Launch vs. ICBM Launch – All Things Nuclear

Secret Satellite Promptly Detected in Orbit – Secrecy News

How the U.S. Can Lead the Way to Extraterrestrial Land Deals – TechFreedom

Intellectual Property Rights and Lunar Land Grants – IPinSpace

The DPRK Rocket and Korean Peace – 38 North

North Korea Is Lying About Its Rocket Launch, Sat-Watchers Show – Danger Room

Can GMD Stop North Korea’s ICBMs? – Arms Control Wonk

World awaits North Korean satellite launch attempt – Hyperbola

North Korea Readies for Provocative Satellite Launch – Space Policy Online

Satellite spies on North Korea’s countdown to launch – Cosmic Log

Western Analysts Skeptical about North Korea’s Satellite Claims – Space Policy Online

ESPI Report 40: Europe – Japan Strategic Partnership: the Space Dimension

Patent Rights and Obligations under SBIR Grants, Part 2 of 2 – IPinSpace

Roscosmos in the 21st Century: The Next Decade of Russian Space Planning – Spaceports

How to handle asteroid threats – Cosmic Log

Private property in outer space: The other side of the argument – Cosmic Log

More Space Property Rights Discussion – Transterrestrial Musings

Senate appropriators to mark up NASA spending bill Tuesday – Space Politics

How to Get Tax Breaks from Space Activity – Spaceports

Aviation Law
Drone Reading Roundup (Updated) – GeoData Policy

Drone Crash – TAP

FAA Grounds $75,000 Surveillance Drone Due to Crowded Skies – Threat Level

Geospatial Law
Centre for Spatial Law and Policy Comments on Proposed Privacy Codes of Conduct – Spatial Law and Policy

Taking a Look at the European Commission’s Proposed Data Protection Regulation – CDT

North Korea’s Upcoming Launch – Arms Control Wonk

Fifth Circuit Considers Constitutionality of Cell Site Location Data – Concurring Opinions

Cybersecurity: Selected Legal Issues – CRS

The Who, What and Why of Information Sharing in Cybersecurity Legislation – Lawfare

Court Rebukes DOJ, Says Hacking Required to Be Prosecuted as Hacker – Threat Level

An Unanswered Question in the Generally Correct Opposition to a Big ITU Role in the Internet – Concurring Opinions

Cybersecurity Policy – CFR

Hackers Take on Cyber Bill – Cybersecurity News

Spafford to Congress: “Just Say No” – Lawfare

Cyber – Need to spare civilians is greater than ever – Intercross

Internet freedom in Sweden — a primer – Dliberation

Scott Glick, Virtual Checkpoints and Cyber-Terry Stops: Digital Scans To Protect the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources, Journal of National Security Law and Policy

Two Visions of Cyber Reality – Lawfare