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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Obama needs “space” on missile defense – Spaceports

Doubting indemnification – Space Politics

US Missile Defense Shield to Deploy in Asia – Spaceports

Where is Space? Part 1 of 2 – IPinSpace

Examining ISS utilization – Space Politics

NASA: Significant Challenges Remain for Access, Use, and Sustainment of the International Space Station by Cristina T. Chaplain, director, acquisition and sourcing management, before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. GAO-12-587T, March 28

Getting North Korea’s Rocket to the Launch Pad – All Things Nuclear

Growing pace of space activities calls for further development of space law – Space Safety Magazine

Hostile Intent – Arms Control Wonk

Jose Hernandez Court-Confirmed Astronaut – Spaceports

North Korea’s space plans disguise missile ambitions – Flight Global

Report of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee on its forty-ninth session, held in Vienna from 6 to 17 February 2012 (U.N. Doc. A/AC.105/1001)

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (U.N. Doc. A/AC.105/C.2/2012/INF/44)

Draft report of the Chair of the Working Group on National Legislation Relevant to the Peaceful Exploration and Use of Outer Space (U.N. Doc. A/AC.105/C.2/2012/LEG/L.1)

Draft report: VI. Review and possible revision of the Principles Relevant to the Use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space (U.N. Doc. A/AC.105/C.2/L.287/Add.2)

Draft report, Addendum, IX. General exchange of information on national mechanisms relating to space debris mitigation measures (U.N. Doc. A/AC.105/C.2/L.287/Add.3)

Japan Deploys Missile Defense Shield Prior to the North Korean Planned Unha-3 Launch – Spaceports

North Korea’s Launch: Threading the Needle – All Things Nuclear

Philippines Protest DPRK Rocket Launch at Gathering of Southeastern Asian Nations – Spaceports

ESPI Perspectives 58: “A European Approach to the New Strategic Space Environment.” – ESPI

Sat Spies North Korea Readying Rocket Launch – Danger Room

Aviation Law
Federal Court Finds that Judicial Deference Does Not Mean “Do Everything Federal Entity Requests” – Aviation and Airport Development Blog

How Congress Should Tackle the Drone Privacy Problem – CDT

Drone Countdown – CDT

Jury Hearing Iron 44 Helicopter Crash Case Disagrees with NTSB – Aviation Law Monitor

EPA Takes Its First Enforcement Action Under Marine Diesel Engine Air Rules – Aviation and Airport Development Law Blog

Treaty on Open Skies Marks 20 Years Promoting Euro-Atlantic Security – DipNote

Images: North Korea’s Rocket and Missile Program –

Geospatial Law
California Court Rules that Gathering ZIP Codes for Fraud Prevention does not Violate the Credit Card Act – InformationLawGroup

After Car-Tracking Smackdown, Feds Turn to Warrantless Phone Tracking – Threat Level

The Spatial Law and Policy Update (April 1, 2012) – Spatial Law and Policy

Marcy Zora, The Real Social Network: How Jurors’ Use of Social Media and Smart Phones Affects a Defendant’s Sixth Amendment Rights, 2012 U. Ill. L. Rev. 577 (2012)

Microsoft Seizes ZeuS Servers in Anti-Botnet Rampage – Threat Level

Federal judge: Google free to tell user about mysterious gov requests, likely related to Wikileaks – Slight Paranoia


FTC Tells Net: Agree to Stop Invading Privacy (Or We’ll Say ‘Stop’ Again) – Threat Level

Senator Ron Johnson on Cybersecurity – Lawfare

The Dark Side of International Cybersecurity Information Sharing – Lawfare

Bono Mack and Blackburn Introduce Cyber Bill in House – Lawfare

Lawsuit Against Google for Putting Search Queries in Referral URLs Moves Forward – Gaos v. Google – Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Proposed Connecticut “Cyber-Harassment” Law – The Volokh Conspiracy

The Debate is Not About Privacy vs. Innovation – CDT