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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Space Sector Gains Visibility as the Government Releases Details of the Review of Aerospace and Space Programs and Policies – SpaceRef Canada

NASA, NOAA in House Committee Spotlight Next Week – Space Policy Online

In Memory of Carl Q Christol – London Institute od Space Policy and Law

California legislators asked to support state’s space industry – Space Politics

Who Owns the Moon? Resources Abound – Spaceports

Congress Tries To Thwart the “Commercial” Aspect of Commercial Crew – NASA Watch

Iran’s Alborz Space Center Opened to Press – Spaceports

Canada Commits to the International Space Station Beyond 2015 – Spaceref Canada

Global Satellite Industry reiterates opposition to UNIDROIT Space Assets Protocol – Space Mart

New Mexico State Senators Complain About Spaceport Liability Protection Votes – Spaceports

Cecil Field Spaceport bill passed by Florida Senate – RLV and Space Transport News

The Moon Race – Michael Krepon

Aviation Law
The Law of the Air (1910) – noncuratlex

Geospatial Law
Does Jones Create A Right Not to Be Videotaped in Public Without A Warrant? – The Volokh Conspiracy

Are Historical Cell-Site Data Protected Under the Fourth Amendment After United States v. Jones? – The Volokh Conspiracy

366 Homeland Security Words – Homeland Security Watch

DHS, Not NSA, Should Lead Cybersecurity, Pentagon Official Says – Threat Level

Joseph A. Schoorl, Clicking the “Export” Button: Cloud Data Storage and U.S. Dual-Use Export Controls, 80 George Washington Law Review 632 (2012)

NIST Releases Public Draft SP800-53 Addressing Cybersecurity Threats & Privacy Controls – Information Law Group

SecDef’s nightmare: Cyber-attack – DoD Buzz

Constitutional Showdown Voided: Feds Decrypt Laptop Without Defendant’s Help – Threat Level

Will NSA Power Grab Imperil Cybersec Consensus? – CDT

The Economics of Network Neutrality – TAP

Crisis Management 3.0: Social Media and Governance in Times of Transition – Communia

Information Sharing and the McCain Cybersecurity Bill – Lawfare

Awaiting the Senate Cyber Bill – Cybersecurity Watch