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ICAO Air Transport Symposium

The ICAO Air Transport Symposium will be held on April 18-20 at ICAO headquarters in Montreal, Canada:

This unique event will offer participants the benefit of dynamic interactions among participants, including regulators, industry leaders, researchers and other air transport specialists. It will provide stimulating exchanges on topical issues and future strategies of the industry in an action-oriented setting, with the aim of arriving at a broad-based consensus on how to address the challenges facing the air transport industry.

Among the fundamental themes of concern to global aviation the following will be addressed:

The current state of the air transport industry;
Long-term outlook;
Air transport regulatory issues:
Market access;
Air carrier ownership/control; and
Strategies and the way forward.

This symposium is a “must attend” for professionals from airlines, airports, air navigation services providers as well as personnel from organizations directly involved in supporting the aviation business such as manufacturers, law and consulting firms, civil aviation authorities and international and regional organizations. In addition, this event will be appealing to general participants who have the drive and commitment to embrace creative solutions to the challenges facing air transport.