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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Growing budget deficits may have scuttled an “inspiring” Obama space program – Space Politics

National research on space debris, safety of space objects with nuclear power sources on board and problems relating to their collision with space debris (UN Doc. A/AC.105/C.1/101)

Satellite Export Reform Critical to U.S. National Security and Space Industrial Base – got geoint?

Key House Republican supports extension of CSLAA provision – Space Politics

Campaign Promises Versus Reality: Obama and the Space Program – Space Policy Online

Rep. Kevin McCarthy & moratorium on commercial spaceflight FAA regs – RLV and Space Transport News

LightSquared Seeks FCC OK to Interfere with GPS – CommLawBlog

Underfunding May Affect Commercial Crew Program, NASA Safety Panel Warns – Spaceports

Moon Colonies and International Law – International Law Observer

Aviation Law
Passengers who Refuse Screening are Denied Access to the Secure Area – The TSA Blog

The Drones Are Coming – CDT

The Past, Present and Future of Disputes over Aircraft Subsidies – International Economic Law and Policy Blog

Domestic Use of Drones is Well Underway – Secrecy News

Geospatial Law
Jones a Victory for Privacy but Only Beginning of Fixing Fourth Amendment Doctrine – Tech Freedom

What’s the Status of the Mosaic Theory After Jones? – Volokh Conspiracy

Three Questions Raised By The Trespass Test in United States v. Jones – Volokh Conspiracy

What happened in Jones? – PrawfsBlawg

Reactions to Jones v. United States: The government fared much better than everyone realizes – SCOTUS Blog

Supreme Court Holds that Installing GPS Tracker on Vehicle Is a Search – Lawfare

Welcoming Experts to Discuss the Supreme Court’s Decision in United States v. Jones – Concurring Opinions

Three thoughts on U.S. v. Jones – Concurring Opinions

Supreme Court GPS Tracking Case: Round-up and Resources – GeoData Policy

Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court Tells Police on GPS Tracking: Get a Search Warrant – Risk Factor

Why Scalia is Right in Jones: Magic Places and One-Way Ratchets – Concurring Opinions

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy – Concurring Opinions

United States v. Jones: Privacy in Public Space? Piece it all Together and You Get 5. – Concurring Opinions

Jones is a Near-Optimal Result – Concurring Opinions

Supreme Court Rules on GPS Surveillance – Security Debrief

Legislating Privacy After US v Jones – Communia

Scalia’s Votes in Bond and Jones – Volokh Conspiracy

Legality of Mobile Phone Tracking Still Unclear Despite Supreme Court GPS Decision – Threat Level

Jones confounds the press – SCOTUS Blog

Section 6 of the Proposed Internet Privacy Bill – What Does It Mean? – Spatial Law and Policy

Comments on United States vs. Jones: What’s Old is New Again (Guest Blog Post) – Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The Spatial Law and Policy Update – The Spatial Law and Policy

Why Jones is still less of a pro-privacy decision than most thought – SCOTUS Blog

Kennedy and Szoka on U.S. v. Jones – Concurring Opinions

The Potentially Profound Implications of United States v. Jones – Concurring Opinions

United States v. Jones, A Step Back for Rights – Concurring Opinions

Barry Friedman on United States v. Jones – Concurring Opinions

SoundCloud passes 10 million user mark, faces legal issues – Hypertrak

Judge Orders Defendant to Decrypt Laptop – Threat Level

Cybersecurity Puzzles – Concurring Opinions

On Twitter censorship: Don’t shoot the carrier pigeon – Dliberation

Twitter Censorship Move Sparks Backlash: Is It Justified? – Threat Level

For Twitter, Limiting Tweets Beats No Tweets – CDT